Floral 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble Bedding Set

Floral 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble Bedding Set

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  • Floral 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble Bedding Set
  • 100-Percent easy care cotton
  • Prewashed and preshrunk
  • Includes quilted bed skirt and three pillow shams
  • Reversible


  • 75 x 39 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 4lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 6.2lbs.

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We offer the ideal piece for you if you want to decorate your bedroom in a traditional yet chic Floral 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble Bedding Set. This lovely vintage daybed set with floral-themed flower printing is a collectible item. Your room will look better thanks to its immaculate, lightweight fabric, floral-patterned quilt, and matching printed pillow shams. The lightweight cotton is printed with rich red, green, and golden floral and paisley blooms that should be next on your list. It is perfect for re-creating a warm, inviting, traditional bedroom décor from the mid-1800s that will astound your guests. Visit our website to get a premium pillows collection to complete this cozy set. 


  • Product Quality: A daybed set made 100% cotton An floral 5-piece daybed bedding set
  • Number of Pieces: One plaid standard sham with a 2-inch ruffle on both sides, two fitted quilt shams, a ruffled bed skirt with split corners and overlap, and a floral-printed quilt with scalloped edges are all included.
  • Size Available: The set includes one 75 by 39-inch quilt that fits most typical daybeds.
  • Material Caliber: Constructed entirely of cotton for optimal comfort and longevity
  • Simple Maintenance: Machine washing makes upkeep and care simple. Use cold water for washing, and avoid using harsh chemicals.

A Beautiful Antique 5-piece Daybed Ensemble: 

This multi-colored paisley and floral print daybed set is the best choice for revamping your space on a budget. With its playful yet traditional design, you can create an engaging and comfortable relaxing corner, hanging space by the doorway, or, ideally, a reading nook. The rich patterns and comfortable cotton material will lull you to sleep in their incredible warmth. 

Paired With Floral Pillows And Printed Shams: 

The beautiful floral 5-piece daybed bedding set is paired with an all-over floral printed pillowcase that matches the cotton quilt. It is accompanied by two pillow shams adorned with patchwork-style unique Indo-European patterns like paisley, damask, and roses. Altogether, they create an enchanting look that encapsulates you in unimaginable comfort. 

High-Quality Antique Floral Printed Daybed Set: 

The ideal bedding material is cotton. It is perfect for summer because it is light, breathable, and incredibly soft against the skin. Using excellent, long-staple cotton, we have painstakingly woven a gorgeous floral daybed bedding ensemble that is comfortable and visually pleasing for your space. You can effortlessly place this lovely floral daybed set in any area of your home or guest room to enhance its ambiance and feel because cotton is incredibly sturdy and low-maintenance. 

What Makes This Floral Quilted Daybed Set Worth Buying? 

A Unique Item: Cliche prints, boring patterns, and flat colors that don't allow for originality are a constant sight in mass retail. If you're tired of traditional styles and want to try something different, this unique floral daybed set brandishing a middle of the eighteenth-century style is ideal. 

Reasonable Price: Our lovely floral print daybed bedding set is very affordable because we understand that not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on decorative bedding. It is cheap and adds a fresh, airy appeal to the entire area. Thus, you can stay within budget when updating your living area or outfitting a guest bedroom. 

Comfort of Cotton: You can rest easy knowing there won't be any allergic reactions or skin breakouts because the 5-piece daybed bedding set is made entirely of cotton. Its fibers are exceptionally soft on the skin, allowing for maximum breathability while actively preventing the growth of microorganisms. 

Environment-Friendly: Since 100% cotton was used to make this 5-piece floral bedding ensemble, they are all biodegradable. Unlike inexpensive synthetic materials, they don't wind up in landfills. Cotton decomposes without producing toxic compounds because it is made of natural materials. You don't have to feel bad about purchasing cotton. However, you should know that producing cotton bedding requires a significant financial outlay. 

How Is the Antique Floral Quilted Daybed Set to Be Styled? 

Accept Vintage Charm: Give in to the nostalgic atmosphere! If you've decided to highlight the Antique Floral Quilted Daybed Set in your room, finish the design with vintage-inspired furniture, like an antique bedside table or wooden bed frame, to go with the daybed set's nostalgic feel.

Accent Colors: The vibrant daybed set with the floral design has the potential to draw attention. Thus, balance the floral designer's rich red and gold tones with complementary accent colors like mustard yellow, navy blue, or deep green in your decor without detracting from the classic vibes. 

Antique Accents: A style would only be complete with appropriate accents. Enhance the antique feel of the space by adding character and charm with vintage décor details like brass candle holders, framed botanical prints, or ornate mirrors. These will go well with the antique floral paisley bedding set. 

Soft Lighting: Lighting is essential to establishing the perfect atmosphere. To accentuate the warm and romantic ambiance of the room, it is imperative to use soft lighting alternatives, like table lamps with a vintage feel or string lights, to create a warm and welcoming setting for the 5-piece antique floral daybed set.


1. Will washing cause the cotton bedding to pill?

Not at all! Although cotton is generally believed to pill easily after a few washes, our cotton is specially crafted from long-staple, high-quality cotton manufactured into long thread fibers and then weaved to form cotton products. Therefore, the long fibers remain intact and do not plug out with minimal friction or wear or tear. You can buy this daybed bedding without worrying about damaging cotton material because we have used the best quality that does not shrink, pill, or fade quickly.

2. How do you take care of the quilt's beautiful floral print? 

Because the gorgeous floral and golden floral design is printed on 100% cotton fabric, cotton's resilience will keep it secure despite appearing frail. It is recommended that you take precautions to increase the longevity of the bedding. Adding dangerous chemicals to the cloth, like bleach, will damage the print; instead, wash it on a gentle cycle in cold or warm water. Just use low heat to dry. 

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