Full / Queen Blue Serenity Sea Fish Coral Coverlet Quilt Bedspread Set
Full / Queen Blue Serenity Sea Fish Coral Coverlet Quilt Bedspread Set - beddingbag.com
Full / Queen Blue Serenity Sea Fish Coral Coverlet Quilt Bedspread Set - beddingbag.com

Full / Queen Blue Serenity Sea Fish Coral Coverlet Quilt Bedspread Set

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  • Full / Queen size includes: 1 quilt, 2 shams
  • Fabric Content: 100% cotton
  • Pattern: Nautical; Wildlife
  • Reversible: Yes
  • Cleaning Method: Machine washable

Weights & Dimensions:

  • Full / Queen Size
  • Quilt: 92" L x 88" W
  • Sham: 20" L x 36" W

Shop Full / Queen Blue Serenity Sea Fish Coral Coverlet Quilt Bedspread Set

Add a playful touch to your bedroom decor or revamp your child's bedroom with a bloom of colors and a splash of joy with our Full / Queen Blue Serenity Sea Fish Coral Coverlet Quilt Bedspread Set. It features small, interactive sea animals to engage children and comes in beautiful, calm, and cool blue colors that create a mesmerizing ambiance in your child’s room. Moreover, Delicate cotton construction brings limitless warmth, and the soft, silky fibers envelop you in eternal comfort. It has matching pillow shams that follow a similar vibrant sea life theme. If you want to add more interesting details and textures to the room, click on our website to explore different Z Pillows and pillowcases


  • With this Full/Queen-size quilt set, which has a charming pattern of fish, reefs, and vibrant ocean floor features, you may explore the fascinating world of marine life.
  • The bright print on the comforter's front brings a lively element to the décor, while the tranquil wave pattern on the reverse side features blue and white hues.
  • This set is incredibly soft and has lovely quilting details for added dimension and texture. It is made entirely of cotton.
  • This bedding set includes a quilt and two matching shams for your full—or queen-size bed, making it a complete bedding set.
  • Product care: tumble dry on low heat, use only non-chlorine bleach when needed, machine wash cold on a soft cycle, and steam if needed. Avoid using an iron.
  • Reversible Design: Take advantage of a reversible quilt's versatility by getting two different looks in one.
  • Size (Full/Queen): Dimensions: The quilt is 92 inches long and 88 inches wide.
  • The dimensions of each sham are 20 inches wide by 36 inches long.

Soft Cotton Blue Serenity Sea Coverlet Quilt Bedspread Set:

The Fish Coral Coverlet Quilt is best for your children’s bedroom interior. Coverlet quilts are lighter than traditional quilts and often have a thinner profile, making them suitable for use as a standalone bed covering or as an additional layer for added warmth during cooler months. Its engaging fish coral sea life prints add serenity to the room's ambiance. Moreover, it brandishes a reversible design; one side has pretty sea animal prints, and the other has a minimalistic wavy design in multiple shades of blue. You can use it in any season! 

Matching Fish Coral Blue Serene Pillow Shams:

The Blue Serenity Sea Quilt Bedspread Set has two matching pillow shams that efficiently complete the theme. They also brandish the ideal trim color for sea creatures or your child’s bedroom. Their complementary blue hues save you the trouble of finding matching pillow covers for a unique bedding design. You can simply unpack and transform the bedroom into a fun and cozy space. 

Appreciate The Cozy Cotton Construction:

The Queen Size Sea Serenity Blue Quilt Bedspread Set is constructed with high-quality cotton that keeps you warm in all temperatures. Its thin, lightweight quilt provides coziness and comfort in all temperatures without weighing on your body. The quilt has a delicate construction with long-staple cotton fibers flattened into thin sheets that allow optimal airflow, keeping the body dry and sweat-free. You only have to invest in this bedding set once, and you can enjoy it in all weather conditions.

Why Should You Invest In Fish Coral Blue Coverlet Quilt Set?

Unique Design: Finding exciting patterns and prints that suit a kid’s bedroom is challenging because most bedding sets have boring colors and dull designs. This is why our blue fish coral coverlet quilt set is the best option for playfulness and excitement in the space.

Comfort of Cotton: Cotton is a delicate material that provides limitless comfort. The Blue Serenity Sea Quilt is made of high-quality cotton material that encapsulates you in an ideal warmth in all weather. Cotton has a soft and silky feel, it is also hypoallergenic which means it will not cause adverse allergic reactions and is safe for your child. 

Easy To Care For: Cotton is an incredibly durable material, it will not get damaged with minimal stress or pressure and will last for years before you have to get a new one. Moreover, you don’t have to put much effort into caring for the quilt. You can throw it in the washer without following meticulous instructions, but be careful not to use chlorinated bleach. 

Affordable Price: It is impossible to find excellent style, intriguing designs, and exquisite manufacturing at a reasonable price. However, we have altered the situation so that you can now afford to buy a complete set of pillow shams and a cotton comforter with a unique serene sea life quilt set. 

How Should You Style The Blue Serenity Sea Bedspread Quilt Set? 

Layered Bedding: Our Fish Print Blue Sea Quilt is a delicate bedding that keeps you warm and cozy without feeling stiffy. You can experiment with layering by adding a knitted blanket or a patterned bed scarf folded at the foot of the bed. This gives the scene more depth and makes adjusting the temperature to suit the season simple.

Seaside Wall Art: Our Fish Coral Blue Sea Theme Bedspread Set features a unique theme, and you can match its style by hanging framed artwork or canvas prints depicting scenes of underwater landscapes, colorful fish, or serene beach vistas. This adds visual interest to the walls and reinforces the ocean theme throughout the room.

Rug with Coastal Motifs: To tie the room's decor together, place a rug with coastal-inspired patterns such as waves, seashells, or coral motifs beside the bed—it will elevate the serene sea coverlet quilt bedding set. A plush, textured rug in shades of blue or sand adds warmth and comfort underfoot.

Window Treatments: The cool blue hues of the fish coral bedspread quilt set should be matched by dressing up windows with lightweight curtains or blinds in soothing hues of blue or white. Sheer curtains evoke the feeling of billowing ocean waves, while bamboo blinds add a touch of coastal charm.


1. Is cotton quilt hypoallergenic? 

Of course! Cotton is a soft, delicate material that keeps you warm. We have created this lightweight quilt with long-staple cotton fibers flattened into a structure that allows optimal airflow and prevents the build-up of bacteria and other allergic components.

2. How do you take care of a cotton quilt and its print? 

Cotton is a highly durable material that will not get damaged easily even after multiple washing cycles and with minimal care. To project its print, tumble dry on low heat and wash it only with cold water. If you feel the need to add heavy chemicals, you can add non chlorinated bleach and liquid detergent for easy cleaning.  

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