Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - ASH - beddingbag.com
Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - ASH - beddingbag.com

Woven 600TC Grey Ash Cotton Blend Sheet Set

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  • Two-sided weave design creates a soft cotton side and a wrinkle-resistant poly side
  • Deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths up to 18"
  • Universal Fit design with thick elastic for a smooth, secure fit
  • Soft, cozy feel of pure cotton
  • Exceptional value

Shop Woven 600TC Grey Ash Cotton Blend Sheet Set

We are excited to present the Woven 600TC Grey Ash Cotton Blend Sheet Set, a new luxurious bed sheet in our budget-friendly bedding collection. It is reasonably priced and of a similar caliber. We present a delicate blend of polyester and cotton that ensures long-term durability, while cotton's softness provides an incredibly smooth sleeping surface. Get this item right now if you desire quality at a competitive price. Visit our Best Bed Sheet Collection to browse through our selection of fabrics.


  • Cotton-Poly Blend: To provide the most comfort, cotton fibers are utilized in the main construction of these sheets, while polyester fibers are added for increased durability. 
  • Superior Dyeing: The polyester fabric is perfect for retaining color; even after several washings, it does not fade.
  • Weave Design: The weave pattern has two sides, one made of wrinkle-free polyester and the other of cotton, which adds versatility to the product. 
  • Deep Pockets: It has deep pockets that can hold a mattress up to 18 inches thick. 
  • Snug Fit: We've included solid elastic enclosures to provide a secure fit. 
  • Available in Different Sizes: You may buy these sheets in the following sizes: FULL, QUEEN, SPLIT QUEEN, KING, SPLIT KING, SPLIT CAL KING, TWIN, TWIN XL, and KING.
  • Simple To Take Care Of: Polyester's durability makes it easy to care for. You can wash it multiple times without fear of wear and tear. 

The Optimal Blend of Cotton and Poly:

Although cotton is an excellent material, it frequently does not hold up well and wears off after a few washings. Yet, if you desire style, elegance, and the inherent softness of cotton, we can solve the problem by combining a soft fabric, like cotton, with the sturdiness of polyester. Our high-quality Woven 600TC Grey Ash Cotton Blend Sheet Set balance breathability, silkiness, and airflow to provide the ideal sleeping environment. These premium cotton sheets are fantastic for getting a good night's sleep!

Outstanding Value at a Reasonable Price:

Cotton is a premium material priced high due to its exceptional breathability and elegance. However, our superb blended cotton-poly sheets resolve this problem by adding polyester, which makes the sheet affordable and adds strength to delicate cotton fibers. They are made of the softest, most comfortable cotton possible, and you can take advantage of their affordability—use them for years.

Experience Flexibility With The Two-Sided Weave Pattern:

The high-quality poly-cotton sheets are beautifully and smoothly knitted together through meticulous weaving. These sheets have a two-sided woven design; one side showcases the wrinkle-free polyester side, while the other combines the cotton material's tenderness. It provides versatility and personalized comfort with environmental changes. 

Why Should You Buy These Sheets?

  • Fantastic Value: These lovely cotton and polyester sheets are available at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, using polyester fibers will make the most of every dollar you spend because of their extraordinary longevity. 
  • Creative Design: Never worry about pulling again! These sheets feature a stylish, user-friendly universal design. They also have firm elastic casings for optimal support and deep pockets to fit large mattresses. 
  • Different Sizes: These opulent poly-cotton sheets come in a variety of sizes, so choosing the right fit won't be difficult: TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, SPLIT QUEEN, KING, SPLIT KING, SPLIT CAL KING, and CAL KING.


1. Which is better, cotton or polycotton? 

It is unfair to compare two materials on the same ground because they have their advantages and disadvantages. Cotton is a premium quality material, which is why it is pricey. We aim to provide the benefits of cotton and the price of polyester, so we introduced a mid-range collection of polyester sheets. It has the advantages of cotton and the cheap price of polyester without compromising the quality.

2. Is polycotton biodegradable? 

While cotton is an organic material and comes from nature, it quickly decomposes and does not leave pollutants. However, adding polyester fails to make polycotton biodegradable because it does not break down easily and profoundly adds to the microfiber waste.