Full / Queen size 5-Piece Paisley Comforter Set in Blue and Yellow Colors
Full / Queen size 5-Piece Paisley Comforter Set in Blue and Yellow Colors - beddingbag.com

Full / Queen size 5-Piece Paisley Comforter Set in Blue and Yellow Colors

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  • Full / Queen size 5-Piece Paisley Comforter Set in Blue and Yellow Colors
  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Set includes: 1 Comforter, 2 Standard Shams, 2 Decorative Pillows
  • Comforter/Sham: 100% polyester peach skin printed fabric, 100% polyester brushed fabric reverse, 200g poly fill Pillow: poly cover and poly fill
  • Measurements: 90-by-90-inch Comforter, 20-by-26-inch Standard Shams, 16-by-16-inch Square Pillow, 12-by-18-inch Oblong Pillow
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions:
  • 90 x 90 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 8lbs.

Shop Full / Queen size 5-Piece Paisley Blue and Yellow Comforter Set

If you want to experience a delightful interplay of colors, you should get our Full / Queen size 5-piece Paisley Comforter Set in Blue and Yellow Colors. It has an enchanting look with bright and dashing blue and yellow shades alongside a traditional touch of paisley—together, they create a playful yet classy blend. On top of it, the masterful polyester construction is ideal for such a beautiful print. The highly robust polyester material features anti-wear and tear properties that protect the delicate paisley print and keep the vibrant colors alive with its glossy textures. To tone down the bright color, match it with a contrasting light-colored pillowcase on our website. 


  • An enchanting paisley print in bright blue and yellow with lime green accents adds a playful yet classy touch to your bedroom decor.
  • Crafted from 100% polyester paisley printed fabric with a brushed fabric reverse for a soft and luxurious feel.
  • The set includes one comforter, two standard shams, and two decorative pillows, providing a complete bedding ensemble.
  • The comforter and shams feature 200g polyfill for plush comfort and warmth.
  • Machine washable for easy care and maintenance.
  • Generous dimensions of 90-by-90-inch comforter, 20-by-26-inch standard shams, 16-by-16-inch square pillow, and 12-by-18-inch oblong pillow ensure a perfect fit for your Full/Queen size bed.

Embrace The Traditional Paisley Yellow And Blue Comforter:

Our blue and yellow comforter set returns the classic paisley print overridden by the boring solid-colored beddings. The delicate paisley design creates an enchanting look with its classic design, and the bright color brings a pop of color to the space for a lively vibe. The highly resistant polyester construction protects the vibrant hues and delicate patterns. It also has a polyester fill that keeps you warm and cozy in all weather conditions.

A Combination Of Pillow Shams And Pillowcases:

The bright blue and yellow polyester comforter set also includes matching pillowcases and shams. The pillowcases have a similar paisley print to match the comforter, and the pillow shams creatively complement the design with geometric patterns and other classic patterns. They also feature a double-brushed enhanced polyester construction that reduces friction and keeps the fabric silky and glossy.

Highly-Resistant And Durable Polyester Construction:

The 5-piece blue and yellow polyester comforter set has a durable construction. It features a double-brushed technology to keep the texture soft and silky. The polyester fibers are incredibly comfortable but brandish and have an extremely resistant build; they stand firm against wear and tear imposed by the mechanical stress of washing machine blades and chemical detergents. Even with minimal care and attention, this bedding will last for eternity.

Why Should You Invest In a 5-Piece Polyester Yellow And Blue Comforter Set?

Affordable Price Range: The bright yellow and blue comforter set has a unique design but is inexpensive. It has a polyester build, which is a synthetic material, and brandishes a highly durable build that will last for a long time despite its reasonable price. 

Makes A Perfect Gift: The 5-piece Queen Paisley Comforter Set makes an ideal gift! Its vibrant blue and yellow hues and exceptional all-over paisley design can uplift any space and introduce a playful energy—you will be gifting a pack of sunshine. Its opulent design will brighten anyone’s day!

Easy To Care: Polyester is an incredible material, so you must pay minimal attention to retain its glossy and silky texture. You can even use intense chemicals and washing machines to clean bedding pieces without worrying about shredding or tearing apart the polyester fabric. 

Sustainability: Polyester is a highly resistant material; it will take years to break it down or shred it into pieces, making it ideal for sustainability. Therefore, by choosing the Queen Paisley Comforter Set, you are also making an environment-friendly choice.

How To Style The Blue And Yellow Paisley Printed Comforter Set?

Bohemian Chic: Our 5-piece yellow and blue comforter set features the eclectic charm of Bohemian style by layering colorful textiles and patterns. The paisley comforter set looks great when paired with various throw pillows in similar colors like ivory, mustard yellow, and teal. Add woven tapestries, tasseled drapes, and carpets with a vintage feel to finish the traditional Bohemian style. 

Coastal Retreat: If you want a completely different look inspired by blue paisley design, create a serene coastal-inspired bedroom by incorporating elements of the sea and sky. To create a light, beachy atmosphere, combine the blue and yellow paisley comforter set with clean white drapes and linens. It will recreate a light, beachy, breeze-like feel with calming vibes in the bedroom. 

Modern Elegance: The 5-piece paisley comforter set with clean lines and contemporary decor to achieve a sleek and minimalistic look. To tone down the bright shades, choose streamlined furniture in neutral tones like grey or white to complement the bold colors of the bedding. These choices will strike a balance with traditional paisley design.

Garden Oasis: Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with garden-inspired bedroom decor. To create a lush and welcoming ambiance, pair the paisley comforter set with throw cushions with floral prints in blue, yellow, and green tones.


1. Is polyester suitable for winter? 

Of course! Polyester is a synthetic material intricately created with flattened sheets of highly durable polyester fibers that inhibit the entry of cold blows. Polyester is also efficient at trapping body heat and encapsulating you in comfortable warmth to keep you cozy on chilly nights. This is why we have used polyester fill to create our high-quality comforter, which makes it ideal for winter or extreme temperatures.

2. Is polyester hypoallergenic and best for sensitive skin? 

We have created this comforter set with meticulous care. We have flattened high-quality polyester fibers into a breathable mesh-like structure that enables adequate airflow and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and the accumulation of bothersome allergens, making it safe for people with sensitive skin. Owing to its hypoallergenic properties, it is also considered safe for babies and newborns. However, if you have experienced prior allergic reactions to polyester, beware of using it. 

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