Brushed Microfiber Woven Microfiber Sheet Set - FERN -
Brushed Microfiber Woven Microfiber Sheet Set - FERN -
Brushed Microfiber Woven Microfiber Sheet Set - FERN -
Brushed Microfiber Woven Microfiber Sheet Set - FERN -

Brushed Microfiber Woven Microfiber Sheet Set - FERN

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Brushed Microfiber FERN Woven Microfiber Sheet Set

Presenting our stunning Fern-colored Brushed Microfiber Woven Sheet Set, a tribute to elegance and calm. Experience the seduction of unmatched comfort and classic style as these sheets elevate the standard for opulent bedding. This sheet set, made by Woven, promises peaceful sleep and improved aesthetics in addition to being a useful addition to your bed.

Invest in the Fern Microfiber Sheet Set and enter a world of comfort and style. With these sheets, which are the epitome of calm, rediscover your evenings, revamp your sleeping space, and set out on a voyage of peaceful relaxation.


Deep Pockets, Deeper Comfort: Your bed's deep pockets do more than just hold in your mattress; they also make it cozier overall, fostering a safe haven for sound slumber.

Universal Fit Brilliance: The strong elastic of the Universal Fit design adds a new degree of convenience to your bedroom. Goodbye to shifting and tugging sheets that slide about all the time; these ones remain put and guarantee a restful night's sleep.

Tailored for Your Comfort: Thoughtfully covered mattress sides with oversized dimensions produce an elegant visual symphony. These sheets are made to perfectly fit your bed, regardless of whether you have a normal or thicker mattress (6 to 18 inches deep).

Silky Bliss: Wrap yourself in brushed microfiber's silky softness. These are the best sheets enclose you in a cocoon of exquisite comfort, providing a tactile sensation that goes beyond the usual.

Elegance Revealed: Bask in the elegance of perfectly laundered linens. Not only do the fibers resist stains and wrinkles, but they also guarantee that your bed always looks polished.

Fern Tranquility: Your sleeping haven will feel more serene and connected to nature with the use of the Fern color scheme. This calming hue easily blends in with any bedroom's design, creating a calm haven for you.


1. Are these sheets appropriate for people with sensitive skin or allergies?

Indeed, these microfiber linens are kind to skin and hypoallergenic. They offer a cozy sleeping environment, which makes them a great option for people who have sensitive skin or allergies.

2. What kind of warranty is offered for the Fern sheets?

Yes, there is a satisfaction guarantee available for the Fern Microfiber Woven Sheet Set. In the event that you experience any problems with workmanship or quality, please contact our customer service department for support.

3. Can I combine these sheets with different types of bedding?

Of course! The Fern shade is made to go well with many different types of bedroom décor. To create your own look, feel free to mix and match different bedding.

4. How should the Fern Microfiber Woven Sheet Set be maintained?

Taking care of your sheets is really easy. Use cold water and similar color cycles to machine wash them, then set the dryer on low. The fibers in your sheets resist stains and wrinkles, making upkeep simple and guaranteeing its immaculate appearance.

5. Will my mattress fit these sheets?

Of course! The enormous dimensions and deep pockets in the sheets' construction ensure a snug and fitted fit for most mattresses, regardless of the depth of the mattress, which ranges from 6 to 18 inches.