California King size 5-Piece Comforter Set in Orange Damask Print
California King size 5-Piece Comforter Set in Orange Damask Print -
California King size 5-Piece Comforter Set in Orange Damask Print -
California King size 5-Piece Comforter Set in Orange Damask Print -
California King size 5-Piece Comforter Set in Orange Damask Print -

California King size 5-Piece Orange Damask Print Comforter Set

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  • 100% polyester
  • Set includes: 1 Comforter, 1 Standard Sham, 2 Decorative Pillows
  • Color: orange
  • Machine washable


  • 104 by 90 inch Comforter
  • .20 by 36 inch King Shams
  • 16 by 16 inch Square Pillow
  • 12 by 18 inch Oblong Pillow
  • Weight: 10lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs.

Shop California King size 5-Piece Orange Damask Print Comforter Set

The California King size 5-Piece Comforter Set in Orange Damask Print exudes opulence like nothing you've ever seen. It includes five finely created bedding pieces made of opulent damask print on polyester. Its appearance is characterized by cordial richness and a rich sense that make it well-known. Purchasing this bedding set will give your bedroom's interior design an exotic touch and make the bedding a valuable item. The soft, silky polyester fibers will feel incredibly comfortable against your skin. Invest in our damask comforter set now to avoid the bother! Visit our website to find the perfect Z Pillows for this bedding set.


  • California King size 5-piece Orange Damask Comforter Set featuring a large black and white damask print for a dramatic look.
  • The set includes 1 comforter (104"W x 90" L), 2 king shams (20 x 36 inch), and 2 decorative pillows.
  • Made of 100% polyester with 200g polyfill for comfort and durability.
  • Comforters and shams are 100% polyester, while pillows have poly covers and fill.
  • Machine washable for easy care.
  • Dimensions: Comforter—104 x 90 inches; Shams—20 x 36 inches; Decorative Pillows—16 x 16 inches and 12 x 18 inches.

The Quintessential Style Of Damask 5-Piece Comforter Set:

If you are looking for a classic touch to your bedroom but despise the dark, solemn, and melancholic vibe, the damask comforter set in orange is the perfect choice. Its antique-style damask print goes with the nostalgic mid-eighteenth-century feel, but a pop of orange keeps it connected to modernity. Moreover, this comforter is made with polyester material that makes it outshine all the room's other elements with its glossy appearance and lustrous sheen. It is a blend of funky colors and a rich, traditional vibe!

Gorgeous Pillow Shams With 5-piece Damask Orange Comforter Set: 

The exuberance of this 5-piece Orange Damask Comforter Set is unmatched. It has five beautifully created bedding sets of gorgeous polyester fabric that brandishes traditional damask print. By purchasing this bedding set, you may give your bedroom's decor a luxurious feel that will encapsulate you in warmth with personalized details. Additionally, the soft, silky polyester fibers against your skin will provide you with an unparalleled level of comfort. Purchase our damask comforter set right away to avoid the trouble of finding the perfect pillows to go with this bedding set.

Appreciate The Durability Of Polyester Bedding Set:

The extremely durable fibers and anti-wear and tear characteristics of this 5-piece damask polyester comforter set ensure that it will last for many years. Each thread has been expertly woven to produce an intricate structure that is visually stunning, provides maximum airflow, and keeps the body at the perfect temperature at night in any weather. Its smooth, silky texture feels good against the skin and is less likely to irritate the skin barrier or result in negative side effects. Purchasing this bedding set will provide you with both enduring comfort and luxury. 

Why Should You Choose a 5-Piece Damask Orange Comforter Set?

Attractive Collection: How frequently do you encounter bedding that incorporates unusual colors and patterns, like bright orange instead of dull black and gray? Therefore, this 5-piece damask bedding set is your best bet to try something classic and customized with unique colors and patterns. 

Reasonably priced: Our damask polyester bedding set is reasonably priced despite having a unique aesthetic that changes your space. Due to the sturdy polyester structure, you can add an opulent feel to your bedroom at an affordable price that will last for years. 

Incredibly Sustainable: It is our duty to maintain a secure and wholesome environment therefore it is important to note that the majority of inexpensive bedding ends up as excessive textile waste in a filthy landfill. However, our damask polyester bedding set is incredibly durable and won't need to be thrown away for years.

How Should You Style The 5-Piece Damask Orange Comforter Set?

Vibrant Accents: Orange is a unique color. Its boldness, combined with the damask print, can be matched by adding other bright colors that truly uplift the vibe of the place. We suggest choosing decorative pillows and interesting woven blankets to complement the orange polyester damask comforter. 

Contrast with Neutrals: Put a different spin on it. Try mixing the vivid orange hue of the orange damask comforter set with neutral hues like white, beige, or grey to balance out its excessive brightness. For a well-balanced and elegant look in the bedroom, use neutral-colored wall décor, drapes, and furniture.

Mix and Match Patterns: Damask is a traditional print that is eye-catching. To give the bedroom design more depth and visual intrigue, try combining and matching various patterns. For a fresh look, contrast the damask comforter set with accent items with flower patterns or geometric prints for a chic and eclectic aesthetic.

Gold Accents: Orange and gold will be a classy combo! You can refine the opulence of the orange damask printed comforter by adding gold accents throughout the bedroom decor. You can choose gold-framed mirrors, metallic table lamps, and gilded picture frames to add a touch of glamor and luxury to the space.


1. Is polyester safe for children? 

Indeed! We have expertly and delicately created the polyester material. Each fiber is softly sewn, minimizing the likelihood of bacterial growth and retaining allergenic material while providing optimal ventilation and breathability that makes it safe for your kids. Especially, if they have sensitive skin. Nonetheless, if your child is allergic to synthetic material avoid using polyester as it can aggravate the allergies and cause adverse reactions.

2. Is polyester eco-friendly?

To say that polyester is an eco-friendly material would be unfair; however polyester is a sustainable material that lasts a lifetime. If you get polyester bedding there is a minimum chance that it will be destroyed in a few years as it is very resistant and durable and will last a lifetime making it a suitable option. Nonetheless, it is a synthetic material that requires many resources to be made and is not biodegradable making it a poor option for environment-conscious buyers.

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