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Z Horseshoe Pregnancy Pillow - beddingbag.com
Z Horseshoe Pregnancy Pillow - beddingbag.com

Z Horseshoe Pregnancy Pillow

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  • Soft, hypoallergenic down alternative filling
  • Filling retains loft and will not shift or clump
  • Washable, Tencel removable cover

Shop Z Horseshoe Pregnancy U Shaped Pillow

We are introducing the unique Z Horseshoe Pregnancy Pillow, especially for pregnant women, standing true to our policy of keeping every customer’s use in regard. This U-shaped pillow caters to the specialized needs of pregnant women. Since we already understand the challenges of becoming a mother, it is important to prioritize sleep for optimal rest. If you are looking for other wrap-around pillows, head to our website


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Versatile Support
  • Hypoallergenic Filling
  • Tencel Removable Cover.
  • Multi-purpose Use
  • Soft loft filling
  • Washable cover 

Ergonomic Design for Ultimate Comfort:

The Horseshoe Pregnancy Pillow was designed keeping in mind the over-bearing weight of the belly to offer comfort at targeted areas like the belly, waist, back, and neck support. The ergonomic U-shaped pillow exhibits unique contours to befit the body's curves and offers unlimited support. Therefore, it relieves common discomforts such as back pain, hip pressure, and abdominal strain. 

Versatile Support Across the Body:

It is a wrap-around pillow that adequately encircles the waist and hip, reducing the need for mounting pillows all over the bed and freeing you from the stress of finding a comfortable sleeping position. It targets the designated pressure points and relieves the weight. You can sleep in till noon without readjusting pillows at every hour. 

Tencel Removable Cover for Enhanced Breathability:

The ergonomically designed pillow has a removable cover crafted from Tencel fabric, renowned for its exceptional moisture-management properties. It frees one from sweaty nights by wicking away moisture, allowing maximal breathability. Tencel has a caressing feel against the skin, which minimizes annoying sweaty spells. It is removable and, therefore, washable without any hassle. 

Why Do I Need This Product?

  • Comfort during Pregnancy: Pregnancy often involves physical and emotional distress, necessitating quality sleep. The terrible vertebral stress, hip pressure, and abdominal weight make it formidable to sleep at night. This U-shaped pillow tucks into the shifting contours of the body, providing enhanced support to weight-bearing areas. 
  • Hypoallergenic and Gentle: This wrap-around pillow features a hypoallergenic Tencel mesh vital for maximal airflow and nighttime breathability, keeping away sweaty dampness and ensuring pacifying sleep.
  • Ideal for Pregnancy and Beyond: Buy it even if you are not pregnant. In managing post-surgical care or any minor back or hip injury, utilizing the versatility brandished by the unique design is highly recommended. 


1. Is the pillow suitable for individuals who are not currently pregnant?

Absolutely! While it specializes in providing comfort to pregnant women, anyone who needs extra padding can use it, whether they have an orthopedic injury or vertebral issues.

2. Does the pillow retain its shape over time?

Yes, the pillow's filling is designed to retain its loftiness and will not clump or shift with use. It ensures consistent support and comfort night after night.

3. Can the pillow be used for purposes other than sleep?

The pillow’s adaptable form makes it ideal for various uses, including reading, relaxing, and even as a nursing support pillow after giving birth.