Full size Orange Damask Comforter Set with 2 Shams and 2 Decorative Pillows
Full size Orange Damask Comforter Set with 2 Shams and 2 Decorative Pillows - beddingbag.com
Full size Orange Damask Comforter Set with 2 Shams and 2 Decorative Pillows - beddingbag.com
Full size Orange Damask Comforter Set with 2 Shams and 2 Decorative Pillows - beddingbag.com
Full size Orange Damask Comforter Set with 2 Shams and 2 Decorative Pillows - beddingbag.com

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  • Full size Orange Damask Comforter Set with 2 Shams and 2 Decorative Pillows
  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Set includes: 1 Comforter, 1 Standard Sham, 2 Decorative Pillows
  • Measurements: 90-by-90-inch Comforter, 20-by-26-inch Standard Shams, 16-by-16-inch Square Pillow, 12-by-16-inch Oblong Pillow
  • Machine washable


  • 90 x 90 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 9lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 9lbs.

Shop Full size Orange Damask Comforter Set

Bring some color to your bedroom with our latest bedding piece in the market, the Full-size Orange Damask Comforter Set with 2 Shams and 2 Decorative Pillows. It has a bright, popping orange color with a traditional damask print, making it the most unique bedding set you have ever owned! It comes with a soft and plushy polyester comforter with a bold print and a shiny exterior, accompanying the comforter with a set of matching standard-size pillow shams to complete the vibrant theme. Moreover, it has two delicately designed pillows, a geometric embroidered border, and other features, such as wavy patterns, to complement the damask comforter. So, save time and money and get this comforter set today for an instant blow of vividity in your space! Explore our website if you want to add a set of comfy gel-lined pillows.

Product Specifications:

  • It is crafted from 100% polyester

  • This imported set includes 1 Comforter, 1 Standard Sham, and 2 Decorative Pillows

  • The Comforter measures 90 inches in length and 90 inches in width

  • The Standard Sham measures 20 inches in length and 26 inches in width

  • The set also includes 2 Decorative Pillows: one square pillow measuring 16 inches by 16 inches and one oblong pillow measuring 12 inches by 16 inches.

  • It is machine washable.

  • Overall dimensions of 90 x 90 x 2 inches

  • Weighing 9 lbs

The Damask 5-Piece Comforter Set's Classic Style:

The orange damask comforter set is ideal if you want to add a classic touch to your bedroom but dislike the mood of melancholy and darkness. Its vintage-inspired damask print complements the sentimental mid-eighteenth-century vibe, while an orange accent keeps it grounded in modernity. Furthermore, the polyester used to produce this blanket gives it a glossy, lustrous sheen that surpasses the other elements in the room. It has a deep, historic vibe mixed with vibrant, lively colors. Enjoy the lively orange Damsk comforter!

Beautiful Pillow Shams Paired With A Five-Piece Orange Damask Comforter Set:

This 5-piece Orange Damask Comforter Set is unparalleled in its vibrancy. It features five exquisitely designed bedding sets of exquisite polyester fabric with a classic damask print. Investing in this bedding set will allow you to add bespoke features and an abundant, cozy sense to the décor of your bedroom. The smooth, velvety polyester fibers against your skin will also provide you with an exceptional degree of comfort. Get our damask comforter set as soon as possible to save yourself the headache of selecting the ideal pillows to match this bedding set.

Cherish The Polyester Bedding Set's Durability:

This 5-piece damask polyester comforter with pillow shams has anti-wear and tear properties and incredibly robust fibers that last many years. The delicate structure created by the skillful weaving of each thread is visually appealing, allows for optimal airflow, and maintains the body's ideal temperature at night in any weather. Its silky, smooth texture feels lovely against the skin and is less prone to cause adverse side effects or irritate the skin barrier. Investing in this bedding set will bring you long-lasting pleasure and comfort!

How To Style The 5-Piece Orange Damask Comforter Set With Pillow Shams?

Bold and Modern

We get it—the brightly colored damask-printed polyester set may be a bit too much for some, but you can mellow down the tone by painting the walls a soft, neutral shade like light grey or a muted beige to let the vibrant orange and dramatic black and gray damask print stand out. You can even choose furniture with clean lines and a sleek black or dark wood finish design to create a cohesive look with a subtle infusion of bright hues.

Eclectic and Artistic

This orange damask polyester set is bold and electric, and you can surround your bedroom theme for an artistic vibe. You can mix and match different furniture styles and finishes, like a vintage wooden dresser with a modern metal bed frame. You can even paint one accent wall boldly, such as teal or deep blue, to complement the orange and add visual interest. These small changes will draw attention to your bright and aesthetic bedding set.

Warm and Cozy

A room only feels comfortable with subtle elements and a mixt interplay of textures. The orange damask comforter with decorative pillows is a beautiful set, but it can get monotonous. Therefore, play around and incorporate soft textiles like a chunky knit throw, faux fur pillows, and a plush area rug. You can even add woven baskets for extra storage and display natural elements like potted plants, dried flowers, and wooden decor items—these small efforts make the room warm and cozy.


Q. Is polyester safe for children?

Yes, in fact! We manufacture the polyester material precisely and delicately. Because each fiber is delicately stitched, there is little chance of bacteria growing and allergenic material being retained. Your children are safe because polyester offers the best ventilation and breathability possible, making it ideal even for people with sensitive skin. However, stay away from polyester if your child has a synthetic material allergy since it may exacerbate the allergy and result in negative reactions.

Q. Is polyester best for all seasons?

Naturally, of course! Polyester is a material that is incredibly versatile. It works best in warmer weather and keeps you nice and toasty on cold winter evenings. Polyester boasts a refined weave that gives it a timeless touch. It keeps you warm in the winter by preventing body heat from leaving and allowing the best possible airflow in humid weather to maintain breathability. It is an essential investment that will withstand all weather conditions for many years and save the hassle of swapping bedding with every changing date!

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