Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - IVORY - beddingbag.com
Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - IVORY - beddingbag.com
Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - IVORY - beddingbag.com
Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - IVORY - beddingbag.com

Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - IVORY

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  • Two-sided weave design creates a soft cotton side and a wrinkle-resistant poly side
  • Deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths up to 18"
  • Universal Fit design with thick elastic for a smooth, secure fit
  • Soft, cozy feel of pure cotton
  • Exceptional value

Shop Woven 600TC Cotton White Ivory Blend Sheet Set

We are introducing a new luxury bed sheet in our affordable bedding range called the Woven 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set - IVORY. It is not only low in price but equally good in quality. We bring forth a delicate blend of polyester and cotton that provides long-term resilience, and the softness of cotton offers an ultra-soft texture to sleep on. If you want quality at a great price, buy this piece today. If you wish to purchase different fabric options, visit our Bed Sheet Collection.


  • Cotton-Poly Blend: These sheets are primarily made with cotton fibers to offer maximum comfort, and polyester fibers are infused to improve longevity. 
  • High-Quality Dyeing: The polyester material is ideal for holding on to dyes; it does not fade even after multiple washes.
  • Weave Design: It comes with a two-sided weave design, one with cotton and the other with wrinkle-free polyester. 
  • Deep Pockets: It comes with deep pockets to accommodate a mattress up to 18 inches of thickness. 
  • Secure Fit: We have added firm elastic enclosures to provide a safe and snug fit. 
  • Available in Various Sizes: These sheets can be purchased in various sizes: TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, SPLIT QUEEN, KING, SPLIT KING, SPLIT CAL KING, and CAL KING.
  • Easy To Care: The strength of polyester makes it easy to care and Machine washable and low maintenance for convenience

An Ideal Cotton And Poly Blend:

Cotton is an excellent material but often does not last the test of time and becomes dull after several washes. Suppose you want to enjoy cotton's comfort, elegance, and natural softness. In that case, we have a solution by blending a delicate fabric like cotton with a robust polyester. Together, they optimize the sleeping environment, balancing the airflow, silky feel, and breathability. These high-quality cotton sheets are excellent for a great night’s sleep!

Excellent Quality For Great Price:

Cotton is mostly manually harvested and often costs more than other materials. Nonetheless, we are providing exceptional cotton-poly blended sheets. They offer maximum comfort and softness of cotton material, and you can benefit from its breathability in all seasons. The polyester combination is committed to providing lasting durability in all conditions. It is excellent value for money!

Enjoy Versatility With Two-Sided Weave Design:

The premium poly-cotton sheets are intricately woven to create a beautiful, silky texture. These sheets feature a two-sided woven design; one side incorporates the softness of cotton material, and the other brandishes the wrinkle-free polyester side. It offers versatility and freedom to customize whenever there is a shift in decor or weather. 

Why Should You Buy These Sheets?

  • Exceptional Price: You are getting these beautiful cotton and polyester sheets at a great price. Moreover, adding polyester fibers will last a lifetime due to their incredible longevity, utilizing every penny you have spent on them. 
  • Great Design: Never mind the tugging again! These sheets have a brandish universal design that is simple to use. They also have deep pockets for large mattresses and firm elastic enclosures to offer maximum support. 
  • Various Sizes: You will not have trouble deciding sheet sizes because these luxurious poly-cotton sheets come in multiple sizes: TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, SPLIT QUEEN, KING, SPLIT KING, SPLIT CAL KING, and CAL KING.


1. What are the benefits of buying polycotton sheets? 

Polycotton flat sheets are far more durable and tear-resistant than bedsheets made entirely of cotton. In addition, they are sufficiently soft for comfortable sleep throughout the night, even though they are not as soft as cotton fitted sheets. Affordability and durability are significant factors in homeowners' preference for polycotton flat or fitted sheets over cotton sheets.

2. What properties of Polyester make it wrinkle-free?

Polyester is naturally wrinkle-resistant due to its molecular structure and synthetic composition. Polyester fabrics are often treated with special finishes or coatings during manufacturing, further enhancing their wrinkle-resistant properties. These treatments create a protective barrier on the fabric surface, preventing creases and wrinkles from forming quickly.