Matelasse Bed Skirt Woven Bed Skirt -
Matelasse Bed Skirt Woven Bed Skirt -
Matelasse Bed Skirt Woven Bed Skirt -
Matelasse Bed Skirt Woven Bed Skirt -
Matelasse Bed Skirt Woven Bed Skirt -
Matelasse Bed Skirt Woven Bed Skirt -

Matelasse Bed Skirt Woven Bed Skirt

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  • Created in classic French form with the quilted appearance of a diamond matelassé pattern
  • Boxed corners and clean lines enhance the decor of any bedroom
  • Made of wrinkle- and stain-resistant fabric, the bed skirt features a 14-inch drop
  • The top is made of durable polyester fabric with non-skid dots that prevent slipping

Shop Matelasse Skirt White Woven Bed Skirt

Our Elegant Bed Skirt is an excellent addition to your bedding collection, radiating a timeless grace. Its texture resembles the French quilt pattern and is made of durable fabric that features box pleated corners with a 14-inch drop. The White bed skirt's slip-resistant top and wrinkle-free material guarantee seamless textile performance while fitting flawlessly on High Rise HD or High Rise Lt frames for added convenience.

  • Upgrade your bed with a timeless diamond matelassé design inspired by French style.
  • Sophistication is brought to any bedroom's decor through box-pleated corners and crisp, clean lines.
  • Experience hassle-free upkeep with fabric that is resistant to wrinkles and stains.
  • The slip-resistant dots on the durable polyester top provide improved grip.
  • The Structures High Rise HD and High Rise Lt bed frames are perfectly complemented by it.

Enhance the appearance of your bed by adding our amazing White Bed Skirt - embrace classic elegance and seamless style. Elevate your bedroom aesthetic now!

Design that is inspired by French classics

The diamond matelassé pattern gracing our Bed Skirt is inspired by classic French elegance. Providing depth and texture to your bedding ensemble, this design brings sophistication to any bedroom decor with its timeless appeal reminiscent of traditional French quilting techniques.

Box-pleated Bed Skirt

Elevate the appearance of your bedding ensemble with our sophisticated bed skirt, featuring box pleated corners and clean lines that enhance its aesthetic appeal. The meticulous detailing adds a polished touch to create a tailored look and refine the silhouette for an overall structured appearance.

Wrinkle-resistant fabric of Bed Skirt

Our stylish bed skirt is made of superior fabric, offering both fashion and function. You won't have to worry about unattractive creases thanks to the wrinkle-resistant material that keeps your bed skirt looking smooth and tidy after laundering. Plus, its efficient stain resistance means you can easily maintain a clean and spotless bedding appearance every time!

Upgrade Your Bedding Aesthetic With Matelasse Bed Skirt

1. Elegance that never goes out of style

Infuse your bedroom with a touch of sophistication and refinement by adding our Bed Skirt, featuring a classic French-inspired design that adds timeless elegance to any bedding ensemble.

2. Great finish

It features box pleated corners and sleek lines that deliver a polished, tailored finish to your bedding. This cohesive look elevates the overall aesthetic of your sleeping space with sophistication.

3. Luxurious texture

By incorporating the diamond matelassé design, our bed skirt exudes opulence and enriches your bedding's appearance by adding a tactile element. This results in an inviting ambiance that promotes comfort within your sleeping quarters.

4. Seamless interruption

It boasts a generous 14-inch drop that effortlessly blends with your bed frame to obscure under-bed storage and unsightly clutter, resulting in an attractive and unified appearance.

5. Sophisticated practicality

It is made with fabric resistant to wrinkles and stains, providing practical elegance. Your bedding will look immaculate with little effort needed.

6. A snug fit

It is designed with a sturdy polyester top and non-slip dots for an optimal fit, guaranteeing that it remains securely in place all night long. As a result, your bedding will maintain its elegant appearance without any unsightly creases or wrinkles.

How To Maintain Your Bed Skirt

1. Frequent Cleaning

For optimal maintenance of your bed skirt, frequently shake it or delicately fluff to eliminate dust and debris that might pile up in due course.

2. Cleaning Spots

To treat small stains or spills, use a gentle detergent and water to clean the affected spot. Dab at the blemish with a soft cloth or sponge, taking care not to scrub too harshly as this can harm the material.

3. Washing Machine

For a thorough cleaning, wash your bed skirt in cold water using the machine's gentle cycle and separately from other laundry. It is best to use mild detergent as bleach or harsh chemicals might ruin the fabric.

4. Drying

To maintain its smooth appearance, dry your bed skirt on low heat or air-dry it outdoors following washing. Use of high-heat settings can lead to shrinkage or damage the fabric; therefore, avoid them. Remove the bed skirt promptly from the dryer after drying to prevent wrinkles and keep it in good shape.

5. Ironing

To eliminate any wrinkles or creases, gently iron the bed skirt on a low heat setting as needed. Guard the material from strong heat by using a pressing cloth or pillowcase and steer clear of embellishments or decorative elements while you're at it.

6. Storage

To avoid permanent creases or wrinkles, keep your bed skirt in a clean and dry area away from sunlight and moisture when it's not being used. Be sure to steer clear of tightly folding or compressing the skirt.


Q: Would bed skirts be appropriate for beds that are adjustable?

A: While our bed skirts are suitable for adjustable beds, occasional adjustments may be needed to maintain a snug fit as the bed's position changes.

Q: Is it possible to iron my bed skirt in case of wrinkles after washing?

A: To get rid of wrinkles, you may iron the bed skirt on a low heat setting. However, it is crucial to safeguard the fabric against direct heat by using a pressing cloth or pillowcase. Also, refrain from ironing over any adornments or embellishments present on the bed skirt while doing so.

Q: What criteria should I consider when selecting the appropriate bed skirt color and style to match my bedroom decoration?

A: When choosing a bed skirt, take into account the color scheme and style of your current bedding and bedroom decorations. Select a design that matches your bedding collection and improves the overall appearance of your room. In case you are unsure about what to choose, go for classic designs or neutral colors that blend well with any decor theme.

Q: Do bed skirts fit all sizes of beds?

A: Various bed sizes can be accommodated with our range of bed skirts, including Twin, Full, Queen and King. To ensure the correct size selection for your bed, kindly consult the product specifications provided.