Z Zoned Lavender Pillow, Travel Neck - beddingbag.com
Z Zoned Lavender Pillow, Travel Neck - beddingbag.com
Z Zoned Lavender Pillow, Travel Neck - beddingbag.com
Z Zoned Lavender Pillow, Travel Neck - beddingbag.com

Z Zoned Lavender Pillow, Travel Neck

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  • Zoned Dough memory foam
  • Infused with real Lavender oil
  • Great for car and plane rides
  • Dough memory foam is soft and supportive
  • Infused with real lavender oil for a natural aromatherapy experience
  • Lavender is known to promote a calming and relaxation
  • Breathable Tencel mesh cover offers great moisture and temperature regulation
  • Ergonomic design supports the natural curves of your head, neck and shoulders

Shop Z Zoned Lavender U Shaped Neck Pillow

Introducing the ultimate travel companion for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation: our Z-Zoned Lavender Pillow Travel Neck. We have crafted it with attention to detail, infused with the intoxicating scent of genuine lavender oil aroma for a peaceful journey. This travel-friendly pillow combines luxurious comfort, innovative design, and soothing essence. Experience a calm sleep wherever you are! Explore our versatile collection further to find a pillow that suits your needs. 


  • Zoned Dough memory foam
  • Aromatherapy: Infused with natural Lavender oil
  • Travel-friendly 
  • The breathable Tencel mesh cover 
  • Ergonomic design for cervical support
  • Relaxing and therapeutic effect 

Explore the Bliss Of Lavender Essence 

Aromatherapy is known to soothe nerves, replenish mental energy, and calm stress. Our aromatherapeutic pillow infusion with rich lavender essence is critical to pleasurable sleep. Who doesn’t need a relaxed mind to get through a tiring journey? 

Say Goodbye To Neck Soreness

Having strained neck and shoulder pain from sleeping in uncomfortable positions is your signal to purchase our travel-friendly pillow. Our luxury pillow features an intricately designed ergonomic design, keeping cervical and neck problems in mind to provide maximum support while traveling. You will no longer have stiff or strained muscles; we assure you that you will wake up revitalized and refreshed. 

Durable and Firm Dough Memory Foam 

Our scented pillow features sturdy and firm Dough Memory Foam built to last the wear and tear of traveling chaos. However, its cloud-like softness swaddles your head in ultimate comfort and easily molds to cater to the position of your head. 

Why Should You Buy  Z-Zoned Lavender Pillow?

It is a given that our high-quality pillow is an emblem of comfort and luxury, the two most essential qualities for a peaceful trip. 

  • Magic of Natural Aromatherapy: Our pillows come with a luxury scent of lavender, known to revitalize the mind and refresh the soul. Lavender is a famous ingredient in aromatherapy, known for its pacifying properties, making it ideal for stress-free traveling. Try it out for a blissful and calming journey! 
  • Breathability and Temperature Regulation: Are you going somewhere hot? Remember that our Tencel mesh addition improves ventilation and controls temperature to keep you cool and comfortable traveling. Its moisture-wicking qualities eliminate the sweaty dampness.  
  • Compact and Portable: It is a mini travel care package! Its lightweight and portable form makes it easy to tuck in your hand carry or backpack without adding weight. 
  • Use It For Every Purpose: It does not matter which route, track, or means you are traveling with; as long as you have a bag, you can use it anywhere. It guarantees that you reach your destination feeling revitalized and full of energy by offering the necessary support and relaxation during lengthy flights, road trips, or even camping expeditions. 


Q 1. Can I wash the Tencel mesh cover?

Yes. The Tencel mesh cover can be removed and machine-washed for effortless upkeep. To maintain the pillow's durability, simply adhere to the care recommendations that come with it.

Q 2. Is the pillow suitable for individuals with neck or shoulder pain?

Yes. Our pillow's zoned memory foam and ergonomic design are crucial for the natural head, neck, and shoulder curves. Utilizing our pillows when traveling helps many users relieve their stress and discomfort.