Brushed Microfiber Woven Microfiber Sheet Set - IVORY -
Brushed Microfiber Woven Microfiber Sheet Set - IVORY -
Brushed Microfiber Woven Microfiber Sheet Set - IVORY -

Brushed Microfiber Woven Microfiber Sheet Set - IVORY

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Brushed Microfiber Ivory Woven Microfiber Sheet Set

The Ivory Brushed Microfiber Woven Sheet Set will turn your bedroom into an opulent refuge. Enjoy a more comfortable sleep by giving in to the seduction of these linens, which skillfully blend refinement, comfort, and high quality. The Microfiber Sheet Set invites you to enter a world of sophisticated luxury. Rethink the way you sleep and welcome evenings of unmatched coziness and classic style.

These Woven-crafted linens are above and beyond the norm, promising not only comfort but also sophisticated luxury. With these bed sheets, which redefine the definition of sleep luxury, you may drift off into a world of unmatched softness and classic elegance.

Safe and useful: These microfiber sheets fit snugly because of the Universal Fit design, which has deep pockets and robust elastic to keep them in place. There will be no more tweaks—just constant comfort.

Feather-Like Lightness: Bask in the brushed microfiber's cloud-like softness, which envelops you in an ultimate comfort cocoon for restful sleep.

Ivory Splendor: Adding a subtle refinement to your bedroom design, the ivory color conveys a sense of sophistication and tranquility. It blends effortlessly and gracefully with any environment. It is ageless and versatile.

Custom Fit for Comfort: Take advantage of generously sized dimensions that are made to cover the sides of your mattress with ease, giving your bed a refined, fitted look. Suitable for mattress depths between 6 and 18 inches, these sheets provide a cozy and restful sleep.


1. Can you iron these sheets to make them look crisper?

Even though these sheets don't wrinkle easily, you can iron them lightly on low heat if you'd rather they look more crisp. But, in order to preserve the integrity of the cloth, high heat is advised to be avoided.

2. What is the thread count on these sheets?

The measurements for microfiber sheets differ from those for conventional cotton sheets. Microfiber measures fabric weight in grams per square meter, not thread count. Our sheets are comfortable and long-lasting because of their high GSM.

3. Are these sheets appropriate for use in various climates?

Of course! Because microfiber is renowned for being breathable, these sheets are appropriate for a variety of conditions. They provide a refreshing touch in the summer and a warm feeling in the winter.

4. How should these microfiber sheets be maintained?

It's easy to keep these linens clean! Wash them by hand in cold water using colors that match, then tumble dry on low. Simple maintenance is ensured without sacrificing quality thanks to the wrinkle- and stain-resistant qualities.