Chocolate 5-Piece Daybed Set with Quilt, Shams, and Bed Skirt

Chocolate 5-Piece Daybed Set with Quilt, Shams, and Bed Skirt

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  • Chocolate 5-Piece Daybed Set with Quilt, Shams, and Bed Skirt
  • Set includes: 1 quilt, 2 quilted shams, 1 ruffled standard sham, 1 bed skirt
  • Ruffled bed skirt with split corners with overlap, 15 inch drop


  • 75 x 39 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 4lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 6.6lbs.

Shop Chocolate 5 Piece Daybed Set with Quilt, Shams, and Bed Skirt

This Chocolate 5-Piece Daybed Set with Quilt, Shams, and Bed Skirt is made of 100% cotton and is the best option if you're looking to update your home's décor and purchasing a daybed is on your list of things to buy. It boasts a timeless, rich chocolate color that pairs well with minimalist decor. To further enhance the entire arrangement, we've added lovely brown-lined pieces and quilted cotton shams that perfectly match the simplicity of the chocolate-colored quilt. Because every piece is constructed entirely of cotton, it maintains a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, allowing for comfort and ease during the day and optimal airflow at night. Visit our website to purchase matching Gel Pillows if you'd like to offer even more luxury.


  • Cotton Material: A daybed set made of only cotton. A chocolate 5-piece daybed bedding set
  • Number of Pieces: One plaid standard sham with a 2-inch ruffle on both sides, two tailored quilt shams, an embroidered quilt with scalloped edges, and a ruffled bed skirt with overlapped split corners are all included.
  • Size Available: The set includes one 75 by 39-inch quilt that fits most typical daybeds.
  • Material Caliber: Constructed entirely of cotton for optimal comfort and longevity
  • Simple To Take Care Of: Easy to maintain and care for with a machine wash. Use cold water for washing, and avoid using harsh chemicals.

Enjoy The Magnificent Grace Of A Chocolate Colored Daybed Quilt:

Chocolate is an excellent color for home décor if you enjoy traditional settings with a dash of contemporary look; its rich hues create a luxurious vibe and a comforting feel. A gorgeous chocolate quilt adds an opulent element to the whole atmosphere when designing a calm reading nook or a soothing alcove in a guest bedroom. The exquisite stitching on this lovely chocolate daybed quilt is a testament to its exceptional craftsmanship and quality. This 5-piece 100% Cotton Daybed Bedding Set is something you shouldn't pass up if you want to update your space on a budget!

Conventional Checked Pillow Shams made of 100% Cotton: 

It is the perfect option to break up the monotony of dark chocolate tones with our 5-piece 100% Cotton Daybed Bedding Set. It has lined edges to give it a polished appearance and comes with two lovely pillow shams that complement the chocolate quilt. Additionally, it includes a conventional lined pillow sham that matches the brown base and improves the overall arrangement. The brown-colored bed skirt has a whimsical ruffled border. You can easily prepare the space for parties or visitors by using this 5-piece 100% cotton daybed bedding set, which will spare you the trouble of searching for matching pieces. 

5-piece Chocolate Daybed Bedding Set Of Superior Cotton Quality: 

The perfect bedding material is cotton. It is incredibly soft against the skin, light, and highly breathable, making it ideal for the summer. We have painstakingly woven a lovely bedding set for you out of premium, long-staple cotton that is comfortable and enhances your room's look. With very little maintenance, cotton is very durable, so you can easily toss this daybed set in any corner of your room or guest room without worrying about it fading or wearing out. It will last forever with minimal care!

Why Should You Invest In a Chocolate Daybed 5-piece Cotton Set? 

Reasonable Cost: Not everyone has the luxury of spending much on decorative bedding, so we have offered our exquisite chocolate daybed bedding set at a meager cost. It is inexpensive and gives the entire space a new, abundant appearance. Whether remodeling your living area or furnishing a guest bedroom, you don't have to go over budget. 

Comfort of Cotton: Since every piece of a 5-piece cotton daybed is made entirely of cotton, you can relax knowing there won't be any allergic reactions or skin breakouts. Its fibers actively prevent bacterial growth while remaining incredibly soft on the skin, allowing optimal breathability. It always keeps the area healthy and revitalizing!

Accept Durability: Although the quilt has exquisite embroidery, cotton is a strong material that lasts a long time and requires little maintenance, so you don't need to do extra work to keep it looking good. It's a long-term investment; you may match these with other blankets or switch out the shams if you become tired of the same arrangement. 

Light on the Conscience: Since every piece of the chocolate daybed bedding set is made entirely of cotton, unlike cheap synthetic materials, it decomposes naturally and does not wind up in a landfill. Cotton decomposes naturally without producing any toxic compounds. 

How To Style a Chocolate Daybed 5-piece Cotton Set? 

Accent Colors: Although this daybed bedding set with pillow shams and quilt includes simple-to-assemble elements, you can still add interest to the space by using accent colors to create a unified aesthetic. Throw blankets, ornamental cushions, or wall art in complementary hues to the chocolate bedding set can draw attention to the organic flow of the cotton fabric. 

Statement Headboard: Mix this lovely chocolate bedding set with a fantastic piece of ensemble furniture so it stands out. Make the headboard or backrest on your daybed the center of attention by decorating it with wall art, mirrors, or hanging tapestries. This might give the area more character and flair.

Coordinating Furniture: It's essential to follow a pattern when decorating, so make sure the chocolate daybed bedding set and the other furniture pieces in the room complement each other. We suggest choosing accent chairs, side tables, and lamps that complement the chocolate-embroidered cotton quilt to create a cohesive and well-balanced appearance. 

Personal Touches: You may make the space your own by incorporating distinctive components like family photos, one-of-a-kind artwork, or ornaments that reflect your hobbies and character. These elements may give the area a more unique and inviting feel for you or your special visitors.


1. How should quilted cotton be maintained? 

Because quilted cotton is a delicate fabric, it's critical to follow washing guidelines to maintain its flawless sheen and cozy feel. Until there are noticeable unpleasant stains or spill marks on the cloth, we advise against doing a lot of washing. It would be best to wash it once or twice a year. Furthermore, we recommend utilizing light chemical detergent and avoiding abrasive, tearing chemicals like bleach. Use a moderate cycle and cold water when washing it, and use garments of the same hue.

2. Can this bedding set be used with different daybed styles?

Naturally, of course! The creative and distinctive style of a daybed was considered when creating this bedding. It can certainly fit every kind of daybed, including sleigh, chaise lounge, and canopy models. If you're still unsure about the size, measure your daybed's measurements using a measuring tape so that they correspond to our quilt size. The quilt on this daybed set measures 75 by 39 inches.   

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