Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - SAND -
Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - SAND -
Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - SAND -
Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - SAND -
Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - SAND -

Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - SAND

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  • The soft feel of cotton with the stylish look of linen
  • 100% pure cotton with an open percale weave
  • Naturally, hypoallergenic fibers are breathable and strong
  • Universal Fit elastic with extra-deep pocket depth provides superior fit
  • The sheet set includes pillowcase(s)
  • Fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep, from Twin to California King

Shop Malouf Linen-Weave Sand Brown Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Experience the ultimate fusion of luxury linen aesthetics and unbeatable softness with our Linen Weave Cotton Sheets. Featuring a distinct open percale weave, these soft sheets offer a delightful light and airy feel reminiscent of linen while delivering the comforting touch only pure cotton can provide. Enjoy natural fiber breathability alongside indulgent softness in one perfect package - crafted just for you!

  • Top-Tier fusion of Cotton & Linen
  • 100% breathable fabric
  • Percale weave design
  • An excellent fit for your mattress
  • Available with pillows to complete the look
  • Vast range of sizes

Elevate your sleeping haven with Linen Weave Cotton Sheets – experience luxurious comfort and fashion today!

Style & Comfort Together

Indulge in the opulent sensation of cotton's plushness fused with linen's noble visual appeal. Our Linen Weave Cotton Sheets seamlessly blend comfort and elegance, delivering a snug feel paired with refined style to elevate your bedding arrangement.

Made With 100% Pure Cotton

These sheets have been made exclusively with 100% pure cotton to provide unparalleled comfort and breathability. The percale weave promotes air circulation which guarantees a fresh and relaxing sleep every single night.

Elastic With Extra-Deep Pockets

Bid farewell to poorly-fitting bedding with the aid of our Light Brown Linen Weave Sheets. The elastic fitted sheet has a universal fit design, securing your mattress up to 18 inches deep for undisturbed slumber and reassurance.

Why Should You Invest In Linen Cotton Sheets?

1. Optimal temperature regulation is achieved with cotton's innate properties. This means that it keeps you cool during summer and snug in winter, ensuring a comfortable sleep throughout the year.

2. Maintaining your bedding is made effortless with these Easy Care sheets. Their softness and appearance are maintained wash after wash, thanks to machine-washable convenience that saves you time and effort.

3. Our sheets feature fade-resistant high-quality cotton that maintains vibrant colors and a crisp appearance even after several washes. This ensures long-lasting beauty for your bedding.

4. Our Cotton Sheets in Sand color are an optimum option for environmentally conscious individuals aiming to decrease their carbon footprint as cotton, the material they're made from is renewable and biodegradable. Being eco-friendly makes them a perfect choice!

5. Improve your Sleeping Experience: Our sheets provide lavish comfort and exceptional breathability that promotes deeper, more restful sleep. Wake up refreshed and revitalized every morning with our luxurious bedding.

How To Style Your Guest Room With Linen-Weave Sheets:

1. To make a sumptuous bed, combine our Linen Cotton Sheets with a soft comforter or duvet and accessorize with decorative throw pillows. Add an additional layer of texture and appeal by including a coordinating quilt or bedspread.

2. Consider a Neutral Palette to establish a restful ambiance in your bedroom. Opt for cool-toned bedding colors like fresh white or subdued beige that can complement any interior decor style seamlessly. Our Linen Weave Cotton Sheets are available in classic hues and allow easy blending with pre-existing bedding sets and accessories, promoting an inviting atmosphere effortlessly.

3. Enliven your bedroom decor with textured accents, for instance, a woven basket or chunky knit throw, and infuse warmth and depth. You can take the overall aesthetic up several notches by including these sheets since their subtle texture creates an inviting haven perfect for guests to snuggle into.

4. Bring a burst of color and vitality into your guest room by arranging fresh flowers or greenery on a bedside table or dresser. The innate magnificence of floral compositions wonderfully complements the ageless sophistication offered by our Linen Weave Cotton Sheets.

5. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your guest room, add personal touches like framed photos, scented candles, or meaningful artwork. Our breathable and stylish sheets offer the ideal backdrop for these thoughtful accents to help make visitors feel at home and comfortable.


Q. What do Linen Weave Cotton Sheets mean?

Linen Weave Cotton Sheets are a blend of opulence and adaptability. They share the visually appealing aspects of linen while being soft and durable like pure cotton sheets. The open percale weave used to create them gives off an airy sensation resembling that of linen, still maintaining the comfort level that one would expect from cotton materials.

Q. Can Linen Weave Cotton Sheets be used in any season?

Absolutely, Linen Weave Cotton Sheets are created to adapt to every climate. The permeable properties of cotton provide the ideal airflow, keeping you fresh during hot summers and warm throughout freezing winters for a relaxing rest all year long.

Q. How should I maintain my Linen Weave Cotton Sheets?

It's effortless to take good care of them. Just launder them in cold water with similar colors and dry on low in a machine. To avoid fabric damage, steer clear of bleach or softeners. For optimal outcomes, quickly remove from the dryer and fold or iron if necessary.

Q. Do the Linen Weave Cotton Sheets fit deep mattresses?

Yes, they do. With extra-deep pockets and universal fit elastic, our sheets snugly accommodate mattresses up to 18 inches deep. You can count on a secure and tailored fit for an uninterrupted slumbering experience.