Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - WHITE -
Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - WHITE -
Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - WHITE -
Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - WHITE -
Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - WHITE -

Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set - WHITE

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  • The soft feel of cotton with the stylish look of linen
  • 100% pure cotton with an open percale weave
  • Naturally, hypoallergenic fibers are breathable and strong
  • Universal Fit elastic with extra-deep pocket depth provides superior fit
  • The sheet set includes pillowcase(s)
  • Fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep, from Twin to California King

Shop Malouf Linen-Weave White Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Our Linen Weave White Cotton Sheets bring together the luxurious appearance of linen with pure cotton's unparalleled softness. Designed with an open percale weave, they deliver a light and airy sensation that captures the essence of linen while preserving cotton's soothing feel. Explore these sheets to find lavish style intertwined flawlessly with comfort for your bedding assortment.

  • Pure cotton fabric
  • Universal elastic fit
  • Durable material
  • Sizes: Twin to California King
  • Hypoallergenic feature

Experience a superior bedding experience with our Linen Weave Cotton Sheets - Pace your order today!

The extra-deep pockets of the Universal Fit Elastic ensure a superior fit

No more poorly fitting sheets to deal with thanks to our Universal Fit elastic and extra-deep pockets. Our bedding products are specifically created for mattresses that go up to 18 inches deep, ensuring a tight and stable fit that guarantees uninterrupted sleep without any undesired slipping or bunching.

Sheet Set with Pillowcase(s) Included

Our White Cotton Sheet sets with percale weave come with pillowcase(s) for a convenient and complete bedding solution. You can elevate your bed's overall appearance by matching the pillowcases to create a cohesive and stylish look while also adding an extra layer of comfort and sophistication.

Available in various sizes, this is suitable for mattresses with a depth of up to 18 inches.

Our Linen White Cotton Sheets in White come in various sizes, from Twin to California King, offering a seamless fit for your mattress. Whether you have a smaller or generous bed like the California King size, our sheets provide lavish comfort and elegance that can be enjoyed by all.

How To Care For Your White Cotton Bed Sheets

- To preserve the softness and color vibrancy of your sheets, machine wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle. It is recommended to stay away from hot water as it may lead to shrinkage and damage the fabric.

- Choose a mild, liquid detergent that is designed for delicate fabrics and refrain from using harsh chemicals or bleach as they have the potential to weaken fibers and lead to discoloration.

- To prevent damage to the cotton fibers and shrinkage of your sheets, it's best to opt for low heat or outdoor air-drying options when tumble drying after washing. So be gentle!

- As soon as the drying cycle finishes, be sure to promptly take out your sheets from the dryer so that wrinkles and creases don't form. You can either fold them or store them away right after to keep their smooth appearance intact.

- You may use an iron to smooth any creases on your Linen Weave Cotton Sheets by setting it at a warm temperature. Nonetheless, as cotton material naturally wrinkles, attaining a laid-back and comfortable appearance might not require this action.

- To prevent tangling and ensure proper cleaning, it's recommended to avoid overloading your washing machine when laundering sheets. It is advisable to wash them separately or with similar lightweight fabrics.

- To prevent fading and discoloration, keep your sheets in a cool and dry spot away from direct sunlight when not being used. Refrain from utilizing plastic bags or containers as they might trap moisture that can lead to mildew growth.

Buy Linen-Weave White Cotton Sheets At Bedding Bag

Discover the ultimate blend of comfort and sophistication with our amazing Cotton Sheets, now stocked at Bedding Bag. These sheets are tailored to perfection, delivering a luxurious linen-like appearance while preserving pure cotton's unparalleled softness for uninterrupted sleep every night. Revel in high-quality cotton's refreshing feel and supreme resilience when experiencing an open percale weave that offers lightness reminiscent of actual linen fabric. Our Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets in White Color come in various size options ideal for mattresses up to 18 inches deep; hence they make perfect additions to any bedroom suite. As such, elevate your bedding collection by incorporating these timeless classics' exquisite quality exclusively available only from Bedding Bag!


1. Are the Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets able to be washed by machine?

Certainly. In order to provide you with a hassle-free experience, our Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets are made for use in washing machines. We suggest that they should only be laundered using cold water and similarly colored garments during gentle cycles. Please refrain from adding bleach or fabric softeners into the wash as this may cause damage to the sheets' material and lessen their smoothness quality.

2. Are these sheets prone to wrinkling?

Our Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets have a linen-like appearance, but they are made of high-quality cotton that is less likely to wrinkle than pure linen. Nevertheless, like any other cotton beddings, minimal wrinkles may occur after washing. To prevent this from happening, simply take the sheets out of the dryer immediately and fold or iron them while still slightly moist.

3. Is it safe to use a tumble dryer for these sheets?

Absolutely. Our Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets can be safely dried at low heat settings in the machine, but we suggest taking them out of the dryer right away and folding or ironing while still somewhat damp if you want to preserve their softness and longevity. Avoid using high temperature settings that may ruin your fabric quality ultimately.

4. Will these sheets shrink when washed?

Our Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets are designed to minimize shrinking after washing, as they have been pre-shrunk. However, some slight shrinking may still occur during the initial few washes. To achieve optimal fitting results, we suggest that you adhere to provided care instructions and avoid using hot water or high heat settings while drying your sheets.

5. Would these sheets be appropriate for sensitive skin?

Absolutely, our Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets are made from hypoallergenic cotton fibers which renders them suitable for those with delicate skin. The breathable material allows increased airflow and minimizes the possibility of irritation to offer a cozy sleeping experience even to individuals suffering from allergies or having sensitive skin.

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