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Dreamy Nights® Dream Form Micro Gel Synthetic Comforter

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  • Dream Form Fiber Fill. Lush, rich fiber fill provides cozy comfort.
  • All-season warmth ideal for year-round comfort
  • 300 thread count for all-natural softness
  • 100% cotton for all-natural softness and durability
  • 15-inch Euro box design provides maximum loft with minimum fill shift

Dreamy Nights® Dream Form Micro Gel Synthetic Comforter

With the Dream Form Micro Gel Synthetic Comforter, indulge in unmatched warmth and indulgence. With a blend of luxurious, ultra-silky Dream Form Fiber Fill, this premium comforter is designed to enrich your sleep experience and provide you with a comforting, all-night hug. Softness, resilience, and breathability are combined in this 300-thread-count 100% cotton twill fabric. To maximize loft and provide a consistent, velvety appearance, the 15-inch Euro box shape reduces fill shift. This is the best comforter that sets an excellent example of luxurious and high-quality sleep, and it is ideal for year-round comfort.


Dream Form Fiber Fill: Savor the plush, thick Dream Form Fiber Fill, which will keep you feeling cozy and comfortable night after night.

All-Season Cozy: This warm comforter is made to keep you warm and cozy all year round, offering the ideal amount of coziness without being too hot. It pairs up nicely with our Rayon Bedsheet Set that also offers maximum insulation without piling up even after several washes. This fire combo makes your bedding look aesthetic and keeps the chills away! 

100% Cotton Twill with 300 Thread Count: Savor the innate softness and resilience of this opulent fabric, which boasts a 300-thread count that ensures a light and airy feel on your skin.

Unique Design: The 15-inch Euro Box Design's unique construction reduces fill movement, preserves maximum loft, and guarantees constant fluff for a luxurious look on your bed.

Fiber Fill: For the ultimate in sleeping pleasure, this comforter has blown Micro Gel® fiber fill, which offers the best qualities of loft, warmth, and sturdiness.

King-Sized Dimensions: Measuring a generous 104" by 89", this comforter offers a luxuriant embrace and plenty of coverage for your king-sized bed.


1. Is it possible to use this comforter all year round?

Without a doubt, this comforter gives warmth appropriate for all seasons. It strikes the ideal combination of softness and heat tolerance, making it a year-round choice.

2. How should I take care of and keep this comforter clean?

It is advised to dry clean or have this comforter professionally laundered to preserve its quality and guarantee that it will keep its integrity and plushness throughout time.

3. Does the comforter's filling not move around inside thanks to the Euro box design?

Yes, the 15-inch Euro box shape ensures ideal loft and a persistently fluffy finish without clumping up by minimizing fill shift.

4. Is there a warranty on this comforter?

Indeed, a 5-year limited guarantee is included with this comforter, giving you peace of mind regarding its build quality and craftsmanship.

5. Is the material soft and breathable on the skin?

The 300-thread count 100% cotton twill fabric promises a pleasant touch against the skin for a peaceful sleep experience. It also guarantees breathability, softness, and durability.