Full / Queen Grey White Damask Comforter Set with Soft Yellow Reverse
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Full / Queen Grey White Damask Reverse Comforter Set

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  • Full / Queen Grey White Damask Comforter Set with Soft Yellow Reverse
  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Set includes: 1 Comforter, 2 Standard Shams, 2 Decorative Pillows
  • Comforter/Sham: 100% polyester
  • Filling: 200g poly fill Pillow: poly cover and poly fill
  • Measurements: 90-by-90-inch Comforter, 20-by-26-inch Standard Shams, 16-by-16-inch Square Pillow, 12-by-16-inch Oblong Pillow
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions:
  • 90 x 90 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 9lbs.

Shop Full / Queen Grey White Damask Reverse Comforter Set

Our new Full / Queen Grey White Damask Comforter Set with Soft Yellow Reverse has made it incredibly easy to find a perfect blend of mellow hues and a classic damask pattern. You can get one to transform the vibe of your bedroom; the light and soft grey hues with a minimal touch of yellow will elucidate the entire space with a unique splendor. Moreover, the classic polyester construction brings out its beautiful print with its soft, silky texture and glossy finish. If you want to pair the polyester bedding set with different pillowcases or want to get a comfortable gel pillow, you can explore various options on our website.


  • Transform the vibe of your bedroom with our Full/Queen Grey White Damask Comforter Set with Soft Yellow Reverse.
  • Constructed with classic polyester material
  • The set includes 1 Comforter, 2 Standard Shams, and 2 Decorative Pillows.
  • The comforter and shams are made from 100% polyester, with a filling of 200g polyfill.
  • Measurements: Comforter - 90X90 inches, Standard Shams - 20X26 inches, Square Pillow - 16X16 inches, Oblong Pillow - 12X16 inches.
  • Machine washable for easy care.

The Attractive Grey White Damask Queen Comforter: 

This 100% polyester damask comforter features a delicate design inspired by the mid-eighteenth-century Indo-European textile. If you want to create that exotic look, this comforter is the best choice; the light grey and white shades create the best color combination to maintain the space's simplistic ambiance, whereas the damask print adds a luxurious touch. If you want a more funky exterior, you can turn it over to the bright yellow side for a completely different vibe. You are getting two designs for the cost of one!  

Complementing Damask Pillow Shams: 

The matching pillow shams may pique your interest if you are not already obsessed with the Queen reversible comforter. They have a similar classic damask pattern and grey and white hues to match the comforter. This 3-piece polyester comforter set saves you the struggle of finding matching pillowcases for your bedroom. Therefore, embrace the beauty and functionality of this 3-piece grey and white comforter set. 

100% Authentic Polyester Construction:

The entire grey and white comforter set is composed of 100% polyester that enhances the beautiful damask print with its lustrous shine and extraordinarily soft feel. Moreover, polyester is an incredibly durable material that will last a lifetime, even with minimal care. It will also keep the delicate damask print new even after several washes. If you are not budget-friendly, you can get this 3-piece polyester comforter set for a small price that will last longer than its original price. 

Why Should You Invest In a Grey And White Polyester Comforter Set?

Beautiful Bedding Set: The extravagant grandeur of the damask print contrasted with the velvety polyester feel will revamp your bedroom. With the gorgeous grey and white damask comforter and the lavish decorative pillows, you may create an affluent, cozy, and modern atmosphere in your house.

Reasonable Cost: Buying this 3-piece grey and white comforter set will save you significant money and can be easily adjusted in your monthly budget. This bedding set will withstand repeated washings and still be smooth and soft, utilizing every penny spent. Therefore, it can also be a thoughtful present for your family members!

Sustainability: Nothing is more upsetting than having a bedding set that you paid hundreds of dollars to destroy in a matter of weeks. For this reason, you should choose the 3-piece polyester bedding set. Its string construction means you won't have to throw it out for years. It also needs little upkeep to maintain its softness and comfort.

How To Style a 3-piece Grey And White Damask Comforter Set? 

Coordinating Drapes: The grey and white damask comforter set has a rich print and blend of colors. To complete the opulent look, select draperies or curtains in a coordinating charcoal or black color. Choose airy, light textiles, such as sheer drapes to keep the mood light and welcoming.

Accent Wall: Since the two sides of our reversible comforter grey and white are so different; you might paint one wall a gentle yellow to match the comforter's opposite side. This accent wall will carefully match the color scheme of the comforter set, giving the room depth and warmth without becoming overly colorful.

Natural Elements: A lavish and exuberant damask design may lean toward materialism. To provide a sense of harmony, bring in some natural elements, such as potted plants or floral arrangements. Greenery brightens the room, complements the comforter set's muted color scheme, and accentuates the comforter's reversible side. 

Sensory Elements: The luxurious damask-patterned grey and white comforter deserves a royal feel. Therefore, sensory elements like scented candles or essential oil diffusers enhance the room's ambiance. Choose calming scents like lavender or chamomile to promote relaxation and restful sleep.


1. How do you wash polyester bedding without damaging the damask print? 

It is easy! While you don't have to take meticulous care when washing polyester bedding, it is always ideal to read the washing instructions. We suggest washing in cold water to keep the fibers smooth and uniform and preferably tumble drying on low to avoid clumping of polyester fibers. Do not add bleaching agents unless visible, bothersome, nasty stains on the fabric. You can add liquid detergents and avoid using chlorinated bleach.

2. What is the comforter filling, and is it best for all weather conditions? 

Our comforter has 100% polyester filling, which is undoubtedly best for all weather conditions. Polyester is an incredibly versatile material. It works best in warmer weather and keeps you nice and toasty on cold winter evenings. Polyester boasts a refined weave that gives it a timeless touch. It keeps you warm in the winter by preventing body heat from leaving and allowing the best possible airflow in humid weather to maintain breathability. 

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