Shoulder Zoned Dough Peppermint Z Pillow

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5 reviews
Material:MID LOFT


  • Shoulder recess design ideal for side sleepers
  • Infused with natural Peppermint oil
  • Zoned Dough memory foam
  • 2 ml spritzer included
  • Breathable cover
  • Aromatic peppermint oil known to help with respiratory function and ease tension headaches

Shop Shoulder Zoned Dough Peppermint Z Pillow

Introducing the Z Shoulder Zoned Dough Memory Foam Pillow, a refreshing and innovative addition to your showroom. This Peppermint pillow is specifically designed for side sleepers, featuring a unique shoulder recess that cradles the head and provides necessary support for the neck. The natural peppermint oil infused into this high-quality memory foam enhances not only the sleeping experience but also breathing clarity and mental focus. Plus, included in your purchase is a 2ml spritzer so you can refresh its scent whenever desired without compromising on quality or style – our cover has been crafted to complement rather than detract from it! As a CertiPUR US-certified product made free of harmful chemicals, we offer an industry-leading five-year warranty tenure - rest easy knowing that you’ve made both safe as well as smart choices by choosing us as a pillow supplier! Enjoy an affordable pillow only available at Bedding Bag!

  • Design of shoulder recess suitable for individuals who sleep on their side.
  • Fortified with organic peppermint oil.
  • Memory foam that is zoned with special sections.
  • The package comes with a peppermint spritz of 2 ml.
  • A cover that allows for easy air flow.

Pillow With Shoulder Support

Tailored to suit side sleepers, the pillow has a cleverly crafted shoulder recess that allows for a comfortable headrest and proper alignment of the neck. This feature ensures undisturbed sleep without sacrificing support or comfort.

Peppermint Infusion Pillow

Experience the benefits of peppermint with our Peppermint Infusion pillow. Crafted using natural peppermint oil, this product is more than just a relaxation aid. With its aromatic and therapeutic properties, it helps promote clear breathing and alleviate tension headaches. The refreshing scent also contributes to an enhanced sleep environment that promotes overall well-being for better restorative effects on your body and mind.

Memory Foam Pillow

Crafted using Zoned Dough memory foam, this Queen & King size pillow is designed to offer exceptional comfort and customized support. The exclusive blend delivers a soft yet sturdy sensation, effectively molding to the curves of your head and neck for relief from pressure points while reducing discomfort. Discover matchless relaxation and revitalization with each night's slumber through this remarkable offering.

Benefits Of Natural Oil Infused Pillows

Aromatherapy Boosted: Enjoy the natural benefits of oils like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus which help in relieving tension while promoting relaxation and encouraging clear breathing.

Organic Blend: These pillows are enriched with all-natural oils and contain no harsh chemicals, providing safer and healthier sleeping options.

Soothing Properties: Peppermint oil is recognized for its soothing effects that aid in alleviating tension headaches and fostering a serene atmosphere conducive to sleep.

Long-Lasting Aroma: The oils that have been infused can provide benefits for aroma therapy that last a long time, ensuring you get to enjoy peaceful and uninterrupted sleep every night.

Eco-Friendly: Pillows infused with natural oils are frequently considered to be more eco-friendly than those treated with synthetic fragrances, which helps promote a healthier environment.

In general, pillows infused with natural oils offer a complete sleep wellness experience by providing physical relaxation and emotional aid for a refreshing night's slumber.


Q: Does the peppermint scent dominate?

No, it has a delicate and rejuvenating aroma that facilitates relaxation without being too strong for the senses.

Q: May I launder the pillow cover?

Absolutely. The breathable fabric can be cleaned in a washing machine for convenient upkeep and maintenance. Just detach it from the cushion, adhere to the provided care instructions, and wash as directed.

Q: Is the memory foam hypoallergenic?

Our memory foam is CertiPUR US certified and does not contain harmful chemicals, making it hypoallergenic. It's safe for use by individuals with allergies or sensitivities.

Q: Is it safe for everyone to utilize the natural oils in the pillow?

Although the natural oils present in the pillow, like peppermint oil, are generally safe for most individuals; people with allergies or sensitivities to certain oils should be cautious when using them. It is advised that they consult a healthcare professional before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

The loft is perfect to align my spine, and the odd shoulder cut out was such a unique concept to me. I am mostly a side sleeper, and the cut out gave me just what I was looking for. No numb arms or hands in the middle of the night. And the gel dough ..haha...made me laugh but I totally understand why they called it that. It's like a gel pillow in a league all its own.

Parth kU.

This is my second one first one split in half over 5 Years after many washes and it's still being used. Neck issues and still get a comfortable night's sleep.


I am still in disbelief I spent so much on a pillow, but I have to say that it was well spent. This pillow is a replacement to a pillow that I have had for so many years. It is extremely comfortable without being too soft I am very pleased with it! Love the cut out for my shoulders when I side sleep and the smell is an added bonus. Highly recommend


This pillow is great. It is unique as its made out of foam and has holes in it to allow circulation. The pillow is soft but not too soft. It cradles your head in a very comfortable way. This pillow came with a small vial of spray Peppermint to help aid sleep. The smells nice. Normal sized pillow cases fit on it. This is my new favorite pillow. It is pricey but I believe worth it.

Jeremy A

My nanny loves ittt