Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - WHITE - beddingbag.com
Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - WHITE - beddingbag.com

Woven 600TC White Cotton Blend Sheet Set

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  • Two-sided weave design creates a soft cotton side and a wrinkle-resistant poly side
  • Deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths up to 18"
  • Universal Fit design with thick elastic for a smooth, secure fit
  • Soft, cozy feel of pure cotton
  • Exceptional value

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We are introducing a new product in our luxury bedding collection: the Woven 600TC White Cotton Blend Sheet Set. It is meticulously designed with the versatility required in today’s world in mind. It offers the comfort of cotton, which provides silky smoothness, alongside the richness of polyester, which adds a touch of beauty. This polyester and cotton blend offers timeless luxury and never ending comfort at a great price. If you want other fabric options, please visit our Bed Sheet Collection.


  • High-quality blend: It is crafted with a premium blend of cotton and polyester for durability and comfort. You will use it for years. 
  • Fade-resistant: The high-quality cotton inclusion retains color vibrancy even after multiple washes
  • Easy To Care: The strength of polyester makes it easy to care and Machine washable and low maintenance for convenience
  • Best For All-season Use: It is suitable for year-round use, providing comfort in warm and cool temperatures.
  • Breathable Construction: It allows airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night while maintaining maximal airflow, making it anti-perspiring.

Two-Sided Weave Design for Versatility:

We realize that offering a dull, one-sided print is outdated. Our premium cotton sheets feature a unique two-sided weave design that creates a soft cotton side and a wrinkle-resistant poly side. This high-quality polyester construction provides long-term durability while offering the delicate comfort of cotton. You can encapsulate yourself in a coziness in all weather conditions. 

Exceptional Value For Quality:

We have used high-quality cotton material to offer luxurious cotton sheets. Moreover, the polyester blend provides its durable construction, versatile design, and unbeatable comfort, and these sheets are sure to become a staple in your bedding collection. The affordable cotton sheets ensure sustainability and last a lifetime despite wear and tear. 

Breathability and Durability Together: 

Cotton is famous for its breathability and optimal airflow, which keep you fantastic all night and ensure a pacifying sleep. We ensured this by providing an innovative construction design: We created a two-sided design, with all cotton strands lined up in one direction and poly strands weaved across them rather than combining yarns beforehand. You can get these poly and cotton sheets at a great price from our website.

Why You Should Buy These Sheets?

  • Incredible Fit: If you have grown tired of tugging and pulling your sheets to fit over an oversized mattress, switch to our premium poly sheets. They come with deep pockets to accommodate the thickest mattress easily and do not slip off with a slight tug. 
  • Variable Sizes: these sheets come in various sizes to add a personalized touch. You can get it in TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, SPLIT QUEEN, KING, SPLIT KING, SPLIT CAL KING, and CAL KING. 
  • Universal Fit Design: Do you have to fix your sheets constantly? Then consider our premium cotton sheets, which have firm elastic enclosures that adhere firmly to the edges of the mattress, providing a secure fit. 


1. Is polyester environmentally friendly? 

Polyester generally has a substantial detrimental effect on the environment throughout its manufacture, usage, and disposal. From a consumer care perspective, polyester has traditionally been seen as more sustainable because it lasts longer and requires less water, energy, and heat to wash.

2. Is polyester ideal for sensitive skin?

Polyester is not ideal for sensitive skin. Experts suggest Steering clear of synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon when choosing clothing for sensitive skin. Even those without sensitive skin can cause irritation and discomfort because they don't breathe as well as natural fibers. Nonetheless, our sheets offer a blend of cotton and poly, which is safe for most people.