Full / Queen size Reversible Comforter Set in Grey White Yellow Chevron Stripe
Full / Queen size Reversible Comforter Set in Grey White Yellow Chevron Stripe - beddingbag.com
Full / Queen size Reversible Comforter Set in Grey White Yellow Chevron Stripe - beddingbag.com
Full / Queen size Reversible Comforter Set in Grey White Yellow Chevron Stripe - beddingbag.com
Full / Queen size Reversible Comforter Set in Grey White Yellow Chevron Stripe - beddingbag.com

Full / Queen size Reversible Grey and Yellow Chevron Stripe Comforter Set

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  • Full / Queen size Reversible Comforter Set in Grey White Yellow Chevron Stripe
  • PATTERN: Geometric
  • COLOR: Grey, White and Yellow
  • Comforter/Sham: 100% polyester microfiber, printed, brushed microfiber reverse, 200 gram polyester filling
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine Wash. Spot Clean pillows
  • Set includes comforter, 2 shams (1 sham in Full / Queen), 1 oblong and 1 square decorative pillows


  • Comforter 90"W x 90"L
  • Standard Shams 20"W x 26"L (2)
  • Decorative Pillow 12"W x 18"L
  • Decorative Pillow 16"W x 16"L

Shop Soft Full / Queen size Reversible Grey and Yellow Chevron Stripe Comforter Set

If you desire a touch of modernity in your space, our Full/queen-size Reversible Comforter Set in Grey, White, and Yellow Chevron Stripes should be your first choice. It features a chic, minimalistic, yet futuristic geometric chevron pattern. The playful combination of subdued grey and white hues with striking bright yellow creates a balanced color palette that will keep your space stylish and welcoming. The exciting comforter design is complemented by a matching pair of pillow shams and a small yellow pillow—together, they completely transform the space. Get our soft and plush Gel Pillow from our website to create a more comfortable sleeping space.


  • Full/Queen size Reversible Comforter Set in Grey White Yellow Chevron Stripe with geometric pattern and vibrant color scheme.

  • Made from 100% polyester microfiber with hypoallergenic polyester filling for comfort and durability.

  • Features grey chevron print broken up by white vertical stripes and a solid pop of yellow.

  • Includes 2 shams, 1 oblong, and 1 square decorative pillows for a complete bedding ensemble.

  • Antimicrobial treatment helps reduce odor-causing bacteria and keeps fabric lasting longer.

  • Machine washable for easy care; spot clean pillows.

  • Dimensions: Comforter 90"W x 90"L, Standard Shams 20"W x 26"L (2), Decorative Pillow (oblong) 12"W x 18"L, Decorative Pillow (square) 16"W x 16"L.

Contemporary Style Chevron Stripe Yellow And Grey Comforter:

Our beautiful chevron-striped yellow, white, and grey comforter is an asset if you make a one-time purchase. Its sturdy microfiber construction will last years. Moreover, its engaging lined and chevron-striped pattern creates a modern, alluring look that can elevate your space within seconds. On the underside, it features a bright yellow color, so you can flip it over to match the energy with a bright summery or spring feel and alter the sensation of the room with your mood. You are getting two bedding sets for the price of one!

Coordinated Pillow Set Urban Matching Pillows: 

Who likes an incomplete setting if you have already decided to redecorate the place? This is why our reversible comforter yellow and white chevron set comes with matching pillows and shams. The geometric patterned pillows capture the same enigma with their mellow yellowish hues and concrete grey design. The small, plushy yellow-colored pillow creates a centerpiece that combines the entire look with its different patterns and stunning colors. Opting for this comforter set saves the time and hassle of finding the perfect ensembles. 

Experience The Ultimate Comforter Of Microfiber Bedding: 

The gleaming, sunshine-yellow, grey chevron comforter set is made with high-quality microfiber material. We meticulously created each polyester fiber into a thin sheet and weaved it to craft an extremely breathable microfiber bedding set. It keeps you dry and refreshed by providing essential airflow at all temperatures. It prevents excessive sweat absorption, preventing nasty bacterial growth and musty odors from ruining your pacifying sleeping experience. Microfiber is incredibly durable and will last for years with minimal care. 

Why Should You Invest In a White, Yellow, And Grey Chevron Comforter Set

Unique Style: It is challenging to find a bedding ensemble that features a perfect color combination and gives a creative spur to a classic geometric pattern. This Full Reversible Comforter set is one of a kind, with the playful interplay of contrasting colors and simplistic design that aligns with today’s minimalist trends. 

Embrace Versatility: We are sure you have never got a bedding set that you can design repeatedly in multiple ways. Each time you get a pleasant surprise, our yellow and grey reversible chevron comforter set offers the freedom of resigning. You can turn over the bright yellow side on a sunny evening for a new look or add exciting pillows to renew the set every time!

A Perfect Gift: It is excellent to give your loved ones functional gifts. Our yellow and grey reversible Queen comforter set has all the qualities of an ideal gift: it combines great colors to uplift any space, modern prints, and high-quality, indestructible polyester construction—it will celebrate your friendship and love for years!

How To Style Grey And Yellow Microfiber Chevron Comforter Set

Mix and Match: It is always great to add different combinations in your space, our yellow and grey reversible comforter is all about infusing creativity. You can experiment with mixing patterns and prints to add personality to your space. Consider incorporating geometric or floral patterns in coordinating colors to complement the chevron stripes while adding visual intrigue.

Pillow Arrangement: This white and gray chevron-printed set comes with a small pillow, but you can arrange the matching pillow shams and small yellow pillow strategically on the bed to create a cohesive look. Go crazy with different pillow arrangements, such as a layered approach or symmetrical placement, to find the perfect balance.

Accessorize Thoughtfully: Small details matter! You have to add finishing touches to the bedroom with carefully chosen accessories for a unified look. We suggest incorporating decorative items such as vases, candles, or artwork that complement the modern aesthetic of the comforter set while reflecting your personal style and classy taste.

Wall Art: Wall art is an interesting option to exhibit your style and theme therefore incorporate wall art that echoes the color palette and theme of the yellow chevron Queen comforter set. Opt for artwork featuring geometric shapes, abstract designs, or nature-inspired motifs in shades of grey, white, and yellow to tie the room together.


Q. How do you take care of microfiber bedding? 

It is relatively easy to care for microfiber bedding. You can ensure its safety with small steps and minimal care. The first step is always to follow washing instructions, and we suggest washing it in cold water to secure the weave. Preferably, you should avoid harsh chemical detergents or cleaning agents like bleach that can destroy the print or rip the fabric. Microfiber can easily survive the mechanical stress of several washes, but it's vulnerable to excessive heat, so you must be extra cautious when drying and always use low temperatures. 

Q. Is a microfiber comforter safe for young children or people with sensitive skin?

We carefully crafted this comforter set. High-quality polyester fibers have been flattened into a structure to make a microfiber sheet that resembles a permeable mesh to allow for sufficient ventilation, inhibit the formation of hazardous bacteria, and keep annoying allergens from building up. This makes it suitable for persons with sensitive skin. Because of its hypoallergenic qualities, it is also thought to be safe for infants and young children. But avoid using polyester if you have previously had an adverse response to it or have known allergies to synthetic material.

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