Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel - Blue Horizon -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel - Blue Horizon -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel - Blue Horizon -

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel - Blue Horizon

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3 reviews
3 reviews


  • Color: Blue Horizon
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Texture: Ultra soft and Silky
  • Absorbency: High absorbent
  • Linting: Low linting to prevent shedding
  • Overall Feel: Luxurious

Egyptian Cotton Blue Horizon Bath Towel


Experience the ultimate bath with our Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel available in a calm Blue Horizon shade. This towel is ideal for those who prefer large-sized, quick-drying towels that provide full-body coverage while bathing -- measuring 30" x 56". Wrapped up inside this luxurious textile will give you an overwhelming experience of comfort and relaxation. The sophisticated color choice adds elegance to your bathroom, making it feel more refined.

Made from genuine Egyptian cotton material, the functionality goes beyond just drying abilities--every touch on your skin produces pure delight as well!


Soft & Silky: Experience the exquisite softness and smooth texture of this towel. Indulge in a luxurious sensation that feels like a delicate stroke on your skin. Our fibers are carefully crafted to provide an exceptionally gentle and silky touch, guaranteeing you a lavish bathing experience every single time you use it.

Pure Egyptian Cotton: Renowned for its exceptional caliber, our towel consists solely of 100% pure Egyptian cotton – providing a level of plushness and absorption that surpasses all others. Revel in sheer indulgence with each stroke or dab as you immerse yourself fully into true sophistication.

Maintaining Softness Even After Multiple Washes: Are you concerned that your towels will lose their softness quickly? You can relax knowing this towell remains silky and plush after several wash cycles. Delight in the everlasting luxury that endures throughout time.

Color: The hue of Blue Horizon endures and captivates. Our towel is meticulously crafted to preserve its colors, ensuring that the striking shade remains vibrant despite frequent washing. Infuse your bathroom with a timeless splash of color that retains its brilliance for years to come.

Long-Lasting Quality: At the heart of our dedication to quality lies durability. This bath towel is more than just an opulent and plush embellishment; it's a resilient partner for your everyday routine. Revel in the impeccable combination of sophisticated indulgence and enduring strength.

Perfect Addition: Upgrade your assortment of towels with the ideal inclusion - the Blue Horizon Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel. This fashionable and practical item is more than a mere towel; it represents an expression of sophisticated preferences and unparalleled excellence.


1 .Is it possible for me to buy towels in the shade of Blue Horizon?

A: Absolutely, it's possible. You can opt for the Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel in Blue Horizon as part of a set. By doing so, you'll get to relish in having matching towels that create an elegant and cohesive aesthetic throughout your bathroom space.

2. In what ways does the use of Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel promote sustainable practices?

Our towel is made with a dedication to sustainability, utilizing the benefits of Egyptian Cotton. This fabric boasts longer fibers that not only offer increased durability but also promote an eco-friendly lifestyle by extending the lifespan of our towels. In turn, this means fewer replacements are needed and less environmental impact occurs through frequent disposal.

3. Can people with sensitive skin use this towel?

A: Indeed, it is. The towel's weave was carefully crafted with gentle cotton threads to create a soft texture that is kind to the skin. Its hypoallergenic nature also makes it an excellent option for those who have delicate skin as it delivers unmatched comfort and relief.

4. What is the difference in size between Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel and standard towels?

Our towel is larger than the usual towels as it measures a generous 30" x 56". This bigger size not only ensures ample coverage for a comfortable drying experience but also brings an element of opulence to your daily routine.

5. Is it possible to utilize this towel for something other than drying oneself after a shower?

A: Definitely. It is adaptable and suitable for multiple uses. It serves as an excellent complement to any setting, whether you're by the seaside, at a pool or spa outing; it even doubles-up as fashion-forward gear minus compromising on functionality.

Customer Reviews

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george pyth

good for my skin really soft

finest Egyptian cotton

These towels are exceptional. They are crafted from the finest Egyptian cotton, making them incredibly soft and absorbent.

Aimee G

I really like these Blue Horizon towels. They are very soft, fluffy, and a great value for the price.