Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - DRIFTWOOD - beddingbag.com
Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - DRIFTWOOD - beddingbag.com
Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - DRIFTWOOD - beddingbag.com

Woven 600TC Brown Driftwood Cotton Blend Sheet Set

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  • Two-sided weave design creates a soft cotton side and a wrinkle-resistant poly side
  • Deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths up to 18"
  • Universal Fit design with thick elastic for a smooth, secure fit
  • Soft, cozy feel of pure cotton
  • Exceptional value

Shop Woven 600TC Brown Driftwood Cotton Blend Sheet Set

A new item in our opulent bedding line, the Woven 600TC Brown Driftwood Cotton Blend Sheet Set, is unveiled. It was painstakingly developed with the adaptability needed in today's unpredictable environment. It combines the richness of polyester, which gives a touch of beauty, with the comfort of cotton, which offers silky smoothness. This blend of polyester and cotton provides endless comfort and classic luxury at an affordable price. Please visit our Best Bed Sheet Collection if you would like additional fabric alternatives. 


  • Superior blend: A premium blend of cotton and polyester is used in its construction for comfort and durability. It will last you years to use. 
  • Fade-resistant: Even after several washings, the premium cotton fabric keeps its color brightness.
  • Weave Design: It comes with a two-sided weave design, one with cotton and the other with wrinkle-free polyester. 
  • Deep Pockets: It comes with deep pockets to accommodate a mattress up to 18 inches of thickness. 
  • Secure Fit: We have added firm elastic enclosures to provide a safe and snug fit. 
  • Available in Various Sizes: These sheets can be purchased in various sizes: TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, SPLIT QUEEN, KING, SPLIT KING, SPLIT CAL KING, and CAL KING.
  • Simple Maintenance: Polyester's durability makes it simple to maintain and conveniently machine washable with little maintenance
  • Maximum Airflow: Breathable construction permits ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable all night. It also ensures maximum airflow, preventing perspiration.

Dual-Sided Weave Pattern for Adaptability:

Our premium Brown Driftwood Cotton Blend Sheet Set have a unique two-sided weave design that produces comfortable cotton and wrinkle-resistant poly sides. We understand that with ever-changing decor trends, it is essential to have exciting options to play with. The premium polyester construction provides long-term durability, and cotton offers the softness of cotton. In any kind of weather, you may wrap yourself in coziness. 

Outstanding Worth For Quality:

We have used premium cotton to provide opulent cotton sheets. These premium polycotton sheets will become a mainstay in your bedding collection because of the polyester and cotton blend's exceptional comfort, adaptable design, and sturdy construction. Despite the extraordinary quality and design, these sheets are reasonably priced; they guarantee sustainability and last a lifetime. A great option for eco-conscious buyers!

Durability and Comfort Offered Collectively:

Cotton is well known for its exceptional breathability and ventilation, which keep you feeling great all night and guarantee a restful night's sleep. Our creative two-sided design allowed us to ensure that all cotton strands were arranged in one direction and poly strands were weaved across them rather than joining yarns beforehand. This technique makes it incredibly durable at this price and promises silky softness. Enjoy the quality with affordable polycotton sheets!

Why These Sheets Are Worth Buying?

  • A Great Value: These polycotton sheets are specifically crafted for those on a budget. They will provide equal comfort and softness while being light on your pocket. 
  • Exceptional Fit: Try our premium poly sheets instead if you've had enough of straining and pushing your old sheets to fit over a large mattress. With a little tug, they won't come loose because of their large pockets, which can easily fit even the thickest mattress. 
  • Variable Sizes: These sheets are available in various sizes to give a personalized touch. The available sizes are TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, SPLIT QUEEN, KING, SPLIT KING, SPLIT CAL KING, and CAL KING. 
  • Universal Fit Design: Do you constantly have to tuck in the corners of the sheets to keep them crease-free? Then, look at our premium polycotton sheets, which feature firm elastic enclosures that securely fit around the mattress's borders. 


1. How do you take care of polycotton sheets? 

Polycotton sheets are not delicate, so you do not need extra care. However, ideally, you should use a gentle cycle alongside lukewarm water and avoid adding high-potent chemicals like bleach. They are wrinkle-free and, therefore, spare you the ironing struggle.

2. Is polycotton ideal for hot conditions? 

Polyester fabrics are not as breathable as 100% cotton fabrics. Therefore, although polycotton combines the two materials and is more breathable than polyester, it is not as breathable as cotton. This fact implies that in warm weather, during physical activity, or under other circumstances that cause your skin to become heated, the fabric may adhere to your skin or retain moisture, thus raising your body temperature.