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  • Proprietary ActiveDough foam blend
  • Infused with cooling gel to regulate sleep temperature
  • Ventilated for increased airflow and breathability
  • Zoned Technology offers ideal amount of support
  • Shoulder cutout shape ideal for side sleepers
  • Removable Tencel Lyocell cover
  • 5-year warranty guarantees high-quality construction

Shop ActiveDough Gel Infused Shoulder Z Pillow

Our innovative ActiveDough foam pillow is designed to create the ideal combination of support, comfort, and temperature control for a rejuvenating sleep. Using precision engineering techniques, this pillow blends latex's responsiveness with the cushioning softness of memory foam to leverage their individual strengths. Cooling gel technology infused into its material dissipates heat build-up throughout the night effectively. This Zoned Technology-equipped item features perforations that strategically cradle your head while providing optimal neck support at key locations on your body for ultimate relaxation during rest time. A unique shoulder cutout caters towards side sleeping positions ensuring proper alignment allowing pressure points relief from all directions! The durable Tencel™ cover provides an adjustable solution sure to keep you comfortable year-round temperatures are regulated! Improve quality-of-life by choosing unparalleled support and blissful sleep experiences with our incredible ActiveDough Foam Pillow today!

  • The ActiveDough foam mixture offers great support.
  • Infused with cooling gel to regulate temperature.
  • Improved airflow and breathability are achieved through the implementation of a ventilated design.
  • Targeted support and comfort are provided by Zoned Technology.
  • The shape of the shoulder cutout is perfect for those who sleep on their side.
  • For greater convenience, the cover is made from Tencel Lyocell and can be easily removed.

The ActiveDough Foam Blend offers responsive support.

Our gel pillow in blue color stands out from conventional options with its one-of-a-kind ActiveDough foam blend. This groundbreaking combination merges the desirable features of memory foam and latex, resulting in a matchless sleep experience distinguished by unrivaled support and responsiveness. The unique feature of our ActiveDough foam is its ability to swiftly conform to your movements throughout the night, providing instant reinforcement where you require it most. Bid farewell to experience sinking or getting stuck in your pillow - thanks to our innovative technology, this supportive pillow ensures that you're continually enveloped in relaxation no matter how much adjusting you do during bedtime. Our patented ActiveDough foam catering dynamically according to individualistic sleeping requirements promises dynamic support designed for perfected slumbering conditions like never before encountered!

Temperature Regulation through the Infusion of Cooling Gel.

Our advanced cooling gel infusion technology guarantees that you bid adieu to sleeplessness and sweaty nights. The breathable pillow has been ingeniously designed to regulate your sleeping temperature by dispersing excess heat with its innovative cooling gel. Once your head rests on the cushion, this magical element does wonders in absorbing warmth away from the body, ensuring a cool and comfortable slumber throughout the night. So if you suffer from hot flashes or live in warmer climatic regions where restless sleep is common, our comprehensive solution aims at providing long-lasting relief from these issues using our quality-infused pillows- all engineered for maximum support whilst keeping comfort levels high! Discover unmatched tranquility when resting upon one of these plush pillows as they offer uninterrupted refreshing naps amid their embrace of exquisite luxury sprinkled generously over them!!

Targeted Support and Comfort through Zoned Technology.

Experience ultimate customized comfort with our pillow's revolutionary Zoned Technology. By incorporating specially placed perforations, this innovation creates individualized zones of support tailored to your head and neck's specific needs. The larger perforations located in the center skillfully cradle your head for optimal alignment and outstanding support, while the smaller ones surrounding its perimeter keep your neck well-supported by facilitating air circulation. This targeted technique guarantees proper spinal alignment throughout the entire night so that you can wake up feeling rested without experiencing any strain or tension in your neck or shoulders - ensuring a rejuvenating start to each day! With our fantastic Zoned technology, rest assured knowing true relaxation is within reach.


Q: Can this pillow be used for all sleeping positions?

Our pillow is specifically crafted to cater to different sleeping postures such as side, back and stomach. You can be assured of maximum support and comfortable sleep with our unique shoulder cutout and Zoned Technology no matter your preferred position.

Q: What is the process for cleaning and upkeeping the pillow?

To preserve the cleanliness and quality of your pillow, we advise spot-cleaning its cover with mild detergent and warm water as required. The detachable cover is machine washable for ease of use. It's best to refrain from using strong chemicals or bleach on it while completing the process; also make sure that everything is completely dry before reassembling it.

Q: Is there a warranty included with the pillow?

Our pillow comes with a 5-year warranty that guarantees the quality and craftsmanship. In case of any defects in materials or workmanship, the warranty offers complete coverage to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in your purchase.

Q: Is it possible to modify the pillow's loft or firmness?

Although the pillow cannot be customized in terms of its height and texture, it features an exceptional combination of ActiveDough foam blend and Zoned Technology designed to cater to diverse sleep preferences by offering maximum support and comfort. If you have any particular issues regarding how the pillow feels, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for individualized aid.

Q: Does the pillow have hypoallergenic properties?

Our pillow is designed for individuals with allergies or sensitivities as it's hypoallergenic. The materials used to construct the pillow have been carefully chosen to reduce allergen exposure and ensure a healthier sleeping environment.