Protect-A-Bed Surefit Cotton Cover Latex Pillow -
Protect-A-Bed Surefit Cotton Cover Latex Pillow -
Protect-A-Bed Surefit Cotton Cover Latex Pillow -

Protect-A-Bed Surefit Cotton Cover Latex Pillow

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Built-in antimicrobial properties
  • Zippered Cotton Cover
  • Standard - 30" x 20" x 4"
  • One-Year Limited Warranty

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Achieve a peaceful night's rest with our 100% All-Natural Latex pillow โ€“ the perfect solution for your sleeping needs. Designed to conform precisely to your neck curves, this super soft cotton pillow provides unbeatable comfort and support all through the night. Made from natural latex, it offers robust support that gently envelops you in its embrace while relieving any head, neck, or spinal pain effectively. Upgrade your sleep quality today with our Natural Latex Contour Pillow and feel the remarkable difference.

Support: The latex build of this product offers a durable and elastic embrace, delivering excellent sustenance to the spine and neck.

Temperature Control: With the use of breathable materials and natural properties found in latex, ensure a cozy sleeping temperature throughout the night without experiencing discomfort from overheating or hot flashes.

Antimicrobial: The inherent antimicrobial properties found in latex create a clean sleeping environment that repels pests and bacteria, allowing for undisturbed rest and tranquility.

Moisture-Wicking: The latex material's moisture-wicking properties bid adieu to wetness accumulation, ensuring a dry and comfy sleep all night long.

Easy Care: Maintenance is made easy with a zippered cotton cover that allows effortless washing and reuse, guaranteeing hassle-free upkeep and enduring freshness.

Support that is able to withstand and recover from challenging situations:

With our 100% All-Natural Latex Cotton pillow, you'll receive unmatched support that effortlessly conforms to the distinct curves of your neck and head. Unlike ordinary pillows that may lose their shape with use, this latex gem keeps its elasticity intact over time ensuring consistent comfort every night. This gentle yet firm cradle provides optimal alignment for a healthy spine and eliminates pressure points while sleeping on any side or position throughout the night. You will awaken each morning feeling refreshed and revitalized after experiencing unparalleled relaxation-packed sleep through the entirety of the nighttime hours!

Regulation of Temperature:

Achieve the utmost temperature control with our Contoured Pillow made of Natural Latex. The permeable quality of latex grants air to flow easily, stopping heat retention and guaranteeing a refreshing and cozy sleeping atmosphere. Bid farewell to restive nights due to perspiration or excessive warmth- Our best cotton pillow maintains your comfort by providing unperturbed coolness for an uninterrupted night's slumber. Regardless if it is a hot summer or chilly winter season, rely on our flawless blend of snugness and ventilated texture that allows you tranquility throughout the entire evening!

Properties with the Ability to Inhibit Microbial Growth:

Our Natural Latex Contour Pillow offers antimicrobial properties, which serve as an added layer of defense against allergens, pests, and bacteria. Its natural resistance to mold, mildew, dust mites, and various other common irritants ensures that your sleeping environment is both cleaner and healthier. Furthermore, the pillow comes equipped with built-in protection from harmful microbes which work tirelessly to ward off the growth of unwanted germs; permitting you a more peaceful slumber without being interrupted by allergic reactions or irritations-- ultimately promoting hygienic sleep spaces free from allergens so that each morning greets you feeling invigorated. You can check our extensive pillow collection for more options according to your taste.


Q: Is it possible to wash the pillow in a washing machine?

A: No, but you can easily clean and maintain its included zippered cotton cover by putting it through a cycle in your washing machine.

Q: What are the measurements of the pillow?

A: The standard-size one is 30 inches by 20 inches by four inches, which offers sufficient support for most individuals who sleep on it.

Q: Is there a warranty for the pillow?

A: Absolutely, you can trust the One-Year Limited Warranty of the Natural Latex Contour Pillow to secure its quality and durability.