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Woven Down Blend Comforter

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  • 20% Down and 80% Feather blend
  • Pure cotton cover
  • Box-stitched design

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Welcome a new level of luxury to your home with our Woven Down Blend Comforter. It is a beautiful blend of down and cotton, bringing extreme durability, endurance, and a soft feel. Its down fibers make it plush but at the same time light as air—as if sleeping in a fluffy cloud. Moreover, it offers excellent breathability and airflow that does not make you sweat or your sheets smell after a long night’s sleep; if you want more options, head to our Bed Sheet Collection for the best quality and prices. 


  • Excellent Material: This comforter is a beautiful blend of 20% white down and 80% feathers, providing exceptional warmth in all temperatures. 
  • Beautiful Cover: Its pure cotton cover is soft and breathable, keeping the comforter safe from dirt and stains. 
  • Excellent Design: It brandishes a delicate box-stitched design for consistent loft and breathability while providing an attractive look. 
  • Secure Fitting: It features piped, double-stitched edges for durability and style and keeps the loft in place. 
  • Easy To Use: It has corner ties to secure a duvet cover.
  • Various Sizes: It is available in multiple sizes: Full, King, Cal King, Queen, and Oversized King.
  • Hypoallergenic Properties: It uses hypoallergenic down and natural feather material, suitable for most sensitive skin sleepers.
  • Durability and Comfort: It is carefully crafted for long-lasting comfort and warmth and will not wear off with washing. 
  • Easy to Maintain: You can easily machine wash without worrying about damaging the feathers or down. 

Luxurious And Soft Woven Down Blend Comforter:

Is your comforter so heavy that it crushes your chest at night? If so, then switch to our ultra-light-down comforter. Its light and airy down fibers create an ideal sleeping environment and a soft, light air feel that provides extra plushness and is gentle against the skin. Who wouldn’t want a fluffy blanket on a cold wintery night?

Appreciate the Durability Of Down material: 

Our high-quality down comforter features an exceptional blend of 20% down and 80% feathers. It provides long-term durability; it will not sag or wear off even after washing multiple times. Down is bound to provide cozy warmth on cold winter nights, and the inclusion of feathers tones down the sturdiness of down, creating a firm yet comfortable sleeping environment. You remain warm and toasty all night!

Box-Stitched Design for Consistent Loft:

How often does shifting the comforter’s filling destroy your peaceful night’s sleep? With this comfortable down comforter, it will not happen again. We have included an intricate box-stitch design that secures the loft in its original position and does not let it move even with all the tossing and turning. Moreover, the meticulous box stitch brings an opulent delicacy to your bedroom’s decor. 

Why Should You Buy This Comforter?

  • Durable and Stylish: This premium down-feather comforter boasts excellent quality and beautiful piped, double-stitched edges, which not only provide an attractive look but also help seal the loft's position. Moreover, the delicate craftsmanship ensures that the comforter retains its shape and quality wash after wash, providing long-lasting comfort for years.
  • A Secure Design: You no longer have to tug and twist heavy covers over your blanket because this premium down comforter comes with corner ties. These ties allow you to put on a duvet cover quickly and keep it in place even after all the shaking.
  • Hypoallergenic Properties: Down is an ideal material for sensitive people, so our products incorporate this material. Feathers add to the plushness and are also organically obtained and safe for sensitive people. 
    • Various Sizes Available: This beautiful down comforter is available in Full, King, Cal King, Queen, and Oversized King sizes. Buy whichever fits the best to your needs.


    1. Is feather material safe for asthmatic people?

    The house dust mite is a key allergen for people with asthma. Synthetic fiber fillings for beds and pillows are less likely to collect allergies than comforters and pillows filled with feathers. However, according to some data, feather bedding may be less likely to trigger asthma.

    2. How do you care for down comforters?

    It's recommended that down comforters be washed every few years. To maintain their freshness, give them a daily shake and fluff while making your bed, periodically hang them outside in the sun, and consider covering them with a duvet cover for extra protection between washes.