SmartDown Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket (Hypoallergenic) -
SmartDown Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket (Hypoallergenic) -
SmartDown Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket (Hypoallergenic) -
SmartDown Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket (Hypoallergenic) -
SmartDown Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket (Hypoallergenic) -
SmartDown Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket (Hypoallergenic) -
SmartDown Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket (Hypoallergenic) -

SmartDown Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket (Hypoallergenic)

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  • Hypoallergenic blend of 80% polyester & 20% white duck down fill
  • Easy care 300 thread count cotton/poly blend (60% cotton/40% polyester)
  • Perfect for warm weather
  • 8 Inch box double diamond sewn thru construction with 1.5" framed border
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Protective poly sleeve packaging
  • Made in China exclusively for DOWNLITE

Sizes & Weights:

  • Twin - 70 x 96 Inches -13 oz. Filling
  • XL Full - 86 x 96 Inches - 16 oz. Filling
  • Queen - 92 x 96 Inches - 17 oz. Filling
  • King - 108 x 96 Inches - 20 oz. Filling

Shop SmartDown Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket (Hypoallergenic)

The SmartDown® Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket by DOWNLITE® (Hypoallergenic) is an exquisite combination of lavishness and affordability. With the incorporation of SmartDown technology, this blanket gives you the cozy feel of down at a reasonable price thanks to its polyester construction. The double-diamond design adds sophistication to your bedroom decor while being relatively lightweight and generously sized which makes it perfect for those in warmer climates seeking a good night's sleep.


  • Get the luxurious touch of down at an affordable price with SmartDown® Technology. With a perfect blend of comfort and value, this blanket is smartly designed for budget-friendly customers.
  • Enhance the appearance of your bed with the exquisite double-diamond design on this blanket in Twix/XL/Queen/King size. Whether it's covering your bed or placed at its foot, this cozy coverlet offers a refined charm to elevate any bedroom arrangement.
  • With a combination of 80% polyester and 20% white duck down, this breathable blanket is filled with hypoallergenic material that ensures you can rest peacefully. It provides the same comfortable warmth as traditional down blankets without causing allergic reactions so even those sensitive to allergens are able to use it comfortably.

Detailed Features:

  1. Premium Construction: The blanket features an 8-inch box double diamond sewn-thru construction with a 1.5-inch framed border, ensuring that the fill stays evenly distributed for consistent warmth and comfort.

  2. Easy Care: Enjoy the convenience of easy maintenance with this blanket. It is machine washable and dryable, allowing for hassle-free cleaning whenever needed. Simply toss it in the washing machine and dryer for quick and effortless care.

  3. Variety of Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to suit your needs, including Twin, XL Full, Queen, and King, this blanket offers the perfect fit for any bed. Choose the size that best complements your mattress dimensions for optimal coverage and comfort.

How To Take Care Of Bedding Bag Blankets

To guarantee your SmartDown® Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket's durability and quality, adhere to these care instructions:

Machine Wash & Dry:

The blanket can be washed in a washing machine with a large capacity using mild detergent and a gentle cycle as it is safe for laundering.

Once washed, dry the blanket on low heat using a tumble dryer until it is completely dry. It's advised to refrain from selecting high heat settings as it can potentially ruin both the fill and fabric with excessive warmth.

Use Protective Poly Sleeve Packaging:

To prevent the fabric from accumulating dust, dirt or moisture while in storage, make sure to keep the blanket inside its protective poly sleeve packaging.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

To avoid weakening the blanket fabric and hampering fill loft and performance, it is advisable not to employ bleach or harsh chemical detergents during washing.

Handle with Care:

To preserve the fabric's condition, please handle the blanket with care and avoid tearing or snagging it. Kindly refrain from tugging on any loose threads or exerting excessive force while handling it.

Spot Cleaning:

To address small spills or blemishes, use a gentle cleansing agent and soft fabric to spot-clean the area. Dab at the mark lightly rather than scrubbing it vigorously in order to prevent further spreading.

Air Dry When Possible:

To uphold the fill's integrity and safeguard against any deformation or shrinkage from high temperatures, it is advisable to lay the blanket flat on a clean, dry surface and let it air-dry whenever feasible.

Fluff Regularly:

To uphold the fluffiness and softness of your blanket, make a habit of shaking or delicately patting it regularly. This ensures that the filling is evenly distributed for consistent insulation properties.

Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions:

It is recommended to consult the care label attached to the blanket in order to obtain specific instructions for proper maintenance as suggested by its manufacturer. Adhering to these guidelines helps promote optimal durability and performance over time.


Q: Does the blanket work well for those who have allergies?

The blanket contains a hypoallergenic fill blend consisting of 80% polyester and 20% white duck down, which makes it appropriate for individuals with allergies or sensitivities toward conventional down.

Q: Are there various colors available for the blanket?

At present, you can purchase the SmartDown® Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket in neutral tones that effortlessly complement diverse bedroom design schemes. Nevertheless, DOWNLITE® might unveil fresh color alternatives at a later date.

Q: Is it okay to utilize this blanket along with a duvet cover?

The blanket's lightweight construction allows it to be paired with duvet covers. Placing the blanket within a duvet cover provides extra safeguarding and flexible usage options.

Q: Does the blanket offer breathability for hot weather?

Definitely! The blanket's cotton/poly blend fabric and lightweight fill guarantee air circulation, making it perfect for warmer weather or summertime use.