Malouf Z - Foam Filled Lounge Pillow -
Malouf Z - Foam Filled Lounge Pillow -
Malouf Z - Foam Filled Lounge Pillow -
Malouf Z - Foam Filled Lounge Pillow -
Malouf Z - Foam Filled Lounge Pillow -

Malouf Z - Foam Filled Lounge Pillow

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  • Packed with a heat-trapping gel substance for a more pleasant sleeping environment
  • The zoned technique framework facilitates the shoulders while cradling the head
  • The detachable and washable velour cover is made of soft rayon from bamboo
  • Natural Talalay latex provides a healing process and sturdy reaction for conforming stability with just the proper balance of pressure.
  • Fill: 100% polyurethane foam
  • Cover: 75% polyester, 25% rayon from bamboo
  • Perfect for multi-tasking: read, sleep, and eat comfortably with this lounge pillow
  • Firm back support and reduces neck strains

Shop Malouf Z Foam Filled Black Lounge Pillow

Introducing the MALOUF Z-Lounge Pillow - your ultimate relaxation and comfort companion. Elevate your lounging experience to new heights with this luxurious lounge pillow from Malouf®. It features a plush crushed velvet fabric for supreme support, ensuring an unparalleled unwinding session every time you use it. This hypoallergenic fill makes it perfect for people who suffer from allergies too!

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  • Filled with a gel substance that traps heat to create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere.
  • The zoned technique framework supports the shoulders and cradles the head.
  • Soft rayon from bamboo is used to make the detachable and washable velour cover.
  • The appropriate combination of pressure, conformity, and resilience is embodied by the healing capabilities and robust response exhibited in Natural Talalay latex.
  • The cover is composed of 75% polyester and 25% bamboo rayon.
  • This elegant lounge pillow is ideal for multitasking as it allows you to comfortably read, sleep and eat.
  • Back support is firm and minimizes neck strain

Achieve Unmatched Comfort

Indulge in unparalleled comfort as you recline with the MALOUF Z - Lounge Pillow. Its shredded foam interior and overstuffed shape offer superior support for your upper body, while its velvety bamboo rayon cover adds an extra touch of luxurious relaxation.

Extra Supportive Lounge Pillow

This amazing pillow provides excellent sleeping support by keeping your head and neck aligned for a peaceful night's rest with its arched center. Its flexible firmness settings, coupled with sturdy back support, cater to different sleep positions perfectly. Furthermore, the luxurious crushed velvet fabric lends an aesthetic appeal to any bedroom décor.

Long-Lasting Foam Pillow

The MALOUF Z - Lounge Pillow is exceptional for its outstanding properties. It not only boasts a remarkable level of comfort, but it's also constructed to be highly durable and filled with hypoallergenic material that guarantees unrivaled coziness in the long run. Furthermore, adding a touch of elegance to any room can never go wrong with this pillow due to its chic design.

Versatile Uses Of Lounge Pillow

1. Relaxing in Bed: It ensures utmost comfort and support when relaxing in bed, be it reading a book or watching television. It makes unwinding easy so that you can indulge in your preferred bedtime activities with absolute ease.

2. Supporting Back and Neck: It is an ideal solution for easing back and neck tension when sitting or reclining. With its sturdy support and customizable firmness levels, it effectively promotes spinal alignment to both alleviate discomfort and ensure optimal relaxation.

3. Nursing or Breastfeeding: Its ergonomic design is ideal for nursing mothers, as it offers arm support and assists with positioning the baby at an optimal height during breastfeeding. This ensures a comfortable experience for both mother and child.

4. Pregnancy Support: It offers Pregnancy Support for expectant mothers to ease discomfort and provide necessary support throughout their pregnancy. The pillow's sturdy backrest, along with its adjustable height settings, is designed specifically to relieve pressure on the lower abdomen and back.

5. Post-Surgery Recovery: It is ideal for individuals recovering from surgery as it offers much-needed comfort and support. Its adjustable firmness settings and ergonomic design enable users to maintain a comfortable resting position during the recovery period.

6. Reading or Studying: To improve your reading or studying experience, opt for the MALOUF Z - Lounge Pillow. Its comfortable armrests and back support ensure you can sit upright for long periods with ease.

7. Meditation or Yoga: Utilize the foam filled lounge pillow to enhance your meditation or yoga practice. This pillow boasts a firm support and ergonomic design that aids in maintaining proper posture and alignment during poses, ensuring an effective session each time.

8. Travel Companion: Bring this super soft lounge pillow on your travels as a convenient travel companion to provide comfortable support wherever you may go. Its versatility makes it perfect for long flights, road trips, and even camping adventures by providing utmost comfort and relaxation while on-the-go.

How To Style Your Lounge Pillow

1. Layered Bedding: To elevate your bedding collection, try layering the MALOUF Z - Lounge Pillow with ornamental throw pillows and a matching bedspread or quilt. The sophisticated crushed velvet texture exudes opulence and enhances the overall ambiance of your bedroom interior.

2. Accent Chair or Sofa: Enhance the style and comfort of your living space by placing the MALOUF Z - Lounge Pillow on an accent chair or sofa. Its chic design, complemented with plush crushed velvet fabric, makes it a delightful addition to any seating area.

3. Floor Seating: Create a snug seating area at ground level by organizing floor cushions or poufs along with the best lounge pillow. This adaptable pillow affords comfortable support for reclining, perusing or unwinding on the floor.

4. Window Seat: Revamp your window seat into a cozy and chic corner with this product. With its sturdy backrest and velvety textile, this pillow is ideal for snuggling up with books or admiring the scenic view outside.

5. Outdoor Lounging: Elevate your outdoor lounging experience by incorporating this pillow into your patio furnishings. With its sturdy build and fashionable appearance, it's perfect for unwinding in the backyard or on the veranda.

6. Nursery or Kids' Room: In a nursery or kids' room, it serves as an ideal and snug seating choice. With its hypoallergenic stuffing and lush material, it creates a secure space for youngsters to unwind and engage in playtime with ease.

7. Reading Nook: Looking to create a warm and inviting space for reading? Look no further than a comfortable lounge pillow filled with foam. When paired with an armchair or chaise lounge, this pillow provides comfortable back support, thanks to its firmness level and adjustable height settings. Ideal for long reading sessions!

8. Home Office: Transform your home office into a comfortable and stylish workspace with this pillow. Enhance its functionality by placing it on an ergonomic desk chair or cozy office sofa, providing you adequate support during extended working hours.


Q: Are the MALOUF Z - Lounge Pillows suitable for machine washing?

Yes, you can safely wash these in a washing machine. However, we suggest using a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cold water to ensure that both fabric and fill are well-preserved during cleaning. To maintain optimal quality after laundering, either air dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the firmness of MALOUF Z - Lounge Pillows?

A: Certainly! The pillows come with customizable firmness options that cater to personal preferences. You can regulate the level of support and stiffness by taking out or putting in filling until you attain your preferred texture.

Q: What is the cleaning process for MALOUF Z - Lounge Pillows?

A: Start by detaching and washing the cover separately, following its care instructions. For the foam fill, treat any stains with a mild detergent and water without oversaturating it since too much moisture can harm your pillow.

Q: Are the MALOUF Z - Lounge Pillows suitable for outdoor use?

A: Although primarily intended for indoor settings, these pillows may be utilized in covered or sheltered environments outdoors. Nevertheless, long-term exposure to sunlight and moisture could ultimately impact both fabric durability and visual aesthetics.

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