PrimaLoft Down Alternative Medium Hotel Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers (Hypoallergenic) -
PrimaLoft Down Alternative Medium Hotel Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers (Hypoallergenic) -
PrimaLoft Down Alternative Medium Hotel Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers (Hypoallergenic) -
PrimaLoft Down Alternative Medium Hotel Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers (Hypoallergenic) -
PrimaLoft Down Alternative Medium Hotel Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers (Hypoallergenic) -

PrimaLoft Down Alternative Medium Hotel Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers (Hypoallergenic)

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  • 230 Thread Count Cambric Cotton
  • PrimaLoft®, The Luxury Down Alternative
  • Soft/Medium Density - Great for Back & Side Sleepers
  • Easy Care: Machine Washable & Dryable
  • Shell Made in China. Filled and Finished in the USA of Imported Materials

Size & Weights:

  • Standard – 20 x 26 Inches, 20 oz. Fill
  • Jumbo – 20 x 28 Inches, 22 oz. Fill - This size being phased out
  • Queen – 20 x 30 Inches, 24 oz. Fill
  • King – 20 x 36 Inches, 30 oz. Fill
  • King – 20 x 36 inches, 20 oz. Fill

PrimaLoft® Down Alternative Medium Hotel Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers by DOWNLITE® (Hypoallergenic)

Our opulent PrimaLoft® Down Alternative Pillow is a must-have for ultimate comfort, favored by the most prestigious hotels and resorts. Made with luxurious, carefully-crafted, an engineered down alternative fiber that provides optimal softness and support to ensure you get a peaceful slumber.

Indulge in unparalleled comfort and luxury by upgrading to our PrimaLoft® Down Alternative Pillow. Treat yourself to this unique experience and shop today!

  • Experience a smooth and silky touch with the 230-thread count Cambric Cotton.
  • PrimaLoft®, the high-end substitute for down bedding, replicates the features of actual down.
  • Perfect for Sleeping on Your Back or Side, Soft to Medium Density
  • Machine washable and dryable for your convenience - Easy care
  • The Shell is manufactured in China and subsequently filled, processed, and completed within the USA utilizing imported materials.

Weights and Sizes:

  • Dimensions of the standard size: 20 inches by 26 inches and it is filled with 20 ounces.
  • Dimensions of the Queen size: 20 by 30 inches with a fill weight of 24 ounces.
  • Dimensions of the King size: 20 inches by 36 inches with a filling weight of 30 ounces.

Pure Cotton Pillow

Experience luxury with our King & Queen size Down Alternative Pillow, enveloped in velvety smooth cambric cotton boasting a 230 thread count. Enjoy as the soft and comfortable surface cradles your head and neck for an unparalleled sleeping experience.

Luxurious Down Pillow

Discover the unparalleled comfort of down pillow– the luxurious alternative to down. Imbued with specially crafted fibers designed to imitate traditional feather bedding, this top-of-the-line material offers identical fluffiness and opulence minus any allergens commonly found in natural birds' feathers. Relish a sleeping experience that is both cozy and supportive without needing to settle for anything less than superior quality by embracing all the benefits of down-influenced softness provided through this soft pillow.

Ideal for Back and Side Sleepers

The soft Alternative Down Pillow is meticulously crafted with a delicate texture, perfect for those who sleep on their backs or sides. The cozy yet sturdy fill embraces your head and neck, delivering ultimate comfort and alignment all through the night so that you can begin each day feeling revitalized.

Maintenance Of Fluffy Down Alternative Pillow

  • To keep your pillow's loftiness and form intact, it is recommended to fluff it regularly. This aids in the even distribution of fill material while preventing clumping, thereby providing consistent comfort and support.
  • To treat small spills or stains, spot-clean the impacted region by using a mild detergent and water. Use a soft cloth to delicately blot the blemish instead of rubbing it in order to avoid further spreading.
  • To make it convenient for you, our pillow can be easily washed by machine. Simply use mild detergent and cold water on a gentle cycle while avoiding the usage of bleach or fabric softeners that could damage the fibers and hence impact the pillow's performance.
  • To properly dry the pillow, either use a low-heat tumble dryer or allow it to air dry in an area with good ventilation after washing. It is crucial that the pillow be fully dried before using it again to avoid any potential growth of mold and mildew.
  • To keep a plush pillow and optimal comfort, it is essential to fluff the pillow by hand once it has dried. This will restore its loftiness as well as its shape.
  • To safeguard your pillow from stains, spills, and dust, it is advisable to consider utilizing a pillow protector or pillowcase as a protective cover. This will help prolong the lifespan of your pillow while maintaining its brand-new appearance and feel for an extended period of time.


Q: Does the PrimaLoft® Down Alternative Pillow possess hypoallergenic qualities?

Our PrimaLoft® Down Alternative Pillow is a great option for people with allergies or sensitivities because it is hypoallergenic. This pillow contains specially crafted PrimaLoft® fibers that mimic the soft and fluffy texture of natural down but without any allergens present.

Q: Is it possible to change the height of the pillow?

Although the height of the pillow is pre-established by PrimaLoft® filling amount, you have control over its texture through periodic fluffing. Fluffing uprightly distributes fill and upholds the shape to provide ultimate comfort and support.

Q: What is the proper way to take care of and cleanse the pillow?

To ensure the longevity of our PrimaLoft® Down Alternative Pillow, it can be conveniently washed in a machine using mild detergent and cold water. Kindly refer to the care instructions indicated on its label before proceeding with a gentle cycle. For best results, refrain from utilizing bleach or fabric softeners while drying on low heat setting or air-drying is recommended for retaining excellence.

Q: How does PrimaLoft® differ from conventional down?

PrimaLoft® is a specially engineered synthetic fiber designed to imitate the characteristics of traditional down. In contrast with natural down, it remains hypoallergenic and machine washable while still maintaining its loftiness and insulating qualities when exposed to moisture. With PrimaLoft®, you can enjoy the same level of plushness and comfort as real down without needing to worry about allergens or upkeep requirements.