WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - WHITE - beddingbag.com
WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - WHITE - beddingbag.com
WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - WHITE - beddingbag.com
WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - WHITE - beddingbag.com
WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - WHITE - beddingbag.com
WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - WHITE - beddingbag.com
WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - WHITE - beddingbag.com


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  • Soft and silky rayon from bamboo wicks away moisture making it ideal for sensitive skin
  • Patent-pending Duvet fastening system has 8 corner and side loops instead of the traditional 4
  • Set includes one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams
  • Pair with our compatible Woven comforter for the best fitting duvet cover
  • Best fitting duvet cover

Shop Woven Rayon from White Bamboo Duvet Set

Want to give your bedding a luxurious spur? Then get our new WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - WHITE — the latest addition to our fancy bedding collection. This beautiful, white, pristine duvet cover is delicately crafted with light and air Bamboo fibers that provide silk-like softness to your every night. Their hypoallergenic Bamboo reinforcements make it resistant to bacterial build-up and cultivate a healthy sleeping environment for you each night. If you want added comfort, head to our website to buy an extra-soft comforter to pair with this Bamboo duvet cover.


  • Bamboo wicks away moisture 
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • The patent-pending Duvet fastening system 
  • Eco-friendly construction 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eight corner and side loops instead of the usual 4
  • The set includes one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams
  • Best-fitting duvet cover

Light, Air Cloud-Like Softens

This intricately crafted Bamboo duvet cover encapsulates you in an ultra-light cloud-like softness. Our Bamboo fiber additions, alongside the delicate Rayon weave, meticulously blend to provide an extremely pliable sleeping ground. Moreover, these high-quality Rayon duvets have a beautiful, glossy exterior that complements every setting with its mellow color palette and opulent appearance.

A Breathability Bliss

If you despise sweating under a blanket, you no longer have to look further. Our rich bamboo duvet covers brandish a delicate Rayon weave that creates a light mesh-like structure. This weave enables maximum airflow and excellent breathability and prevents moisture or sweat buildup, making your comforter smell fresh every night. Plus, it is very soft, so you don’t feel like sleeping in our tons of chest-crushing boulders.

A Heaven For Sensitive Skin

Is your skin irritated by the cheap, scratchy duvet cover? Then swap it for our hypoallergenic Bamboo duvet covers. Bamboo is a purely organic material derived from authentic Bamboo tree fibers, which are then flattened into rich fibers incorporated into its structure. Because it is synthesized from natural sources, it is incredibly gentle against the skin. Furthermore, it discourages bacterial growth or allergen build-up to keep your skin safe and healthy.

Why Should You Buy This Duvet Cover?

  • A Treat For Eco-Conscious Buyers: Bamboo is a naturally driven material that requires minimal resources and emits negligible chemicals in manufacturing. So gift your conscience a biodegradable Bamboo duvet—light on the heart and body. 
  • Buy A Complete Set: This set includes a Bamboo duvet cover and two decorative pillow shams. It will give your bedroom setting a well-rounded, lavish feel. 
  • Tight Enclosures: This is the best option if you tire of fixing slipping covers. It has a patent-pending efficient fastening system with eight corner loops instead of the usual 4. They hold comfort firmly despite all the hurling. 


1. What should you choose, cotton or bamboo?

Because both use natural materials, eco-conscious consumers may choose either despite potential sustainability issues. Bamboo is frequently less environmentally harmful than cotton, yet cloth is still made with chemical agents.

2. Does thread count matter for a duvet cover?

Yes. A duvet cover's thread count is the number of threads per square inch, varying from 100 to 1,000. A higher thread count frequently denotes a softer fabric, though this ultimately depends on the construction. A high-quality duvet cover has at least 300 threads.