Full/Queen 5-Piece Comforter Set in Purple White Teal Circles & Stripes
Full/Queen 5-Piece Comforter Set in Purple White Teal Circles & Stripes - beddingbag.com
Full/Queen 5-Piece Comforter Set in Purple White Teal Circles & Stripes - beddingbag.com
Full/Queen 5-Piece Comforter Set in Purple White Teal Circles & Stripes - beddingbag.com

Full/Queen 5-Piece Teal Blue and Purple Design Comforter Set

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  • Duvet Cover/Comforter Length - Head to Toe: 90 Inches
  • Duvet Cover/Comforter Width - Side to Side: 90 Inches
  • Sham Width - Side to Side: 26 Inches
  • Sham Length - Top to Bottom: 20 Inches
  • Weight: 8lbs.

Shop Full/Queen 5-Piece Teal Blue and Purple Design Comforter Set

Introduce a breath of freshness in your bedroom with a lively burst of colors and engaging patterns now available in our Full/Queen 5-Piece Comforter Set in Purple White Teal Circles & Stripes. It brandishes a wonderful interplay of colors ranging from subdued white and gray base to exciting and vibrant teal and purplish hues. They are incorporated in a classic circular geometric pattern along with a striped underside to offer customizable options with changing moods and seasons. Moreover, the set includes matching pillow shams and two attractive breakfast pillows, creating a harmonious theme. Since this beautiful set is made from robust polyester material, its bright colors will remain vibrant even after several washes so you can squeeze out every penny you have ever spent on it. If you want to add extra comfort to your nighttime regimen, buy plush pillows from our website.

Product Specifications:

  • A vibrant teal and white checkered print with horizontal purple stripes and a gray stripe along the bottom.

  • The reverse side of the comforter has a subtle gray and white striped print.

  • Made from durable and soft polyester 

  • Components (Full/Queen Set): The set includes 1 comforter (90" W x 90" L), 2 standard shams (20" L x 26" W), and 2 decorative throw pillows in teal and white.

  • The total weight of the set is 8 lbs.

  • The comforter set is machine washable

Vibrant Design Of Teal And Purple With Striped Gray Reversible Comforter:

You should fully embrace the bright color and attractive pattern of this purple white and teal circled 5-piece polyester comforter set. It comes with a bright hue of teal and purple against the mellow white and gray background alongside the playful circular and lined pattern tha creates an engaging look. Moreover, if you get tired of the bright color, flip over to the opposite side for a subdued white and grey striped pattern.

Embrace The High Quality Polyester Construction Of Teal And Purple Comforter Set:

Having a beautiful teal and blue stripe circle pattern comforter set is of no use if it shreds or its colors get damaged after a couple of washes. Therefore, We have used robust polyester material to make this piece that has a double-brushed exterior offering a lustrous appearance and can withstand any amount of wear and tear or chemical stress. It ensures that this vibrant piece lasts a lifetime!

Enjoy Ultra Chic Design WIth Matching Teal And White Pillow Shams:

This teal and purple comforter polyester comforter set is incomplete without its gorgeous pillow shams and matching pillows. The 5-piece polyester set has a bright and attractive purple pillow with white circle pattern and another one with a simple lined pattern. These matching pieces are inanimate but create a massive change in uplifting the ambiance!

How To Style Vibrant Purple White And Grey Circle And Lined Comforter Set?

Color Coordination

We are sure you are mesmerized by the polyester comforter set's bright teal, purple, and white hues. Therefore, to make them the highlight of the room, choose complementary colors for your bedroom walls and furniture. We suggest painting your wall in light, neutral colors such as soft gray or white, which can provide a clean backdrop that elucidates the comforter's teal, purple, and white patterns. If you desire a striking combination of colors create a color-blocking effect by painting the walls in contrasting colors like cerulean blue or sage green.

Accessorizing with Pillows and Throws

The classic Full/Queen Size Polyester Comforter Set has ensemble pieces made of high-quality material, but if you want to break the monotony of polyester fabric, add an additional layer of pillows and throws. Start with the two decoratively lined teal and white or purple geometric pillows included in the set, and then add a few solid-colored throw pillows in shades of mustard or blue. You can even add simple dotted pattern pillows to contrast with the lined ones. A plush knitted throw blanket in a coordinating color draped over the foot of the bed can add both warmth and a welcoming, soothing environment.


Lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the color teal and purple reversible comforter set so you should choose lighting that enhances the cozy and vibrant feel of your bedroom. A mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting can create a balanced atmosphere. You can add bedside lamps with soft, diffused light that are perfect for reading, while string lights or fairy lights can add a whimsical touch.

Furniture and Décor

The beautiful oak wood or dark maple wood shades will best complement the teal and purple polyester comforter set. You should also opt for sleek, modern furniture pieces in neutral tones to keep the focus on the vibrant bedding. A gray or white bed frame, nightstands, and dressers can create a harmonious look. You can even accessorize with metallic or wooden accents to add warmth and depth to the space. For instance, a bedside lamp with a brushed metal base or wooden picture frames can complement the overall design.


Q: How does polyester hold up in terms of stain resistance and cleaning?

It is extremely easy to maintain polyester! It has an exceptionally smooth surface that does not attract dust, pet hair, or any other type of bothersome dirt. Due to its lustrous exterior, it is easy to clean and wipe, you can simply toss it in the machine and add mild detergent and it will come out pristine. However, refrain from using blean or benzoyl peroxide as it can cause thinning of the fabric and might fade the color. If you are machine washing use the gentle cycle and only tumble dry. Polyester is an incredibly robust material, it will last a lifetime even with minimum care.

Q: Can polyester fabric cause skin irritation?

Of course not! Polyester is a hypoallergenic substance created with meticulous care. Each of its synthetic fibers is carefully woven to create an exceptional fabric design that allows maximum airflow while maintaining optimal breathability, which helps prevent allergen accumulation or bacterial growth. Its soothing surface has a caressing feel against the skin that keeps the skin barrier calm and prevents any abrasion that may elicit an allergic response. Nonetheless, if you have known allergies to polyester or synthetic fiber we will advise you to not choose this fabric and instead opt for natural fibers like cotton or tencel.

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