Full / Queen Orange Gray Fresh Start 3 piece Comforter Set
Full / Queen Orange Gray Fresh Start 3 piece Comforter Set - beddingbag.com
Full / Queen Orange Gray Fresh Start 3 piece Comforter Set - beddingbag.com

Full / Queen Orange and Gray 3 piece Comforter Set

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  • Set includes 1 comforter and 2 shams
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • 150 thread count
  • Thread Count: 150
  • Dust Ruffle/Bed Skirt Included: No

Weights & Dimensions:

  • Duvet Cover/Comforter : 88" L x 88" W
  • Sham: 20" L x 26" W

Shop Full / Queen Orange and Gray Comforter Set For Fresh Start

Are you looking for a vibrant bedding set to upgrade your bedroom style? Look no further because we have got you covered with our Full / Queen Orange Gray Fresh Start 3-piece Comforter Set. Its bright orange and white shades bring a pop of color to a dull space, and the beautiful geometric pattern adds a premium touch of modernity that elevates the overall interior. This bedding set is more than looks; it is constructed with high-quality, long-staple cotton material that makes it ideal for all temperatures and offers a soft and comfortable sleeping space every day. If you want to get it, we suggest pairing it with our high-end gel Gel Pillows to experience well-rounded sleeping comfort. 


  • Upgrade your bedroom style with our vibrant Full/Queen Orange Gray Fresh Start 3-piece Comforter Set.
  • The bright orange and white shades add a pop of color to any space, while the geometric pattern adds a modern touch.
  • This bedding set is made from high-quality, long-staple cotton material and ensures comfort and durability.
  • This must-have set includes a comforter and two standard shams.
  • Material: 100% Cotton with a 150 thread count.
  • Dimensions: Full/Queen Size - Comforter: 88" L x 88" W, Sham: 20" L x 26" W.

Beautiful Orange And Gray Fresh Queen Cotton Comforter 

You can entirely transform your bedroom space with a splash of vibrant hues balanced by solemn shades of gray, and this is why our Queen-size cotton comforter is the best. It features a meticulously designed geometric pattern of quatrefoil that provides an attractive exterior. On top of it, the best quality cotton construction will envelop you in everlasting comfort all night at any temperature. It also comes with a cotton filling, which is incredibly breathable and keeps away moisture even in humid conditions. Do yourself a favor, and this comforter set quickly!

Matching Cotton Quatrefoil Pillow Shams: 

Accompanying the beautiful comforter are the matching pillow shams that complete the 3-piece orange and grey comforter set. They are also made of 100% cotton material that will allow your pillows to smell fresh by avoiding sweat build-up due to cotton’s breathable properties. Moreover, having a pack of matching bedding saves you the trouble of finding complementary pieces. It is an instant solution to revamp your bedroom decor. 

Appreciate 3-piece 100% Cotton Comforter Set:

You can throw away the cheap polyester bedding and replace it with a high-quality cotton comforter set. Its silky, soft textures and caressing feel against the skin bring unlimited comfort. Since cotton is a natural material, it is incredibly gentle for people with sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic. Moreover, cotton is a breathable fabric that inhibits bacterial overload, sweat build-up, and allergen accumulation. Due to its cloudlike softness, this comforter set will make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. 

Why Should You Invest In an Orange Gray Fresh Comforter Set? 

Excellent Quality For Price: Getting a 3-piece 100% cotton comforter bedding set at an affordable price sounds surreal. We are offering you an instant solution; you can get a 3-piece bedding set to save you precious time and money while also experiencing the premium comfort of cotton. 

Beautiful Pattern And Design: It is hard to find a balance of color and engaging patterns, but our orange and gray comforter set makes it easy. The high-end cotton texture boasts an attractive quatrefoil pattern while exhibiting a unique blend of colors—elevate your space with a kick of futuristic style. 

Eco-Friendly Cotton Material: Besides great practical benefits, if you are concerned about the environment’s health, we have also solved that problem. The organic cotton material is easy to 

process and degrade quickly without leaving harmful residues or increasing landfill waste. You can get this product without compromising your moral sense. 

How To Style an Orange Gray Fresh Comforter Set? 

Color Coordination: Adopt the bright colors of the orange and gray comforter set and build your bedroom decor around the vibrancy emanating from bright shades. You should choose complementary colors for walls, curtains, and other decor elements in brighter or similar shades to retain the playful vibes.

Accent Pieces: The 3-piece orange and gray comforter set can be too loud for some people, if you wish to tone it down, add accent pieces in gray or neutral tones to balance out the bold colors of the comforter set. This could include basic accessories like throw pillows, rugs, or curtains to strike a balancing composure. 

Texture Play: We know cotton is a comfortable material, but you can incorporate different textures to add visual interest to the space and highlight the beauty of a 3-piece cotton comforter set. Consider adding a plush rug, velvet throw pillows, or a knit throw blanket to create depth and coziness.

Layering: Bedding always appears prettier when different bedding elements are layered, adding dimension and creating an engaging look. Layer the 100% cotton Queen comforter over a crisp white sheet set and add decorative pillows and throws for a luxurious look.

Statement Furniture: Choose pieces that complement the comforter set's modern aesthetic and befit the quatrefoils pattern of the orange and gray fresh comforter set. Opt for sleek, minimalist designs in neutral tones, allowing the bedding to take center stage and keep the overall look minimalistic.


1. Is cotton fabric safe for babies? 

Of course! Cotton is an organic material. Its silky, smooth threads feel wonderfully comfortable against the skin and are ideal for keeping the baby’s skin supple and relaxed. They are soothing to the touch and gently shield the skin barrier from abrasion, keeping annoying outbreaks at bay. Furthermore, the permeable cotton fabric promotes optimal ventilation and inhibits the accumulation of allergens and pathogenic microorganisms, ensuring your baby’s safety against harmful diseases.

2. How do you dry cotton comforters without clumping the filling? 

Because of its dense layers, drying the comforter is the most challenging part. Thus, we suggest you follow the directions carefully. Put two or three wool dryer balls inside your damp comforter to provide better air circulation, reduce clumping, and speed up drying. Pause the cycle every thirty minutes to guarantee even drying and fluff the bedding. The easiest way to ensure that the filling of your comforter dries uniformly and without wet spots is to let it air dry for an hour or two after removing it from the dryer.

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