Full / Queen Cotton Comforter Set with Grey Blue Damask Pattern

Full / Queen Cotton Grey and Blue Damask Comforter Set

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Set includes Full/Queen Comforter and two Standard Shams
  • Full/Queen comforter measures 88x88 Inch
  • Standard shams measure 20x26 Inch
  • 100% cotton, 150 thread count

Shop Full / Queen Cotton Grey and Blue Damask Comforter Set

Welcome the cool blue hues into your modernistic bedroom style with our Full / Queen Cotton Comforter Set with Grey Blue Damask Pattern. Its blue and grey accent hue elevates the space into a genuinely futuristic fashion; the traditional Indo-European Damask print celebrates the traditional and cultural spirit. The cotton comforter comes with additional elegant pillow shams, which bring easy unpacking and instant decoration at any time and place. Moreover, the cotton construction maintains balance by providing extraordinary comfort, a silky smooth texture, and a breathable sleeping environment each night. If you want to add depth of texture, explore our website to find exciting options for more Gel pillow designs and pillowcases.


  • We present our Full/Queen Cotton Comforter Set with a gray-blue damask Pattern. This chic set can easily update your bedroom.
  • This cotton set includes two standard shams and a full/queen comforter, guaranteeing a cohesive look for your bedding.
  • The standard shams, which measure 20 by 26 inches, elegantly complete the set, and the comforter, which measures 88 by 88 inches, offer plenty of coverage for your bed.
  • This 150-thread-count comforter set promises a comfortable night's sleep every time with its opulent feel and sturdy construction.
  • The comforter set is lightweight and easy to handle and transport. It measures 88 × 86 x 1 inches and weighs only 9 pounds with delivery.

The Beautiful Damask Printed Queen Cotton Comforter:

The elegant blue and grey damask cotton comforter boasts a unique and attractive pattern inspired by the traditional Syrian printing technique. Incorporating cultural prints into modernized bedding elevates the space, creating a comforting ambiance for your family and guests. The soft cotton material also ensures comfort, making you feel silky and cozy throughout the night. Available in a Full/Queen size, this comforter is large enough to accommodate your entire family, perfect for huddling up together on chilly winter nights.

Damask Printed Stylish Blue And Grey Covers And Pillows:

The stylish pillow shams accompany the beautiful damask cotton comforter, which completes the look with their matching hues and traditional damask print. An entire set of matching luxuries introduces a classic elegance in the room, which is hard to recreate with complementary separates. Therefore, enjoy the ease that comes with our blue and grey damask comforter set—dissemble and renovate the space in a blink! 

The Additional Comfort Of Queen Size Cotton Comforter Set: 

Crafted entirely from cotton, the complete damask blue and grey comforter set exudes luxury, complemented by the intricate damask pattern. Cotton's innate comforting properties enhance the set's luxurious feel, offering additional softness, silky textures, and exceptionally breathable construction. This ensures a healthy sleeping environment that keeps you warm and cozy night after night. We have specifically used long-staple cotton fibers and a 150 thread count in making this set, allowing maximal durability to last for years. 

Why Should You Invest In Blue And Grey Cotton Comforter Set? 

Affordability: Finding great style, exciting patterns, and meticulous construction at an affordable price is impossible. But we have changed the reality; you can purchase an entire set of blue and grey damask print cotton comforters and matching pillow shams at an affordable cost.

Beautiful Feel Of Cotton: Cotton is a soft and comfortable material that will encapsulate your body in optimal warmth all day. Unlike the tacky polyester construction, our cotton comforter's well-built structure prevents sweaty dampness and enables essential airflow. 

Instant Upgrade Of Style: Our blue and grey damask cotton comforter set is an immediate alternative to upgrading your bedroom interiors. Its stylish damask print, engaging hues, and sturdy cotton manufacturing will make it your favorite option for all the seasons.

Saves The Hassles: Exploring various markets to find complementary cushion covers or pillowcases can be challenging. This Queen Comforter Set is the best because it saves time when hobbling in the markets, and you can instantly unpack and redecorate your space in no time. 

How To Style The Blue And Grey Queen Comforter Set? 

Accent with Throw Blankets: The blue and grey damask comforter brandishes a comforting cotton construction. Therefore, we suggest draping a cozy throw blanket at the foot of your bed for an added layer of warmth and style. Choose a complementary color or pattern to enhance the overall traditional style of your bedding set. 

Introduce Metallic Accents: To complement the blue and grey, incorporate delicate metallic accents like gold or brass through decorative accessories such as mirrors, candle holders, or vases. These delicate additions will add a touch of glamor and sophistication to your bedroom decor.

Create a Cozy Space: What's the point of luxury without comfort? The traditional damask print and blue and grey comforter design, with their cotton construction, create a comforting space. To match it, add a cozy armchair or chaise lounge. Add a small side table and a floor lamp for functionality and ambiance.

Layer with Area Rugs: To create a secure sleeping space, design a rug area that can define your sleeping space and add warmth to hardwood or tile floors. Choose a complementary color or pattern rug to tie the room together and add softness underfoot.

Statement Headboard: Invest in a striking headboard to serve as the room's focal point and anchor your bedding arrangement. To improve the overall look, go for a statement piece like an upholstered headboard in a coordinating hue or a robust design.


1. How do you take care of a cotton comforter? 

 It's a minor trouble to care for a cotton comforter, but you must be a little careful. Make sure that you opt for light liquid detergent and wash with cold water to preserve the delicate damask design and colors, or use a hot water cycle to kill mites and bacteria. Follow directions closely, and preferably tumble dry on low heat to keep the comforter fluffy and avoid clumping the filling.

2. How often should you wash your comforter? 

Washing your comforter is a huge deal and requires a lot of preparation and reading elaborate lists of instructions. The good news is that you don't have to do it every other week unless there are visible stains or marks. If your comforter has no duvet cover and often gets dirty, you can wash it once every two or three months. Or you can stall it further if it has a protective cover.

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