Woven Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set - RAIN - beddingbag.com
Woven Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set - RAIN - beddingbag.com

Woven Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set - RAIN

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  • Smooth, round rayon from bamboo fibers are ideal for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic and odor resistant
  • Extra deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths 6”–22”
  • Universal Fit design with ultra-thick elastic ensures a secure fit
  • Twin, Twin XL, and Full available in White

Shop Woven Rayon from Rain Light Blue Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

Welcome to the latest product in our luxury bedding collection, the Woven Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set—RAIN. We have made it exceptionally delicately, offering an intricate Rayon weave alongside the refreshing inclusion of bamboo fibers, creating an exquisite mesh. It is ideal for hot and arid summer nights when sweat buildup is the significant misery; this ultra-light Bamboo sheet will keep you cool with its moisture-wicking and incredible sweat absorption properties. If you want to explore more colors, head to our website


  • Smooth, round rayon from bamboo fibers 
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic and odor-resistant
  • Extra deep pockets 
  • Suitable for mattress depths 6”–22”
  • Universal Fit design 
  • It comes with ultra-thick elastic, ensures a secure fit
  • Twin, Twin XL, and Full, available in White

Blissful Breathability All Night

Is the summer heat getting on your nerves? We have got you covered in all weather. Our advanced Rayon weave sheets feature absolute finesse. The inclusion of Bamboo fibers creates a calm aura with intricate weaves to allow maximum airflow and retain vital coolness on hot nights. Because of its incredible moisture-wicking properties, you won't feel any sweat when it gets stuffy or humid. 

A Solution For Sensitive Skin

Does the cheap polyester material make you itchy or cause your skin to break out? Then, switch to our finely crafted Bamboo sheets. We have given them the utmost care, using purely hypoallergenic material and ensuring their anti-microbial properties. Our hypoallergenic Bamboo sheets are also resistant to odors and prevent sweat or dead skin buildup—you have a fresh sleeping environment every day.

A Treat For Environment Conscious Buyers

Sustainability is the new obligation; we respect it wholeheartedly. Our commitment to environmental care extends to using minimal nonrenewable energy sources in making our bamboo sheets and biodegradable material that curtails the landfill. Moreover, these high-quality Rayon sheets will last for years, ticking the sustainability criteria. 

Why You Should Buy These Sheets?

  • Perfect Snug Fit: Have you grown tired of stretching your sheets across the bed each morning? Worry no more—our premium Bamboo sheets come with extra deep pockets to accommodate pillow-top mattresses up to 22 inches. 
  • Tight Enclosures: Say no to creasing or bothersome clumps because our sheets feature solid elastic enclosures that keep them positioned even with all the churning. 
  • Range of Sizes: These bamboo sheets are available in Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and Full sizes. You can always change your choices to suit your bedroom's decor better.


1. Is a Bamboo sheet ideal for hot sleepers?

Yes. The Bamboo sheet is an ideal choice for hot sleepers because its soft fibers allow maximum airflow, allowing the skin to retain coolness at contact surfaces. Its light weaves permit adequate ventilation all night.

2. Is Bamboo sheet prone to stains? 

No, Bamboo sheets are not absorbent; therefore, they discourage sweat build-up or accumulation of dead skin cells on the mattress. It is one of the features through which a dry sleeping environment and hygienic sleeping schedule.