Downlite 300 TC Extra Long Body Pillow (20 x 60) -
Downlite 300 TC Extra Long Body Pillow (20 x 60) -

Downlite 300 TC Extra Long Body Pillow (20 x 60)

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  • Silky soft 300 thread count cotton sateen fabric
  • Hypoallergenic, EnviroLoft down alternative polyester filling
  • Medium density
  • Machine wash & dry

Size and Weight: 

  • 20" x 60", 60 oz. Fill

Downlite 300 TC Extra Long Body Pillow (20 x 60)

The Downlite 300 TC Extra Long Body Pillow offers unmatched comfort and support. This cheap body pillow is the go-to choice for back, hip, and knee support since it is designed to provide outstanding relief and relaxation, guaranteeing a comfortable and peaceful night's sleep. With its hypoallergenic EnviroLoft filling, which resembles down, and its opulent 300-thread-count silky cotton sateen cover, this amazing pillow elevates your evening ritual to new heights of relaxation. Anyone may enjoy its enveloping support because to its extra-long shape, which makes going to bed more pleasant and restorative.


Luxurious Cotton Sateen Fabric: Savor the smooth and velvety feel of the 300 thread count cotton sateen fabric against your skin for an incredibly restful night's sleep.

Hypoallergenic Fill: This hypoallergenic body pillow accommodates allergy sufferers by filling it with hypoallergenic EnviroLoft down substitute polyester, which offers a fresh and allergen-free sleeping surface.

Medium Density Support: This pillow's medium density design provides the optimal mix between plushness and support, making it the perfect choice for easing pressure points on your knees, hips, and back.

Machine Washable & Dryable: Take pleasure in easy care and upkeep to preserve its freshness and quality thanks to its machine wash and dry feature.

Extra Long Design: At 20" x 60" and 60 oz. of fill, the extra-long size offers complete support and can accommodate different body types and sleep positions for a more comfortable night's sleep.

Versatile Support: To relieve pressure on your legs and back while improving your general comfort and sleeping posture, either straddle the pillow or place one leg on top. If you need more support for your body or are willing to explore further options of supportive pillows, check out our Gel Dough Pillows that offer a smooth transition to sleep without any complain of body ache. 


1. Can this body pillow help with any particular problems connected to sleep?

Yes, the pillow is made to address problems with the knees, hips, and back, which helps with better sleeping posture and comfort.

2. What are the benefits of the hypoallergenic filling for sleepers?

For those with allergies or sensitivities, the hypoallergenic polyester filling of EnviroLoft down substitute guarantees a hygienic and allergen-free sleeping surface.

3. Is the pillow appropriate for all forms of bodies and postures?

Yes, the medium density support and extra-long design accommodate diverse body shapes and sleeping preferences, providing adaptable support for a range of sleeping positions.

4. Is it easy for me to clean and maintain the pillow?

Yes, you can machine wash and dry this cushion, making cleaning and maintenance easy without sacrificing its quality.

5. Does the smooth cotton sateen material improve slumber?

Your sleep routine will feel even more comfortable and silky thanks to the 300 thread count cotton sateen fabric.

6. In what ways does the cushion ease pressure on the legs and back?

By distributing pressure and providing relaxation to the back and legs, straddling the pillow or placing one leg on top can improve comfort and sleep posture.