Full size 7-Piece Bed in a Bag Patchwork Comforter set in Brown White

Full size 7-Piece Bed in a Bag Brown and White Patchwork Comforter Set

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  • Full size 7-Piece Bed in a Bag Patchwork Comforter set in Brown White
  • Comforter Material : Micro Suede
  • 7 pc Bedding Ensemble. (Comforter, 2 Shams, 1 Square Cushion, 1 breakfast Cushion, 1 Neck roll, and Bed Skirt)
  • 1 Full Comforter: 88" x 86", 1 Bed Skirt: 78" x 80"+14" drop
  • 2 Shams: 20"x36", 1 Square cushion 18"x18", 1 breakfast cushion 12" x 18", and 1 Neck roll (7"X18")
  • Thread count: 250
  • Care Instruction: Machine washable gentle cycle with cold water. Tumble dry low or line dry

Shop Full size 7-Piece Bed in a Bag Brown and White Patchwork Suede Comforter Set

Do you want to own a timeless classic piece that will adorn your room forever? Then get our new Full-size 7-piece Bed in a Bag Patchwork Comforter set in Brown and White. It is a beautiful seven-piece bedding set with a combination of complementary colors like light brown, white, and black to provide the elegance of old-school rustic charm. Moreover, each piece is as exotic as its style and color because they are made up of micro-suede which is ultra-soft on the touch and caresses against the skin. If you are still not impressed then note that it is made up of robust polyester material, resistant to mechanical and chemical stress, and will last for years even after getting it for a minimum price. If you want to pair this classic bedding set with a luxurious set of Z pillows head to our website to explore some exciting options.

Product Specifications:

  • Full-size 7-Piece Bed in a Bag Patchwork Comforter Set in Brown White

  • Made of microsuede material

  • In Brown and White color 

  • 100% polyester/ Micro Suede

  • The 7-piece bedding ensemble includes: 2 pillow shams,1 Square Cushion

  • 1 Breakfast Cushion, a bed skirt, one neck pillow, and a comforter

  • The thread count is 250

  • Machine washable, gentle cycle with cold water

  • Tumble dry low or line dry

  • Weight: 10 lbs.

Product Dimensions:

  • 1 Full Comforter: 88" x 86"

  • 1 Bed Skirt: 78" x 80" + 14" drop

  • 2 Shams: 20" x 36" + 2"

  • 1 Square Cushion: 18" x 18"

  • 1 Breakfast Cushion: 12" x 18"

  • 1 Neck Roll: 7" x 18"

Unique Brown And White Stylish Patchwork Microsuede Comforter:

Our microsuede patchwork comforter set features a unique color-blocking effect of mild earthy tones that bring richness and opulence alongside the somber vibe of winter. Moreover, it has a velvety microsuede lining, making it extra soft and plushy while huddling on a freezing night. You should get it for the vintage color scheme with a striking futuristic pattern—a rare breed!

Luxurious 7 Piece Polyester Bedding Pieces In Full Size:

It is not only the rustic patchwork brown and white comforter that steals the charm but also the exquisite pieces that set the mood. It comes with seven pieces, and each brandishes a magnificent color complementing effect of beautiful earthy tones; let it be the white-bordered pillow shams, checkered pillows, lined rolling pillows, or extravagant bed skirt-every piece is top-notch in its own way.

High- End Polyester Constructed 7 Piece Bed-In-A-Bag Set:

All the bedding pieces are meticulously crafted using millions of delicate microfiber threads into the exquisite and velvety-textured microsuede. It has a close resemblance to actual suede but has a cheaper value and sturdier construction. Moreover, the comforter has polyester filling allowing minimal airflow and keeps you warm and toasty all night.

Functional Additions:

This patchwork brown and white bedding set is a gift to your bedroom’s decor, and you can unleash its full potential by focusing on inanimate details. For example, adding functional yet stylish elements to your room can enhance its comfort and utility. We suggest placing a soft, neutral area rug to enhance the cozy feel of the room, while bedside lamps with warm lighting create a relaxing atmosphere perfect for winding down. These are minimal changes but they can make your space more livable and inviting in the long run.

Wall Art and Decor:

It is boring to not have engaging artwork around you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom by hanging artwork or photos with brown, white, or neutral frames that tie in with the bedding set. You can choose wall decor that complements the patchwork design, such as abstract art or nature-inspired prints. These minor additions will help to highlight the unique patchwork and complement the rich micro-suede 7-piece bedding set.

Complementary Furniture:

Here’s the trick part! Even though most furniture is made up of wood it is still difficult to choose the right shade that will complement your room’s ambiance—be extra vigilant. We suggest pairing the brown and white patchwork comforter set with Wooden or upholstered furniture in dark brown, mahogany, or espresso shades that will match the color scheme perfectly. You can opt for classic and chic bedside tables with embossed wood antics and add lamps with shades that coordinate with the bedding. This consistency in furniture and bedding helps to create a unified, elegant space that feels both stylish and comfortable.

Coordinating Colors:

Our 7-piece bed-in-a-bag Full comforter set features an interesting play of colors that correspond with each other to enhance its choice of accessories and decor in complementary colors such as beige, cream, or soft gold. These hues will create a look for the sore eyes, allowing the bedding to stand out while seamlessly blending with the rest of the room. You can even go a step ahead and consider adding matching items like additional pillows, rugs, and curtains. This approach ensures a cohesive and balanced aesthetic, making your bedroom look polished and well-designed.


Q. How to care for a microsuede comforter?

It is not that difficult! You should start by taking a quick look and give it a shake to dislodge any visible piece of dirt stuck in the delicate raised fibers of microsuede. Next, you should plan to go for spot treatment and if there are any visible stains, gently pour the detergent mixture on the spot and rib with your fingers until the stain comes off—-simple, isn’t it? If it feels necessary, plop it in the washer without other color-transferring clothes and turn the cycle to gentle. You should only use cold water to wash it because its delicate fibers may melt off or clump in intense heat and add only mild detergent without any fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

Q. How to dry the microsuede comforter?

It is simple! We know it is difficult to wait for long hours to let the comforter air dry, but it is worth it because microsuede has small, gentle fibers that are essential to trap body heat in extreme winter. They get damaged in intense heat, so you should let it dry on its own. Nonetheless, if you are in a hurry, always tumble dry on low heat to preserve its integrity.

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