Eddie Bauer® LiquiLoft™ 230 TC Quilted Microfiber Gel Pillow Twin Pack
Eddie Bauer® LiquiLoft™ 230 TC Quilted Microfiber Gel Pillow Twin Pack
Eddie Bauer® LiquiLoft™ 230 TC Quilted Microfiber Gel Pillow Twin Pack
Eddie Bauer® LiquiLoft™ 230 TC Quilted Microfiber Gel Pillow Twin Pack

Eddie Bauer® LiquiLoft™ 230 TC Quilted Microfiber Gel Pillow Twin Pack

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5 reviews
5 reviews
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  • 230 thread count microfiber polyester fabric
  • Quilted diamond design pattern
  • LiquiLoft Liqui-Gel down alternative filling for continuous comfort
  • Medium density - perfect for side, back, or toss & turn sleepers
  • Easy care machine wash & dry
  • Sold in pairs
  • Assembled in the USA of imported materials

Size & Weight:

  • Jumbo – 20 x 28 Inches, 39 oz. Fill Per Pillow
  • King - 20 x 36 Inches, 48 oz. Fill Per Pillow

Features Of Quilted Microfiber Gel Pillow: 

Microfiber Polyester Fabric: Enjoy the durability and softness of a 230-thread-count microfiber polyester fabric that provides a gentle touch while ensuring long-lasting quality.

Quilted Diamond Design: The elegant quilted diamond pattern adds a touch of sophistication to the hotel microfiber gel pillow without compromising their structural integrity. This design also helps distribute the fill evenly, preventing clumping and ensuring consistent support.

Liqui-Gel Filling: Experience continuous comfort with the unique LiquiLoft liquigel fiber fill. This hotel microfiber gel pillow conforms to your movements, offering a moldable and plush support system that adapts to your sleeping position.

Medium Density for Versatile Sleep Styles: The medium density of these gel microfiber pillow makes them suitable for various sleep styles, including side, back, and toss-and-turn sleepers. You can always find a comfortable sleeping experience. 

Easy Care Instructions: Maintaining these plush microfiber gel pillow is a breeze. They are machine washable and dryable, ensuring a fresh and clean sleeping surface with minimal effort.

Hypoallergenic and Allergy-Friendly: The hypoallergenic LiquiLoft liquigel fiber fill is perfect for individuals with allergies or sensitivities. Sleep peacefully knowing that your hotel microfiber gel pillows are free from common allergens.

Eco-Friendly Production: Assembled in the USA using imported materials, these microfiber gel pillows are manufactured with attention to quality and sustainability, ensuring a product you can feel good about.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q. What is a gel microfiber pillow?

microfiber gel pillow is a type of pillow filled with ultra-fine fibers that mimic the soft, plush feel of down but with added benefits. The "gel" aspect refers to the filling's ability to provide consistent support and resilience, ensuring the pillow maintains its shape and loft over time. 

Q. Is it good for all types of sleepers?

Yes, the microfiber gel pillow is designed to be suitable for all types of sleepers. Its medium density offers the perfect balance of support and comfort, making it ideal for side, back, and even toss-and-turn sleepers.

Q. Is this pillow ideal for allergic people?

Absolutely. The microfiber gel pillow is an excellent choice for individuals with allergies. The hypoallergenic LiquiLoft liquigel fiber filling is designed to resist common allergens such as dust mites, mold, and pet dander. 

Q. How to maintain this pillow?

Machine wash this hotel microfiber gel pillow in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent, and tumble dry on low heat. Fluff regularly to maintain shape.

Q. What products can I use on this pillow?

Use pillow protectors, standard pillowcases, mild detergent for washing, dryer balls for fluffiness, and fabric fresheners suitable for bedding. Do not use bleach as it can damage the fabric and color of the product. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dianna Sm.

I been looking for "gel" like pillows with just the right amount of softness and firmness like the ones I slept in at a hotel in Florida. Have a real feather down pillow and it sheds and is too full and feels firmer then I like so it's only used as a back pillow and (my pillows) they are junk lumpy mess gave us neck pain overpriced joke! And a few other flat cheaper pillows.. Finally gave these a try and they feel almost like the hotel pillows and these are so breathable and Don't overheat...The quality of these is not cheap feeling either. Definitely ordering another set because i like this pillow. HUBBY LOVES IT TOO!!


I had been getting cricks in my neck. Since using I have not had anymore very soft and comfortable!

Faith St

Bought these for my husband who is primarily a side sleeper and occasionally sleeps on his back. He loves them and says they are very comfortable and plump!

Jex Lordi

I love them. I'll buy more. As soon as I can figure out how! LOL


Love & adore them, will most definitely purchase again, and I am the quintessential pillow snob. These are the pillows you miss at night when you are away from home. Shipping was expedient, order was easily placed.