Japanese size 14 x 20 inch Organic Buckwheat Pillow
Japanese size 14 x 20 inch Organic Buckwheat Pillow - beddingbag.com

Japanese size 14 x 20 inch Organic Buckwheat Pillow

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3 reviews
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This Japanese size 14 x 20 inch Organic Buckwheat Pillow would be a great addition to your home. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate that you are taking the time to look here. In Japan when we want pillows we go to a pillow maker. Unfortunately for me, while living in this country I found it virtually impossible to find an authentic Japanese buckwheat pillow, so I decided to create and manufacture my own based on my own lifetime experience. I have been using buckwheat pillows just like the one I'm selling here, since I was a small child in Japan, and I can't sleep without it! I believe that once you try this pillow you will never sleep on a "regular" pillow again! No more tossing and turning all night long! You will feel the difference that buckwheat hulls make. These are the best Buckwheat Pillows. High QUALITY, designed, and fabricated by genuine Japanese. I've hand picked the very best American grown buckwheat hulls, they are locally grown and harvested, and they have been cleaned using a triple cleaning process to remove dust, buckwheat flour, and debris from amongst the hulls. 100% organic, grown totally without pesticides or herbicides. Nothing, absolutely-no additives. I use the highest quality 100% unbleached cotton fabric for the pillow case, comfortable texture, very durable yet very smooth to sleep on. Also, this pillow includes a zipper to allow you the option of removing hulls and adjusting the pillow to fit your exact needs.
    • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT: Our buckwheat pillow features a hidden side zipper to easily add / remove the buckwheat filling. You can customize the height and firmness of the buckwheat hull pillow to fit your neck and give you just the right amount of support. 


    • SUPERIOR FIRM SUPPORT, LESS NECK PAIN: The buckwheat hull pillow provides firm support for your neck and shoulders for less neck pain. The fluidity of the buckwheat hulls helps customize the shape to fit the curves of your neck, helping to properly align your head, neck and shoulders. Say goodbye to neck and shoulder pain.


    • 100% ORGANIC BUCKWHEAT HULLS KEEP YOUR HEAD COOL: Each buckwheat neck support pillow is filled with premium buckwheat hulls that are treated with high temperature. The buckwheat hull pillow helps reduce fatigue and tension. And the air circulation between the buckwheat hulls helps reduce heat build-up. Provide you with a restful sleep.


    • 100% ORGANIC COTTON SHELL: The buckwheat pillow's case is made of soft and breathable organic cotton, which is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning.


    • BUCKWHEAT PILLOW FEATURES DESCRIPTION: ①The small buckwheat hulls are arranged closely and precisely fit the shape of your head and neck, providing firm support for your neck. ②When you sleep on the buckwheat hull pillow, you may notice a gentle rustling sound due to the fluidity of the buckwheat hulls. The sound is similar to white noise and will not disturb your sleep. Once you're in the right position, where your neck is properly supported, you'll also be tossing and turning less. ③We retain the original smell of buckwheat hulls. You can sleep on the buckwheat hull pillow calmly. If you mind the smell, placing the buckwheat pillow in a ventilated area. Never mind, it's normal and safe.


    Customer Reviews

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    Simol johnson
    Healing Pillow

    I have been searching for this pillow for so long for my mother I searched it on amazon as well I wasnt satisfied with the pricing there so I bought it from here. Its a healing pillow!

    alfanso m.

    the shipping was so delayed but i like the pillow good quality anyway please try to work on your shipping

    Tasha Timore
    High quality but not for stomach sleeper !!!

    This pillow is very high quality, everything about it, you can really see how much the Brand really cares about the quality of the product.The outer cotton cover is unbleached and double lined, it’s a very tight weave so nothing transfers through. You have a side zipper that you can use to access the hulls if you need to.There really is no smell, if anything it has a pleasant earthy very mild scent. Not at all bothersome and very natural.As far as sleeping, if you’re a back sleeper you will absolutely love this, the pillow is very firm but not uncomfortable, it’s actually very comfortable and supportive to the neck. So for neck pain absolutely highly recommend. If you’re a stomach sleeper you will not love this at all, it’s like sleeping on bricks, the mattress feels like a feather pillow. If you’re a side sleeper I think it’s really possible to get comfortable and have a lot of support, it may need to be emptied a little to get more comfort