PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham 2-Piece Set Twin/Full Reversible - Blue - beddingbag.com
PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham 2-Piece Set Twin/Full Reversible - Blue - beddingbag.com
PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham 2-Piece Set Twin/Full Reversible - Blue - beddingbag.com
PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham 2-Piece Set Twin/Full Reversible - Blue - beddingbag.com
PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham 2-Piece Set Twin/Full Reversible - Blue - beddingbag.com
PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham 2-Piece Set Twin/Full Reversible - Blue - beddingbag.com

PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham 2-Piece Set Twin/Full Reversible - Blue

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  • Soft microfiber fabric to keep you cozy all night
  • Crafted from 100% polyester
  • Can be easily washed in the washing machine
  • Size: twin/full-size comforter (72" x 86")
  • Pair it with the complementary sham (20" x 26")
  • This comforter is reversible; double the fun!
  • Available in Blue color

Shop PJ Masks Kids Blue Comforter and Sham 2-Piece Set Twin/Full Reversible

The PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham set can turn your child's bedtime routine into an exciting adventure. This 2-piece blue comforter set is perfect for young fans of the popular show, offering both comfort and imagination stimulation. The soft microfiber material encourages snuggling up while exploring new dreamland destinations with Catboy, Owlette or Gekko accompanying your youngster on their journey all night long as the reversible design provides endless fun opportunities. Constructed from durable polyester, this bedding set will also be easy to maintain in any child's bedroom setup- it certainly offers more than just a comfortable sleep experience! Treat your little superhero to the ultimate bedtime experience with the PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham set, only available at Bedding Bag at the best price!

  • A comfortable night's sleep is guaranteed with the use of gentle microfiber material.
  • Made from 100% polyester, ensuring durability and comfort.
  • For effortless upkeep and maintenance, it's machine washable.
  • The comforter is sized to fit a twin or full-size bed, measuring 72" x 86".
  • Comes with a free sham that measures 20 inches by 26 inches.
  • A design that can be reversed for twice the enjoyment.
  • Able to brighten up any bedroom, the vibrant Blue color is readily available

Cozy PJ Masks Kids Blue Sham Set

Experience ultimate warmth and comfort with this PJ Masks Kids Blue Comforter and Sham Set, creating a cozy haven for your child. Delicately crafted from plush microfiber fabric, this ensemble guarantees peaceful nights of sleep in an environment brimming with softness. Whether they're snuggled up under the comforter or resting their head on the corresponding sham, every moment spent in bed exudes excitement by embarking on exciting adventures alongside PJ Masks characters.

Durable Kids PJ Masks Blue Comforter

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this sham set and kids blanket is both comfortable for their little ones and incredibly easy to maintain. Crafted from 100% polyester, this bedding collection was designed with durability in mind so it can withstand regular wear-and-tear without losing its charm. Plus, parents don't have to worry about any spills or accidents because it's machine-washable! With its resolute construction and hassle-free care features, busy moms and dads who want top-quality bedding for their kids will not be disappointed by this practical choice.

PJ Masks Illustrative Blue Comforter For Kids

Get ready to embark on limitless adventures and let your imagination soar with the animated comforter and sham set. Its captivating design features a reversible blue backdrop that ignites creativity, turning bedtime into an exciting journey through dreamland. With each flip of the comforter comes a new scene from the superhero trio's escapades in action-packed pursuit of justice, inspiring imaginative playtime for hours on end. This enchanting bedding invites children to explore boundless possibilities as they fly alongside Owlette or prowl stealthily like Catboy โ€“ all from their very own bed! The reversible PJ Masks Kids Comforter and Sham set is perfect for storytelling sessions before drifting off into sleep; dreams will come alive against this dazzlingly vibrant background. Give your child endless opportunities to live out thrilling night-time missions by transforming ordinary slumber time into extraordinary escapes full of adventure!

Care & Maintenance Of Comforter

  • Maintain the loftiness and ensure equal distribution of fill for a soft and comfortable feel by shaking out and fluffing the comforter on a regular basis.
  • To keep the vibrant colors and softness intact, machine wash your comforter and sham separately in cold water using a mild detergent on a gentle cycle.
  • To preserve the durability and appearance of your comforter and sham, stay away from harsh chemicals like bleach that can harm the fabric's color.
  • To keep your comforter and sham fluffy and prevent them from shrinking, opt for a gentle drying method. You can tumble dry on low heat or air-dry outside after washing.
  • To maintain their freshness and comfort, it is important to guarantee full dryness before placing the comforter and sham back on the bed. This preventative measure will ward off any mildew or musty odors from forming.

By following these straightforward care guidelines, you can maintain the softness, vibrancy, and warmth of your child's PJ Masks Comforter and Sham set. This will make it suitable for countless nights of peaceful slumber as well as thrilling escapades.


Q: Can the comforter be used in all seasons?

The PJ Masks Blue Comforter and Sham set is structured to offer comfortable warmth during chilly seasons, yet it remains lightweight for pleasant use in hotter climates.

Q: Is it possible to use the comforter along with a duvet cover?

For added protection and versatility, you can pair the comforter with a duvet cover. To do so, insert the comforter into the duvet cover and secure it in place using ties or buttons.

Q: Can the comforter be reversed?

The PJ Masks Comforter is designed for reversible use, enabling your kid to effortlessly alter the appearance of their bedding. It highlights a striking print on one side that displays PJ mask characters, and when flipped over reveals a matching solid color arrangement.

Q: Do the comforter and sham require any particular washing guidelines?

Our recommendation is to wash the comforter and sham in cold water separately using a gentle cycle with mild detergent if machine washing seems appropriate. It's important not to use harsh chemicals or bleach, but instead, opt for low heat tumble dry or air drying as they yield optimal results.

Q: Aside from twin/full, are there other sizes available for the comforter and sham set?

At present, the PJ Masks Comforter and Sham set is obtainable in a twin/full dimension of 72" x 86". For any news regarding more sizes, kindly refer to our product listings.

Q: Does the comforter have hypoallergenic properties?

The comforter contains hypoallergenic polyester fill, rendering it appropriate for children with allergies or sensitivities to use.

Q: Is there a warranty included with the comforter?

Our quality assurance has got your back on the PJ Masks Comforter and Sham set. Please check our warranty information for specifics regarding coverage and conditions.

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    Michael David
    great choice for PJ Masks fan

    This comforter set is a great choice for any PJ Masks fan. It is made of high-quality materials and features vibrant colors that kids will love. I highly recommend this blanket.