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  • 2.5 inches of activated-carbon-infused memory foam
  • OmniPhase phase change material absorbs and dissipates heat
  • Double-zoning helps correctly align the spine
  • IceTech cover is cool to the touch
  • OmniPhase phase change material coats the top from edge to edge, continually absorbing and dissipating heat; activated carbon infused in the foam creates a pathway to filter heat away from the body
  • Double-zoning technology at the head and hips helps correctly align the spine; ventilation at the feet offers increased airflow
  • IceTech cover is cool to the touch for an enhanced sleep environment; the non-slip bottom keeps the topper firmly in place
  • 2.5 inches of medium plush memory foam help soften a too-hard mattress or refresh an older mattress


With our ground-breaking addition to our best-selling pillow technology, the CARBONCOOL® LT + OMNIPHASE® TOPPER, you can experience the pinnacle of sleep innovation. This topper will improve your complete sleep experience because it has cutting-edge technologies that regulate temperature optimally and give total body cooling. In addition to providing luxurious feel, the 2.5 inches of memory foam with activated carbon infusion effectively removes heat, paving the way for a revitalizing night's rest.

The OmniPhase material comes into its own as you go to sleep, continuously absorbing and dissipating heat. This multipurpose material, which is integrated throughout the topper, makes sure that your body cools down actively during the night. This process is enhanced by the activated carbon in the foam, which removes heat from your entire body and creates an atmosphere that is unmatched in comfort.

Temperature control is just one aspect of the topper's design. Better sleep posture is encouraged by the dual-zoning technology at the head and hips, which work together to properly align your spine. Completing the well-thought-out design for a comprehensive sleep experience, ventilation at the foot improves airflow even more.

The topper, which is covered with an IceTech cover, is cool to the touch and gives your sleeping environment an additional layer of comfort. You can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology every night since the non-slip bottom keeps the topper firmly in place.


Activated Carbon Infused Memory Foam: This 2.5-inch thick layer of soft memory foam actively dissipates heat to provide a cool, restful night's sleep.

OmniPhase Phase Change Material: Consistent heat absorption and dissipation from edge to edge allow OmniPhase material to continuously regulate temperature during sleep.

Double-Zoning Technology: Proper spine alignment is encouraged by specially constructed zones at the head and hips, which improves overall comfort and sleep posture.

IceTech Cover: Adding an extra layer of comfort and being cool to the touch, the IceTech cover creates a cozy sleeping environment.

Ventilation and Airflow: The topper has a constant, cooling airflow thanks to precision ventilation in a special zoning design and airflow amplification at the feet.

Non-Slip Bottom: The non-slip bottom keeps the topper firmly in place so you may use the technology's advantages without being interrupted.

With 2.5 inches of medium-plush memory foam, you may revitalize your mattress and soften a too firm one or revive an older one. This topper is more than just a product; it's a revolutionary way to improve your sleep that invites you to explore a world of unmatched comfort and creativity.


1. How does the topper's OmniPhase changing material function?

A: The topping incorporates the OmniPhase phase changing material throughout. It removes extra heat from your body by absorbing it and letting it go, keeping your body temperature at the ideal level all night long.

2. Will the memory foam topper be overly stiff due to the use of activated carbon?

A: The memory foam effectively removes heat while keeping a soft feel thanks to the use of activated carbon. Its goal is to provide a cool, comfortable experience without sacrificing softness.

3. Can any mattress be used with the topper?

A: The topper is made to work with the majority of mattresses. Its 2.5 inches of medium-plush memory foam can improve overall comfort by revitalizing an aging mattress or softening an overly firm one.