DOWNLITE Soft Density 230 TC Value 4 Pack Bulk Pillow -
DOWNLITE Soft Density 230 TC Value 4 Pack Bulk Pillow -
DOWNLITE Soft Density 230 TC Value 4 Pack Bulk Pillow -
DOWNLITE Soft Density 230 TC Value 4 Pack Bulk Pillow -
DOWNLITE Soft Density 230 TC Value 4 Pack Bulk Pillow -

4-Pack Down Alternative Soft/Medium Pillows for Back & Stomach Sleepers (Hypoallergenic) | Downlite Pillow

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10 reviews
10 reviews
SKU: DLB100PI0330-WHI-020-028


  • Ideal for: stomach and back sleepers with a versatile soft-medium fill for a great night’s sleep.
  • Material: Polyester with hypoallergenic properties
  • Style: Hotel-style design.
  • Fabric: Crisp and breathable 230 thread count cambric cotton.
  • Density: Soft/Medium density, includes 4 pillows.
  • Care: Easy care, machine washable and dryable.
  • Packaging: Rolled packaging for convenience; fluff up in dryer for 5 minutes.
  • Multipurpose use: as sham stuffers and perfect for outfitting rental and travel homes
  • Origin: Filled and finished in the USA with imported materials.


  • Jumbo - 20"L x 28"W
  • King - 20"L x 36"W

Warranty Information

1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Get Your Hands On The Softest Pillows Ever! 

Aesthetic Look: In addition to being utilized as beds, these 4 pack pillows serve as excellent fillers for pillowcases and are ideal for furnishing vacation homes and rental properties with adaptable functionality.

Manufacturing: This product is proudly crafted and finalized in the USA with a commitment to excellence in both materials and workmanship.

Size: Different bed sizes and sleeping preferences can be accommodated with the Jumbo size option which measures 20"L x 28"W.

Versatile Use: These can be used as sham stuffers to enhance the decorative appeal of your bedding collection, proving their versatility beyond just beds.

Set Of 4 Pillows: This practical set of four pillows is both affordable and convenient if you want to buy pillows in bulk, making it the perfect solution for vacation homes or rental properties with multiple beds. Guests are guaranteed consistent comfort throughout their stay.

Maintenance: Simply toss them in the washing machine and dryer for a hassle-free cleaning experience, ensuring that they remain fresh and spotlessly clean at all times.

Material: Experience a light and airy sensation through the 230-thread count cambric cotton fabric, which enhances breathability for a restful night's sleep. The result is enhanced comfort that will help you relax better.

Pillows For Back Sleepers: Crafted with perfection for those who sleep on their stomach or back, the Supportive Soft/Medium Density bulk pillows provide optimal softness and firmness to ensure comfortable slumber in any posture.

Say No To Allergies: These pillows have hypoallergenic polyester filling which is intended for individuals with allergies, ensuring a sleeping surface that is clean and free of allergens.

Hotel Design: With its classic hotel-inspired design, this piece adds a hint of sophistication to your bedroom's aesthetic.

FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are down alternative pillows good for stomach sleepers? 
If you're a stomach sleeper, the DOWNLITE Soft Density 230 TC Value 4 Pack Bulk Pillow could be your ideal choice. It's an excellent down alternative pillow that offers the perfect balance of softness and support to ensure you enjoy a restful night's sleep. The soft-medium density is specially designed for stomach sleepers who require both comfort and adequate support.

Q: What is the difference between a down pillow and a down alternative pillow?
The filling of down pillows is composed of natural duck or goose down, which provides a soft and lofty sensation. In contrast, our selection of down alternative pillows utilizes synthetic components such as polyester fibers.

Q: What pillows are best for back and side sleepers?
This product consisting of four pillows, is specifically crafted to cater to a variety of sleeping positions with its soft-medium density. These pillows for back sleeping and front sleeping have a level of firmness and provide ample support for keeping the neck and spine in proper alignment while simultaneously ensuring a peaceful slumber.

Q: Are down pillows good for back sleepers?
If you are a back sleeper and in search of a pliable pillow that conforms to the contours of your head and neck, then down pillows could serve as an appropriate option.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dakarta Sims

I love super soft pillows so these are great but no substance if you want support


Pillows was great. Had a delivery issue but they made it right. Very pleased with product & customer service! Thank you


The best pillows at an affordable price! I have ordered these pillows several times for multiple different reasons. This time is because my apartment caught on fire and I lost everything. A four pack of pillows under $65 is a steal and they never lose their softness!

Brenda Coffs

I am very pleased with these pillows. I tell people you should go to the store for pillows. There are so many different kinds of pillow. Some are soft, some hard, some really it's best to go and see for yourself. But I took a chance with this order. I was just replacing my kids old pillows so the pack of 4 was perfect. Being anti bacterial was also important to me. You spend a big chunk of your life sleeping so you don't want a pillow that holds on to germs and stuff. So when I got my pillows I really had no idea what to expect, the price was good and they could have been cheaply made for that price but I was really surprised. These are really nice pillows. They are very light it when I tested them out I was pleased. They are not huge, thick pillows so I need 2 to be comfortable. But when you rough them up they maintain their size and shape which is another plus. You can buy better pillows but if you want a good deal price wise and don't want to be cheated on quality, this is a good pillow set to buy. I'm happy.


These pillows are like sleeping on clouds