WOVEN TENCEL SHEETS - IVORY - beddingbag.com
WOVEN TENCEL SHEETS - IVORY - beddingbag.com
WOVEN TENCEL SHEETS - IVORY - beddingbag.com
WOVEN TENCEL SHEETS - IVORY - beddingbag.com
WOVEN TENCEL SHEETS - IVORY - beddingbag.com
WOVEN TENCEL SHEETS - IVORY - beddingbag.com
WOVEN TENCEL SHEETS - IVORY - beddingbag.com


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  • Stunningly soft fibers are perfect for sensitive skin - Discover deep sleep with TENCEL performance sheets
  • Extra deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths 6"-22"
  • Universal Fit design with ultra-thick elastic ensures a secure fit

Shop Woven Tencel Ivory bed linens Sheet

Get your hands on our exclusive addition to the sheet collection, the new WOVEN TENCEL SHEETS - IVORY. It is intricately crafted with one of the fanciest and most opulent silk threads to add a premium feel that goes with minimalist and fancy decor. The innovative addition of Tencel makes it as light as air and allows optimum airflow at night – ideal for all seasons. If you are looking for other fabrics, head to our website to explore more options


  • Incredibly Soft fibers are perfect for sensitive skin 
  • TENCEL Woven Silk sheets
  • Extra deep pockets 
  • Oversized dimensions for mattress: 6"-22"
  • Universal Fit design 
  • Ultra-thick elastic ensures 

Rich And Luxurious Feel

Cheap synthetic material feels rough against the skin and causes bouts of allergies. Who wants to compromise quality and price? This is why our delicately crafted silk sheets are the best choice for the price. It provides lustrous looks and an exquisite feel – a genuinely classy addition. Additionally, it is an excellent option for sensitive skin because it is made of hypoallergenic materials. We guarantee a restful night's sleep in the beautiful silk fabric. 

Efficient Temperature Management

Streaks of sweat trickling down the back on a hot summer night when all you want is a refreshing sleep is the worst. You will have this experience with our Tencel woven sheets because they are designed to offer sufficient ventilation and additional breathability to help you maintain the perfect sleeping temperature. It is efficient in wicking away moisture and keeps away the stick sweat.

A Solution For Environment Conscious 

Tencel is a naturally occurring material; we take great care in their manufacturing, ensuring that Tencel fibers, produced with low environmental impact and derived from renewable wood sources, have a silky texture and use less water and energy to make than standard cotton sheets. Our environment-friendly sheets guarantee a pacifying sleep with a clean conscience each day.

Why Should You Buy These Sheets?

  • Ideal Dimensions: Making the bed is the worst chore, not anymore! Our Tencel woven sheets exhibit deep pockets and can fit up to a 22-inch mattress. Its luxurious and stretchable material makes it easy to spread. 
  • Exceptional Fit: Clumping and bunching up of sheets is a mood killer when a great night’s sleep is all you want; therefore, our luxurious silk sheets have tight elastic closures that remain tucked in with all the turning and twisting. 
  • Variety of Sizes: Split King, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, California King, and King sizes are among the sizes in which these silk sheets are offered. You may constantly adjust your selections to match the décor in your bedroom. 


1. What is Tencel material? 

Tencel is manually derived from the eucalyptus plant, which means it is purely organic. Its delicate threads are mechanically kneaded into threads of cellulose derived from wood. Unlike cotton, which is collected from the fibers of the cotton plant, A smooth and incredibly robust fabric is created by spinning and dissolving this material into fibers.

2. Which is better, Tencel or Cotton material? 

Although cotton is more popular, Tencel is the best material for bed sheets because it is organic, derived from nature, and extra smooth. It is also the best choice for sensitive skin and hot sleepers.

3. Do woven Tencel bed linens require special care instructions?

These sheets are built with high-quality standards to guarantee long-term usage to our customers. A careful adherence to the instruction manual will make it last longer.