Ultra Soft Microfiber Pillowcase Set - Floral - beddingbag.com
Ultra Soft Microfiber Pillowcase Set - Floral - beddingbag.com
Ultra Soft Microfiber Pillowcase Set - Floral - beddingbag.com

Ultra Soft Microfiber White Floral Pillowcase Set

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  • Experience cloud-like comfort with double-brushed, high-quality microfiber.
  • Made to last with strong, high-quality fibers.
  • Queen Size Pillow Case : 20" x 32" to fit pillows up to 20" x 28".
  • King Size Pillowcase : 20" x 40" to fit pillows up to 20" x 36"
  • 2 pillowcase included in both king and queen option
  • Machine washable and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Color : White Floral

Shop Ultra Soft Microfiber White Floral Pillowcase Set

Get our Ultra-Soft Microfiber Pillowcase Set- Floral if you want to add a pop of color and a little playfulness to your bedroom decor. It is a light, subtly colored pink shade microfiber pillowcase. Its beautiful blooming floral print enhances its appearance, making it ideal for adorning kids' bedrooms. You do not have to worry about allergies and skin rashes because it has a flat weave that allows maximum flow, keeps your skin healthy, and sleeps soundly. If you want to find a good Best Z Pillow to pair with it, head to our website. 


  • Calm and Light tones: This design has gentle floral pink tones with delicate printed patterns, perfect for updating your bedding collection.
  • Opulent Feel: These pillowcases add an opulent touch to your bedroom. They are appropriate for both comfort and luxury.
  • Robust Design: These pieces are made from resilient microfiber material and withstand prolonged usage, maintaining premium quality and softness.
  • Simple Upkeep: It is machine washable and resistant to tearing or fading, even when exposed to powerful chemicals like bleach or benzoyl peroxide.
  • Available Sizes: It comes in Queen (20 inches x 32 inches) and King (20 inches x 40 inches) sizes to accommodate different pillow sizes and preferences.
  • Best Value for Price: Microfiber provides excellent value for the money because it is solid and resilient, guaranteeing sustainability and a long lifespan.

Embrace The Beauty Of Floral Microfiber Pillowcase:

The beautiful floral microfiber pillowcase set has a delicate print and subdued hues to create an enchanting and calming effect. The microfiber thread weave gives it a beautiful color, adding extra shine and a glossy appearance. Moreover, it has double-brushed sides to smoothen the tangled weave and enhance the overall look of the pillowcase. 

Floral Print With Ultra-Soft Feel Of Microfiber: 

It is not just a dainty print but also an entire pillowcase; it is made with immense delicacy to offer an ultra-soft texture. We know that microfiber is a synthetic material that can irritate the skin. We have used high-quality varieties to avoid this and incorporated the double-brushed feature, offering a silky, soft, caress-like feel against the skin. 

Highly Durable And Resistant Microfiber Material: 

Microfiber is known for its longevity; we ensure you get the most out of this feature. Our highly durable microfiber pillowcases resist heat, mechanical, and chemical damage. You can throw them in the washer without a second thought. Thanks to its sturdy microfiber build, we guarantee they can stretch for years, even with minimal care. It is an asset! 

Why Should You Invest In This Microfiber Pillowcase? 

Beautiful Looks: Who would want to pass up the beautiful floral-printed microfiber pillowcase? It is ideal for every setting, whether for a subtle theme with subdued hues or a traditional extravagant one. This masterpiece will find its place in your home. 

Great Value For Price: This ultra-soft microfiber pillowcase is a blessing if you are on a budget but still want to upgrade your interiors. Its sturdy microfiber construction will last years without fading, shrinking, or ripping. Moreover, it is cheaper than cotton and sturdier as well. 

Expand the Longevity Of Your Pillow: The prices of bedding, especially pillows, are skyrocketing. We would like you to take care of your pillows, so we encourage you to buy a sturdy microfiber pillowcase that is easy to wash and maintain and will safeguard your pillow for years. 

Maximize Comfort: We understand that unhygienic pillows are a source of allergens, microbes, and bacteria that irritate the skin and cause diseases. Therefore, with our ultra-soft floral microfiber pillowcases, you can regularly upgrade your nighttime sleeping routine without following elaborate protocols. 

Tips For Designing A Comfortable Interior: 

Mix and Match Patterns: We always suggest an intricate combination of printed and plain accents to bring out the features of each piece. Therefore, pair the ultra-soft floral microfiber pillowcases with solid-colored sheets or a geometric-patterned duvet cover for a visually interesting look.

Layer with Texture: A mix and match of texture presents an eye-pleasing appearance. If you want to design a comfortable room, consider adding a cozy knit throw blanket or a faux fur accent pillow to complement the softness of the microfiber pillowcases.

Play with Colors: When choosing a color, you always let your inner child take hold of the mind. You can either go crazy with bright summer colors like yellow, orange, and blue to pair with the floral pillowcases or keep it simple by adding different shades of pink. 

Add Fresh Flowers: Nature always creates an eye-catching scene; if you have chosen a floral pattern, consider adding natural pieces. You can place a small vase of fresh blooms on your nightstand or dresser to complement the floral pattern of the pillowcases.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook: We have a new idea! You can arrange a few plush throw pillows on your bed and add a soft throw blanket to create a cozy reading nook. Use the floral microfiber pillowcases as back support while you relax and unwind with your favorite book or magazine.


1. Is the microfiber pillowcase ideal for all temperatures? 

Indeed! You can buy this ultra-soft microfiber pillowcase set without any concern about whether it features a delicate flat weave that leaves enough space for it to pass and maintain optimum airflow all night. However, microfiber is not great at wicking moisture and may absorb sweat buildup. Nonetheless, it will keep you cool in scorching summer and toasty in chilly evenings.

2. How do you take care of this microfiber pillowcase?

We have saved you the struggle of skimming through a detailed washing guide. This microfiber pillowcase is resilient and can tolerate chemicals, bleach, and benzoyl peroxide without ripping or falling apart. You don’t have to wreck your kind while washing a small piece of fabric.

3. Is this pillowcase safe for kids to be exposed to? 

Of course. Our ultra-soft microfiber pillowcase is made meticulously to accommodate customers of all ages. You can trust its hypoallergenic material and ultra-soft, caressing, and gentle texture to help your child fall asleep. However, if your child is allergic to synthetic material, you may want to be cautious.