EnviroLoft Down Alternative Cooling Comforter (Hypoallergenic) - beddingbag.com
EnviroLoft Down Alternative Cooling Comforter (Hypoallergenic) - beddingbag.com
EnviroLoft Down Alternative Cooling Comforter (Hypoallergenic) - beddingbag.com

EnviroLoft Down Alternative Cooling Comforter (Hypoallergenic)

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  • 400 thread count cotton
  • Moisture wicking and cooling technology are used to help regulate body temperature
  • Antimicrobial fabric finish
  • Scotchguard stain release fabric finish
  • 60% Tencel/40% cotton woven dobby stripe pattern (Stripe pattern runs horizontally)
  • 14" sewn thru box construction to keep fill-in place
  • This model DOES NOT contain corner duvet tabs
  • EnviroLoft polyester fill
  • Easy care machine wash and dry
  • Matching pillows sold separately

Size & Weights:

  • Queen – 90" x 98", 68 oz. Fill
  • King – 108" x 98', 82 oz. Fill

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Indulge in the ultimate luxurious comfort provided by the EnviroLoft Down Alternative Cooling Comforter. Designed with your sleep satisfaction as a top priority, this hypoallergenic bedding merges premium materials with cutting-edge technology to bring you an exceptional slumber experience. The PrimaCool fabric's blend of Tencel and cotton provides unparalleled breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and cooling effects throughout bedtime. Upgrade your sleeping space now using our luxury option guaranteeing pure delight on lazy weekends or any other day alike- trust us when we say nothing beats being engulfed within such exquisite blissful serenity!


Thread Count: Crafted with 400 thread count cotton and sewn-thru construction, this soft comforter guarantees durability, longevity, as well as even distribution of fill for ultimate comfort.

Cooling Properties: Incorporating innovative moisture-wicking and cooling mechanisms, the PrimaCool fabric amalgamated with Tencel and cotton is designed to effectively regulate body temperature, ensuring a restful night's sleep by keeping you cool and comfortable.

Easy Care: This affordable comforter boasts an antimicrobial fabric finish and Scotchgaurd stain release, ensuring it stays free of stains and bacteria. This makes maintenance a breeze as minimal effort is required for cleanliness.

Aesthetic Appeal: Your bedding ensemble will exude a stylishly sophisticated vibe with the innovative design of our 60% Tencel/40% cotton woven dobby stripe pattern. The horizontal orientation of the stripes adds to its aesthetic appeal.

No Shifting: This comforter utilizes a sewn-thru box construction of 14 inches, ensuring the fill remains in place and offering reliable warmth and comfort without any shifting.

Convenient: The effortless maintenance of this comforter makes it ideal for everyday use as it is both machine washable and dryer safe, offering utter convenience.


Q: Is this comforter suitable for use all year round?

The EnviroLoft Down Alternative Cooling Comforter is crafted to offer ultimate comfort throughout the year with its ventilated material and cutting-edge cooling innovation.

Q: Are individuals with allergies able to use the comforter comfortably?

Definitely! This cozy comforter is hypoallergenic, which makes it the perfect choice for individuals with allergies who are in search of a deluxe and comfy bedding option.

Q: What is the proper way to wash and maintain this comforter?

To ensure effortless upkeep, wash the comforter in a machine on gentle cycle with mild detergent and dry it using low heat. Refrain from employing bleach or any strong chemicals to retain the fabric's superior quality.

Q: Is the comforter equipped with duvet tabs on its corners for stability?

Sorry, this model does not feature tabs for securing the duvet corners. Nevertheless, its sewn-thru box design guarantees that the filling is uniformly spread across the comforter.

Q: Can I buy matching pillows separately?

Matching pillows can be purchased separately to complement your bedding collection and enhance your sleeping experience with a coordinated sense of luxury and comfort.

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Tiffany j
Great product

Great product and value for the money. Perfect color for my needs!