Plush Down Alternative 300 Thread Count Mattress Pad (Hypoallergenic) -
Plush Down Alternative 300 Thread Count Mattress Pad (Hypoallergenic) -

Plush Down Alternative 300 Thread Count Mattress Pad (Hypoallergenic)

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  • 300-thread count premium cotton sateen fabric
  • Hypoallergenic polyester filling
  • Designed to fit a 9"-18" mattress
  • Infinity Skirt fits beds snug
  • For clarity, this is a mattress pad NOT a bed

Sizes & Weight:

  • Queen - 60 x 80 Inches - 8 Oz. Per Square Yard
  • King - 78 x 80 Inches - 8 Oz. Per Square Yard

Shop Plush Down Alternative 300 Thread Count White Mattress Pad by Eddie Bauer® (Hypoallergenic)

Upgrade your mattress protection with the Plush Down Alternative 300 Thread Count Mattress Pad. This premium mattress pad is made of high-quality cotton sateen fabric that boasts a luxurious 300-thread count for unparalleled comfort and durability. It's manufactured in the USA using imported materials, filled with hypoallergenic polyester, and features an exclusive Infinity Skirt design that securely fits mattresses up to 18 inches tall. If you're looking for bedding that will cater to allergy sufferers' needs, this mattress pad should be at the top of your list! Elevate your bedding essentials by placing order now!

  • Bask in comfort with our premium cotton sateen fabric boasting a thread count of 300.
  • A healthy sleep environment is ensured by the use of hypoallergenic polyester filling.
  • Tailored to accommodate mattresses with heights between 9 and 18 inches.
  • The Infinity Skirt offers additional protection with a secure, close-fitting design.
  • You can find this product in Queen (60 x 80 inches) and King (78 x 80 inches) sizes

Indulge In Supreme Comfort With Queen & King size White Mattress Pad

The Queen & King size White Mattress Pad guarantee unmatched luxury. Made from premium cotton sateen fabric, it offers a silky smooth surface that enhances your sleeping experience.

Say Goodbye To Allergies

The hypoallergenic polyester filling eliminates worries related to allergens or irritants, catering ideally to sensitive sleepers and those with allergies. Featuring plush down alternative filling, this product provides excellent comfort without triggering allergic reactions while promoting a healthy sleeping environment.

How To Wash Your White Mattress Pad

  • Our affordable mattress pad is easily washable by tossing it in your washing machine for quick, hassle-free cleaning; tumble dry on low heat to maintain best results. Crafted using high-quality materials and durable construction, this plush wonder boasts comfort that remains unaltered even after multiple washes.
  • Benefits Of Mattress Pad
  • With a mattress pad, you can improve your sleeping experience by introducing an additional layer of cushioning and support to your existing mattress. Whether it is due to firmness or wear, the extra padding offered by this accessory guarantees enhanced comfort while resting for a more satisfying sleep session.
  • The use of a mattress pad acts as an obstacle against any possible spills, blemishes or damage to your delicate bedding. It is effective in prolonging the life span of your mattress and retaining its brand-new appearance and cozy feel for longer periods.
  • Temperature control can be facilitated by the best mattress pads constructed from breathable materials like cotton or bamboo, which aid in moisture absorption and promote airflow. Hot sleepers or individuals residing in tropical environments could benefit significantly from this feature as it helps to maintain a refreshed and comfortable feeling throughout the night.
  • Hypoallergenic mattress pads aim to ward off allergens, including dust mites, pollen, and pet dander for a more sanitized slumber experience. They serve as a protective shield between the user and these elements hence minimizing allergy symptoms while enhancing sleep quality.
  • Mattress pads offer customization and versatility through their various thicknesses, sizes, and materials. These options allow you to tailor your sleeping experience according to your individual needs and preferences.


Q: Is it possible to utilize a mattress pad on any kind of bedding?

Most types of mattresses, including innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid beds are compatible with mattress pads.

Q: What is the proper way to clean and maintain my mattress pad?

To maintain hygiene and extend the lifespan of your mattress pad, it is crucial to launder it as per manufacturer guidelines; fortunately, most pads are machine washable.

Q: Can a mattress pad provide more warmth to my mattress?

Although certain mattress pads are intended to offer extra heat, there exist cooling alternatives that assist in regulating body temperature and ensuring a cool night's rest.

Q: Can a mattress pad assist in easing back discomfort?

Choosing the right firmness and thickness of mattress pad is crucial to cater to your unique needs and preferences, as it provides an additional layer of comfort and support.

Q: What is the appropriate time to replace my mattress pad?

The duration of a mattress pad's usefulness relies on certain variables, including its usage level, maintenance routine, and caliber. Nonetheless, it is usually suggested to substitute your mattress pad every 2-3 years for maximum comfort and cleanliness reasons.