California King size 5-Piece Black White Damask Comforter Set
California King size 5-Piece Black White Damask Comforter Set -
California King size 5-Piece Black White Damask Comforter Set -
California King size 5-Piece Black White Damask Comforter Set -
California King size 5-Piece Black White Damask Comforter Set -

California King size 5-Piece Black and White Damask Comforter Set

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  • 100% polyester
  • Set includes: 1 Comforter, 2 King Shams, 2 Decorative Pillows
  • Comforter/Sham: 100% polyester
  • Filling: 200g poly
  • fill Pillow: poly cover and poly fill
  • Machine washable


  • 104 x 90-inch Comforter
  • 20-by-26-inch Standard Sham
  • 16-by-16-inch Square Pillow
  • 12-by-18-inch Oblong Pillow
  • Shipping Weight: 12lbs.

Shop California King size 5-Piece Black and White Damask Comforter Set

California King size 5-Piece Black White Damask Comforter Set brings forth lavishness you have never witnessed before. It features five pieces of bedding that are meticulously crafted from luxurious damask fabric. It is known for its rich feel and benevolent opulence, which are prominent on its exterior. By getting this bedding set, you will add an exotic touch to your bedroom interiors and a unique set of bedding worth a treasured collectible. Moreover, you will get extreme comfort from the delicate, silky polyester fibers that are soft against the skin. Save yourself the hassle and get our damask comforter set today! If you want to pair this bedding set with Z Pillows, head to our website.


  • California King size 5-Piece Black White Damask Comforter Set featuring a large black and white damask print for a dramatic look.
  • Set includes 1 comforter (104"W x 90" L), 2 king shams (20 x 36 inch), and 2 decorative pillows.
  • Made of 100% polyester with 200g polyfill for comfort and durability.
  • Comforters and shams are 100% polyester, while pillows have poly covers and fill.
  • Machine washable for easy care.
  • Dimensions: Comforter—104 x 90 inches; Shams—20 x 36 inches; Decorative Pillows—16 x 16 inches and 12 x 18 inches.

Embrace The Lavishness Of a 5-piece Damask Black White Comforter:

Suppose you desire a more dramatic and superfluous bedroom design and want to avoid the boring and plain minimalistic monotone color bedding options. In that case, our classic 5-piece Damask Black White Comforter Set should be your first choice. The damask design is inspired by the traditional, centuries-old Syrian cultural design–-it will add a tasteful foreign and antique touch to the ambiance of your room. The polyester construction of the comforter further highlights the beautiful comforter from its glossy appearance and smooth feel. It comes in King size to accommodate your whole family on a winter night. 

Beautiful Pillow Shams With 5-piece Damask Black White Comforter Set: 

It is not only the beautiful comforter that captures the rich historic vibes, but the black-and-white damask set also comes with two creatively designed pillow shams and covers. Pillow shams are also thoughtfully created with polyester fabric and have classic damask imprints that enrich the feel of the entire theme. The decorative pillowcases complement the traditional design and break the monotony; therefore, they feature primary color and geometric patterns. You only have to unpack this beautiful set, and your room will be ready to use.

Embrace The Durability Of Polyester Fabric: 

This 5-piece damask polyester comforter set is made to last for years due to its highly resistant fibers and anti-wear and tear properties. We have carefully woven each thread to create an elaborate structure that looks beautiful, allows optimal airflow, and maintains ideal body temperature at nighttime in all weather conditions. Its silky, smooth texture is gentle against the skin and less likely to irritate the skin barrier and cause adverse reactions. By buying this bedding set, you are not only choosing luxury but everlasting comfort as well. 

Why Should You Choose a 5-piece Damask Black White Comforter Set?

Beautiful Set: How often do you find unique patterns and colors incorporated into bedding? It has become even less familiar with the new minimalism trend. Hence, if you want to experiment with something traditional and personalized, this 5-piece damask bedding set is your go-to. 

Affordable Price: Although our damask polyester bedding set features a unique design that completely transforms your room, it is still affordable. You can add a luxurious vibe to your bedroom without breaking the bank, at a budget-friendly rate that will also last for years due to robust polyester construction. 

Durability: Polyester is famous for its affordability and durability—a rare package but indeed possible. Our black and white polyester comforter set stays true to polyester's resilient properties and does not shred or wear off even after several machine washes.  

Sustainability: Keeping the environment safe and healthy is our responsibility. You should know that most cheap bedding contributes to excessive textile waste in a gruesome landfill. Nonetheless, our damask polyester bedding set has immense resilience and will last years before you toss it in the trash. 

How To Style a 5-piece Damask Black White Comforter Set?

Statement Furniture: Because our damask comforter set is so striking, you can accentuate its elegance with statement pieces like an elaborate canopy bed frame, a sleek mirrored dresser, or a tufted velvet headboard. To complement the comforter set's complicated pattern, select furnishings with elaborate detailing and decorations, just like the rich damask print.

Vintage-Inspired Decor: To complement the damask polyester black-and-white comforter, which draws inspiration from Syrian history culture art, incorporate antique-inspired décor pieces like vintage chandeliers, elaborate wall mirrors, and vintage-style area rugs to give the bedroom a sense of old charm. The traditional damask pattern will complement these vintage-inspired embellishments, up the room's luxury factor. 

Dramatic Drapery: If you have opted for the damask bedding set, dramatic prints are your taste! Follow a similar pattern and frame the windows with dramatic drapery in rich, luxurious fabrics such as velvet or silk. Ideally, choose drapery in coordinating black or white colors to complement the damask comforter set and create a cohesive and elegant look in the bedroom.

Artisanal Touches: You can add minor artisanal touches to the bedroom decor with handmade pottery, woven baskets, and handcrafted wall art. Incorporate unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that add a personal touch, complement the traditional damask-printed comforter set, and truly capture your personal style.


1. Is polyester hypoallergenic? 

Of course! We have crafted the polyester material with immense care and absolute delicacy. Each fiber is gently sewn, which leaves space for optimum airflow and adequate breathability while reducing the chances of bacterial growth and retention of allergic material. However, if your skin is highly sensitive to synthetic material, consider other options like cotton for safety. It is a natural fiber that calms the skin and protects the bothersome allergens from irritating your skin barrier.

2. How do you take care of polyester bedding?

It is easy! Polyester is made to last, so we ensure that all the fibers adhere to the weave and remain intact after several washes. This means you do not have to read an elaborate list of instructions before washing your polyester bedding. However, to extend the longevity of the fabric, we suggest washing it in cool water, which is gentle compared to warm water, which poses the risk of melting the fibers. Moreover, ideally, use light detergents and avoid harsh chemicals like bleach or fabric softeners.

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