Full / Queen Bed Bag Comforter Set in Dark Gray Orange White Stripes
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Full / Queen Bed Bag Dark Gray Orange White Stripes Comforter Set

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  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Full / Queen set includes 1 comforter, 2 standard shams and 1 pillow
  • Pattern: Striped
  • Cleaning Method: Machine washable
  • Shams Included (Full / Queen Size): Yes
  • Pillow: Yes
  • Sham: Yes


  • Duvet Cover/Comforter Length - Head to Toe: 90 Inches
  • Duvet Cover/Comforter Width - Side to Side: 86 Inches
  • Pillow Height - Top to Bottom: 18 Inches
  • Pillow Width - Side to Side: 10 Inches
  • Pillow Depth - Front to Back: 5 Inches
  • Sham Length - Top to Bottom: 20 Inches
  • Sham Width - Side to Side: 26 Inches
  • Weight: 8lbs.

Shop Full / Queen Bed Bag Dark Gray Orange White Stripes Comforter Set

Welcome the modern striped patterned beauty with an engaging color combination of the Full / Queen Bed Bag Comforter Set in Dark Gray Orange White Stripes. It comes with a lustrous polyester construction that enhances the geometric design of the bedding set and makes it durable and lasts a lifetime. The set comes with two orange and black striped pillows and a contrasting black and white pillow sham—together, the lined pattern creates an exciting maze of color-coordinated patterns. This bedding set is the best option to add a modern and chic look to your bedroom decor. Pair the bedding set with other contrasting pillow cases with all-over designs and colors to match the stylish lined pattern. 


  • With its sleek and contemporary design, the Full/Queen Bed Bag Comforter Set in Dark Gray, Orange, and White Stripes will elevate the look of your bedroom.
  • This set is made entirely of polyester and has easy care, softness, and durability for long-lasting comfort.
  • The queen-size bed set includes a comforter, two standard shams, and one pillow, making it a complete bedding set.
  • With its chic striped design in shades of orange, white, and dark gray, this comforter set gives any bedroom a striking blast of color and a modern touch.
  • The comforter is filled with plush poly fill for added warmth and coziness, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.

Stylish Orange Grey And White Stripe-Patterned Comforter: 

We've curated a high-quality Queen-sized 100% polyester comforter featuring a cool and modern geometric pattern, suitable for any minimalist or fancy setting. The captivating combination of orange, gray, and white hues forms a mesmerizing lined pattern, evoking an ultra-modern industrial feel that complements minimalist design aesthetics. This comforter offers an effortless upgrade for those seeking transformative delicacies to elevate their bedroom style.

An Authentic 100% Polyester Matching Pillows and Pillow Shams:

It is challenging to find matching pieces that elevate the space and simultaneously stand out. This is why a distinct striped comforter set is the ideal choice. It has matching orange and grey lined pillows that create an attractive geometrical abyss and elucidate their design. Moreover, having a bed bag comforter set gives you the freedom to redecorate any room instantly with a wholly modernized touch. 

Appreciate The Sturdiness Of the Queen Bed Bag:

The 5-piece Queen striped Comforter set and accompanying pillows boast a luxurious feel, thanks to their 100% polyester construction, offering a remarkably smooth, silky texture and a glossy finish that feels caressing against the skin. Additionally, the lightweight structure ensures optimal airflow, enhancing breathability even in humid environments. This polyester composition makes it an excellent choice for allergic individuals and those with sensitive skin. It is a worthy ensemble as it will last for years before damaging. 

Why Should You Invest In This Orange And Grey Comforter Set? 

Durability: The polyester construction is highly durable and will last years before getting damaged or tearing apart. Moreover, it requires minimal care to maintain its shape and vibrant colors. 

Interesting Blend Of Colors: It is difficult to find a bedding ensemble that strikes a balance between dark gray and black shades, vibrant hues of orange, and subdued white shades. This beautiful blend allows you to unleash your creativity and decorate the space in a playful or minimalistic design. 

Reasonable Cost: Buying this orange and white-striped polyester bedding set will save you much money. Even after you've found the best deal, it will withstand repeated washings and still be smooth and soft. It will last for years even after paying a minimal cost! 

Sustainability: Nothing is more upsetting than having a bedding set that you paid hundreds of dollars for disintegrating in a matter of weeks. For this reason, you should choose the five-piece polyester bedding set. Its string construction means you won't have to throw it out for years. It also needs little upkeep to maintain its softness and comfort. 

How To Style The White Striped Queen Polyester Comforter Set? 

Accessorize with Minimalist Decor: A minimalist decor will allow the orange and grey comforter set to stand out completely. Therefore, opt for sleek furniture pieces, clean lines, and geometric shapes to complement the comforter's geometric pattern. To match the grey tones and elucidate the orange hues, consider adding metallic accents or contemporary artwork to enhance the modern vibe.

Layer with Textured Throws: We know polyester is an incredible material, but having a complete grey and white striped polyester comforter set would be boring. We suggest adding depth and dimension to your bedding ensemble by layering textured throws or blankets in coordinating colors. Choose throws with tactile elements like knits, faux fur, or woven patterns to complement a 100% polyester bedding set and create visual interest and coziness.

Balance with Neutral Walls: Maintain balance in your bedroom decor by keeping the walls neutral. Choose soft grey or white paint colors to provide a subtle backdrop that allows the vibrant white striped patterned comforter to center stage. Alternatively, consider a light grey accent wall to add depth without overpowering the space.

Incorporate Metallic Accents: To add a little glitz to the space, introduce metallic accents like copper or gold through decorative pieces like picture frames, lamps, or flowers to match orange and white polyester bedding set. The comforter set's shiny polyester material is complemented with metallic embellishments that add to its modern charm.


1. Is polyester safe for babies? 

Of course! Polyester can be used even for babies because of its hypoallergenic construction. However, in some cases, babies may perspire and become overheated, which could lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The chemicals can then be absorbed through the skin when the body warms up. It can also impact babies with eczema, allergies, or sensitive skin.

2. Is polyester eco-friendly? 

To say that polyester is an eco-friendly material would be unfair; however, polyester is a sustainable material that lasts a lifetime. If you get polyester bedding, there is a minimum chance that it will be destroyed in a few years as it is very resistant and durable and will last a lifetime, making it a suitable option. Nonetheless, it is a synthetic material that requires many resources and needs to be biodegradable, making it a poor choice for environment-conscious buyers.

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