Ultra Soft Microfiber Pillowcase Set - Mint Chevron - beddingbag.com
Ultra Soft Microfiber Pillowcase Set - Mint Chevron - beddingbag.com
Ultra Soft Microfiber Pillowcase Set - Mint Chevron - beddingbag.com

Ultra Soft Microfiber Mint Blue Chevron Pillowcase Set

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  • Experience cloud-like comfort with double-brushed, high-quality microfiber.
  • Made to last with strong, high-quality fibers.
  • Queen Size Pillow Case : 20" x 32" to fit pillows up to 20" x 28".
  • King Size Pillowcase : 20" x 40" to fit pillows up to 20" x 36"
  • 2 pillowcase included in both king and queen option
  • Machine washable and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Color : Mint Blue

Shop Ultra Soft Microfiber Mint Blue Chevron Pillowcase Set

If you are looking for a replacement for a boring and plain pillowcase buy our new Ultra-Soft Microfiber Mint Blue Chevron Pillowcase Set. It features calm, cool, and soft mint hues with delicate printed patterns making it an ideal choice if you want to upgrade your bedding collection. It is minimalistic yet has an opulent feel making it perfect for a lavish or comfy setting. It is extremely durable and extends the life of your pillow excessively. If you want to explore more colors and patterns head to our Affordable Pillow Case Collection


  • Calm and Cool Mint Hues: Features soft mint hues with delicate printed patterns, ideal for upgrading your bedding collection.
  • Opulent Feel: Your bedroom re­ceives an extravagant touch. The­se pillow covers suit luxury and comfort alike.
  • Durable Construction: Constructe­d using hardy microfiber material, they e­ndure extensive­ use. This preserve­s your pillow's softness and high quality.
  • Easy Maintenance: Machine washable and can withstand strong chemical agents like bleach or benzoyl peroxide without ripping or fading.
  • Available Sizes: Quee­n (20x32 inches) and King (20x40 inches) options accommodate various pillow dime­nsions.
  • Best Value for Price: Offers great value for money, as microfiber is durable and resilient, ensuring longevity and sustainability.

Embrace The Calming Hues

This high-quality Microfiber Mint Blue Chevron Pillowcase Set is not only the best for the price but also brings an expensive feel to your bedroom interiors. Especially, if you are in an experimental mood this printed microfiber pillowcase will make it successful. The delicate flat weave of microfiber creates an embellishing and rich appearance to elevate your bedroom collection. Moreover, the double brushed sides make it extra soft—no compromise in the quality.

Ideal For All Temperatures

Microfiber is often not considered the best material for breathability but our premium Microfiber Mint Blue Chevron Pillowcase Set features a delicate flat weave which leaves enough space for air to come in and offer optimum breathability. It is important for the protection of your pillow since the optimal airflow maintains the hygiene of the pillow and prevents the accumulation of odors or germs.

Durable And Easy To Maintain

Microfiber has the best value for money because it is incredibly sturdy and resilient against wear and tear. You can toss it in the washing machine without reading an extensive list of instructions. You can even mix it with other fabric and put in some strong chemical agents like bleach or benzoyl peroxide and run hot cycles as well without worrying about ripping or fading. It is a highly sustainable pillowcase set and will last for years!

Why Should You Buy This Pillowcase Set

  • Hypoallergenic Material: If you have sensitive skin that is irritated by cheap and low-quality material this should be your go-to because its double-brushed feature is extremely soft against the skin and soothes your skin. 
  • Available Sizes: Sizes Available: There are two sizes available for these pillowcases: Queen and King. King and Queen pillowcases measure 20 inches by 32 inches and 20 inches by 40 inches, respectively. 
  • Best Value For Price: Microfiber is a rich material and also immensely durable. This pillowcase set uses high-quality microfiber weave which is extremely resilient and last for years making it best for an already reasonable price. It is extremely sustainable and will last for years.


1. Can these pillowcases be used with memory foam pillows?

The soft, cozy pillowcase­s make perfect companions to plush me­mory foam pillows. It is composed of gentle microfiber fabric that won't harm delicate down materials. You will sle­ep soundly with a luxuriously smooth surface next to your face­. Microfiber's light, breathable te­xture creates an e­nvironment for restful nights while safeguarding down pillows.

2. How do the double-brushed sides of the pillowcases contribute to sleep comfort?

The double-brushed sides help reduce friction and static electricity, ensuring a smooth and comfortable sleep experience by minimizing irritation and promoting better sleep quality.