Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 2 -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 2 -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 2 -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 2 -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 2 -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 2 -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 2 -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 2 -
Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 2 -

Luxurious Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels - Pack of 2

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10 reviews
10 reviews

Hello there! Are you in search of a way to make your bathroom feel like a relaxing spa? Look no further than our set of two Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels. Made from only the finest, pure cotton sourced directly from Egypt, these towels are both amazingly soft and highly absorbent.

  • Colors available: Blue Horizon, Grey, and White
  • Excellent absorption and dries quickly!
  • Lightweight and convenient for everyday
  • Dimensions: Width 10.24 inches, depth 4.00 inches, length 14.17 inches 
  • Superb quality due to 100% original Egyptian cotton
  • Perfect for gifting someone!


  • The softness is long lasting
  • Color will not fade even after several washes
  • Quickly absorbs all moisture
  • Dimensions: 10.24 x 4.00 x 14.17 inches
  • Weight:  1.44 LB
  • Made from pure Egyptian Cotton material

Enjoy The Versatility Of Egyptian Cotton Towel - Pack Of 2

  • Unmatched Comfort: Our Egyptian cotton towel bundle provides ultimate comfort. Made from premium, authentic cotton carefully sourced from Egypt, these towels effortlessly upgrade your bathroom into a serene and opulent retreat.
  • Appealing Colors: Upgrade your bathroom decor with the chic colours of Blue, Horizon, Grey, or White; these luxury Egyptian cotton towels are a sophisticated addition to any setting.
  • Perfect Gifting Option: These beautiful towels made from Egyptian cotton are an excellent choice for showing your friends and family how much you care. They provide unparalleled comfort, softness, and absorption.
  • Soft Towels: Our pure cotton towels have been carefully crafted to retain their plushness even after numerous washes, guaranteeing enduring softness for prolonged relaxation.
  • Fade-Resistant: Our Egyptian cotton bathroom towels maintain the richness and vibrancy of their colours even after multiple washes, thanks to their fade-resistant quality. Say goodbye to lacklustre and drab towels with us!
  • Keeps You Dry: Crafted from premium Egyptian cotton, these towels are super absorbent, efficiently soaking up moisture and offering refreshed dryness with each usage.
  • Convenience: Enjoy a flawless amalgamation of lavishness and functionality. These towels are featherweight, effortless to manage and provide a sumptuous texture against your skin.
  • Built to Endure: Crafted with durable construction, these Egyptian cotton bathroom towels made from Egyptian cotton are equipped for repeated daily use without any compromise on superior quality or plush softness.
  • Dimensions: At 10.24 inches in width, 4.00 inches in depth, and 14.17 inches in length, these towels offer extensive coverage to envelop you in luxurious comfort.
  • Good Precision: These cotton towels are made from 100% authentic Egyptian cotton, guaranteeing superior quality and an exceptionally comfortable sensation each time they are used.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining these luxurious Egyptian cotton towels is a breeze. They can be effortlessly machine-washed to keep them consistently fresh and soft.
  • About the Fabric: The cotton fabric used in these towels is of top-notch quality and promotes breathability. This helps the towels efficiently air-dry, keeping them hygienic for a longer time before needing another use.
  • Eco-Friendly Towel: Our bathroom towels made of pure cotton are eco-friendly as we use sustainably sourced Egyptian cotton that is environmentally sound.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Egyptian cotton best for towels?

Towels made from Egyptian cotton are renowned for their exceptional quality. This is due to the length of its fibres, which create an incredibly soft, durable, and highly absorbent fabric. 

Q: Which is better, Turkish or Egyptian cotton towels?

 Turkish and Egyptian cotton towels offer distinct advantages. Turkish cotton boasts a velvety texture and rapid drying attributes, making it ideal for daily usage; the exceptional absorbency coupled with a soft touch is what sets Egyptian cotton towels apart.

Q: Is Egyptian cotton 100% cotton?

Egyptian cotton is undoubtedly 100% pure cotton. It's an exquisite blend of the finest, unadulterated natural fibres directly acquired from Egypt. 

Q: What is unique about Egyptian cotton?

Authentic Egyptian cotton is distinguished by its elongated fibers, which yield a fabric of exceptional softness, durability, and absorbency. These unique properties make it ideal for towels, as they guarantee plush comfort with excellent moisture retention qualities. Our exquisite collection of pure cotton towels crafted from genuine Egyptian cotton provides an indulgent sensation and luxury on every use.

Q: Is Egyptian Cotton good for summer?

Egyptian cotton is ideal for summer. Its superior quality fibres allow air to flow through, meaning towels dry fast and preserve their freshness for long periods between uses. Our lightweight but supple Egyptian cotton towels provide comfort and functionality in hot weather.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

this color is very elegant color

Smile Jones



Big soft lovely towels, and SUPER ABSORBENT! Tired of feeling damp after using your big cotton bath sheet ? Tired of your towels being damp and slow to dry? Tired of your towels getting smelly and needing to be treated specially for that in the wash, or never smelling fresh from the dryer? Enter these towels. SUPER absorbent, no more chilly skin due to moisture left behind. No more smelly towels cause they never dry fully. No more towels that are still damp hours or even a day after use, due to humid weather. No more towels that take forever to wash and then to dry in dryer I have replaced all of my bath sheets with these! Never looking back.

Patti E.

I'm picky about towels. Don't like polyester ones. Hate to pay huge prices for good ones. I want a bath sheet to be large enough, not skimpy or too oversized. A bath sheet can be too heavy if made of good cotton. This is the perfect bath sheet although I can't say that it's beautiful. Large enough, not heavy, dries in a reasonable time. I just bought a second one. I do wish it came in more color choices, such as purple, a brighter pink, a better blue. I highly recommend this towel.


These are high quality! Soft and dry fast!