All Season RestAssured Down Comforter by Eddie Bauer (Hypoallergenic) -

All Season RestAssured Down Comforter by Eddie Bauer (Hypoallergenic)

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1 review
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  • Designed with LockShift box construction
  • Year long warmth and comfort
  • Perfect for overheated sleepers or those who want a lighter choice during the warmer months
  • Perfect thread count of 300
  • Maximal loft for a balanced cushioning effect
  • Feels plush and soft on skin

All Season Rest Assured Down Comforter by Eddie Bauer (Hypoallergenic) - Limited Edition


Want to experience the height of luxury? Try our 600 Fill Power Premium Down Comforter - Limited Edition. This limited-edition comforter, designed for the pickiest sleeper, offers an unmatched sleeping experience, providing opulent luxury and the ideal amount of warmth throughout the year. This is the best comforter to elevate your sleeping style. Its exquisite design, premium down fill, careful manufacturing, and ideal warmth/softness ratio guarantee a luxurious and peaceful sleep environment every night.


Superior 600 Fill Power White Down: Committed to the Responsible Down Standard, ethical sourcing of down guarantees unmatched loftiness and softness, guaranteeing a cloud-like sleeping experience.

LockShift Box Construction: This comforter's engineering guarantees that the downfill is dispersed uniformly, maintaining a constant loft and warmth over the course of its lifetime.
Coziness All-Year: This blanket offers warmth all year round, making it excellent for chilly climates and hot sleepers alike. It offers just the right amount of insulation without being overly bulky.

Optimal Thread Count: This comforter's 300-thread-count cover offers the ideal balance of softness and durability, ensuring a comfortable and luscious sensation against your skin.

Maximum Loft & Balanced Cushioning: This comforter's maximum loft creates a balanced cushioning effect that envelops you in a soft hug for a restful night's sleep.

Lightweight & Luxuriously Soft: This blanket has a dreamy softness that calms and lulls you into a night of opulent sleep, all while maintaining an extravagant feel.

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Lillian B
lovely crystal white tone

Lightweight and odor-free down comforter with a lovely crystal white tone