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EnviroLoft® Lightweight Down Alternative Blanket - Extra Long

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  • This lightweight blanket offers a comfortable, breathable sleeping experience that's perfect for warmer months
  • Easily cleaned and dried in a commercial washing machine
  • Guaranteeing easy upkeep for extended freshness
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Queen XL and King XL sizes

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Transform your sleeping experience into a luxurious one with the EnviroLoft® Lightweight Down Alternative Blanket - Extra Long. This affordable blanket is perfect for comfortable and breathable nights during warmer seasons, offering milder warmth without sacrificing quality. Crafted from 100% crisp cambric cotton and featuring 230 threads per inch, it promises durability and unparalleled softness that will last for years to come. The extra-long size adds an extravagant touch of opulence to your bedding ensemble while turning your bed into a cozy haven of both comfort and style – making this amazing blanket a must-have addition!


Lightweight & Breathable: Experience unmatched comfort with this lightweight blanket that offers a breathable and cool sleeping atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for usage during the hotter seasons.

Convenient Solution: Maintaining freshness and convenience has never been this effortless with our blanket's industrial strength and ability to withstand machine washing and drying. Enjoy easy cleaning without any hassle!

Durable Product: Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, this blanket exemplifies superior craftsmanship and sturdy construction leading to reliable performance, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction.

Size: Boasting an extended design, this blanket is available in both Queen XL and King XL sizes, elevating your bedding game to a whole new level of luxury while enhancing the overall appearance of your bed.

Versatile: This blanket is versatile enough to meet all your bedding needs, providing comfort and style year-round. Whether you need added warmth draped over your bed or a lightweight cover for summer nights, it's the perfect choice. If you wish to explore more choices for great quality blankets, click here.


Q: Can this blanket be used throughout the year?

Although originally intended for warmer months, this blanket is constructed to be lightweight and breathable which allows it to be used throughout the year. This provides versatility in any season as well as comfort that can never go wrong.

Q: Is it safe to clean this blanket using a standard washing machine?

Certainly, this blanket is created with the purpose of being conveniently maintained and achieving extended freshness after each wash by easily cleaning and drying it in a commercial washing machine.

Q: What are the available sizes for this blanket?

The Queen XL and King XL sizes of this blanket are now up for grabs, providing ample length to elevate your bedding setup with a hint of opulence.

Q: Is this blanket sufficient for keeping warm on colder nights?

Although intended for use during the warmer months due to its gentle warmth, this blanket can also be layered with other bedding on colder nights to provide extra heat. Thus, it provides flexibility and comfort all year round.

Q: Does this blanket contain high-quality cotton?

This particular blanket is made from purely crisp cambric cotton, boasting 230 threads per inch for a soft and strong texture that guarantees an exceptional sleeping experience every time it's used.

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Kristina B
Great Product

True to size and color. Very comfortable blanket